Moot – Slam Poetry

(percussion & chimes music) – Why am I here again? – In preparation for the
Keystone placement exams. The administration wants the kids learning essential language
skills in all classes. (all arguing) – [Remy] Well, that’s a
problem ’cause I teach gym. – Hey, everybody. I’m here to invite you
to a poetry slam tonight at Beanie’s Coffeehouse. You know, I think it’d be fun if we all hung out after school hours. Heather… Guy I’ve Never Met Before… – Americans are so violent. Must everything be a “slam?” Or “versus battle,” or “smackdown?” How ’bout just calling it “A Nice, Relaxing Night Out
Featuring Poetry?” – Because that sucks. – Can I see you out in the
hall, Mr… whoever you are? – Hi, I’m Bryce. You can call me Mr. Z,
I’m a substitute here, and what I teach- – Hang out after school? Are we sure he’s not a serial killer? – Well, he specifically asked for you, so either he likes you, or you’re the top of his murder list. – Or both. – Well, a poetry night could be fun, provided it isn’t judged, of course. – Here we go. – Well, a poetry competition
of any kind is impossible. There are no winners. Except for the audience with
an open mind, of course. – So, if you can’t judge art, that means that none of
your students fail, right? – Sometimes they get a negative smiley face. – [Adrian] First, hanging out after school is like extending work an
extra five hours for no reason. – Yeah, love you too, man. – Second, poetry slam is an oxymoron. That’s like having a
pillow fight to the death, or eating extreme kale. – You know, I saw a
poetry slam earlier today. – Shall I compare thee to a summer’s– (ball doinging) – That’s horrible. – Who told a kid to read during gym? He has the whole day to read! I only ask that they defend
themselves for 37 minutes. – You should go, Adrian. Perhaps it’ll melt your cold, cold heart. – When I want poetry, I will
read a nice, rhyming couplet in iambic pentameter and sit in reverence of its form and meter. I don’t need to need
to hear tortured souls shout sentence fragments
over a cappuccino machine. – You all have the worst
impression of spoken word poetry. It is the perfect example of
democratization of an artform. It’s raw, organic, unpasteurized, freshly squeezed expression that’s as much product as it is process. – Suddenly, I am craving juice. – So, why don’t you go? – Because you guys aren’t going, and Bryce might be a serial killer. (book slams)
– Poetry! Get it? – [Adrian] Right, it’s a poetry slam. Totally understand.
(overlapping speech) – No, but seriously,
make your kids read this. (upbeat music)

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  1. "Suddenly I'm craving juice" is the best thing to say after Mrs. Mullin's sentence

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