Morally Outraged Leftists Dogpile Biden for his Talmadge Spiel

all right everyone Joe Biden has been in politics for half of forever because he's old as hell and he wants you to know this so he was talking the other day about how he worked with people segregationists literally like you know what 40 years ago when he was I don't know in Congress or a governor or whatever he was at the time Alec Talmadge and some of these other people he's like well we managed to get some things accomplished even though we disagreed on pretty much everything now the meaning of what he's saying is hey even if you think someone's disgraceful the mechanisms of government still have to be able to function you can't simply obstruct everything not negotiate at all lock everything down because this hurts people it hurts the country only he didn't use those particular words because he's Joe Biden this isn't a gaffe this is an example of the far left which is expansive within the party dogpiling any sense of civility any sense of sanity within the Democratic Party and this is why they will probably lose in 2020 what happened is that a bunch of his opponents that Cory Booker's the Bernie Sanders the Elizabeth Warren they dog piled up and said oh my god this is atrocious how can he talk about how he's happy he worked with segregationist the point is is almost made by their response that this is Joe Biden's strength in this argument then he should point this out you should say look this is what I'm talking about you've become so morally outraged about a person's status then even though they are in Congress like it or not or a governor or whatever they happen to be you're not even willing to work with them on things have nothing to do with the segregation issue or orange man bad or anything else when Joe Biden is the same man in the room the room has big problems the fact that Joe Biden and a 38 year old named Pete Pete but a geek are basically the only people making kind of any sense within the Democratic field is astonishing to me there should be a few more moderates there should be a few I mean I guess they didn't want to get in and have to compete with Biden meanwhile the far left is like well the strongest dude and the racist Bernie Sanders he could dropped out any day 78 years old and then next to runner-up is Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren lies about her ethnicity all the time for half of her life that's gonna be a problem she can't probably can't even win the primary simply because of them and then he got Kamala Harris well you know the youth vote is not gonna like it when they hear about how she was a tough on crime 2000s liberal they're probably not gonna like that very much you know prosecuting people for truancy and simple possession and doing the the hard on drug sort of spiel so Joe Biden comes out and these saying you know I don't like Joe Biden I would never vote for Joe Biden but you know what are you saying isn't wrong the problem in the Democratic Party is related to obstruction people have become morally self-righteous there was a post today on Facebook by being liberal now I don't post on Facebook and I rarely use it again I rarely go on there idly check the messages on my scroll through for a couple of minutes but being liberal made a post and they're all messed up and it was like some some weird thing about the mark of the beast had a quote from Revelation and then a picture of a manga I'm thinking to myself my goodness that how the Democrats have lost it how my goodness how the left has lost it here you've got literal morally religious iconography and should being associated with with the issue of Trump and it doesn't make any sense like 10 years ago and that post would have been completely laughed at by the Liberals themselves as hyper religious and crazy and it is hyper religious and crazy they embrace the Pope any time he talks about building bridges instead of walls except around the Vatican walls are okay they're what the Liberals have gone nuts Joe Biden you know starting to make sense to people this should be a wake-up call to the Democratic Party you need to get your affairs in order because you're gonna lose 2020 if you keep going in this direction with all of these other people beating up on Biden oh I mean they're not going to attack them at every possible opportunity but literally nobody is saying the obvious which is well I mean he's not wrong we do have to be able to work with people the morally outraged social justice pink hair freak left isn't willing to work with anyone that they disagree with because they've turned it into a form of quasi religious moralism their movement they and they have a sort of communistic style fervor associated with their beliefs so they believe the history like 10 years ago or 15 years ago everything before that is the dark ages all ideals other than theirs are intrinsically evil and shouldn't even be given room to speak so so basically we should all be like hands there shouldn't even be disagreement once you get to the point where you're using religious moralism sort of iconography because because of the zeal with which you'll make your arguments and hold to your ideals you no longer capable of even admitting the admitting any debate you inevitably become an authoritarian and such movements inevitably collapse that's the good part so Biden I think Biden still becomes the nominee even if he does make mistakes all the time this isn't a gaffe though this will be seen as a gaffe by people on the left but it's not going to be seen as problematic by people in the center left by business Democrats that you know and keep in mind and here's where where the Democrats are total failures like I said in my first video if you look at polling Biden has a huge lack of support in the Rust Belt business Democrats central despite that he's still probably going to be the nominee and is the only one there that probably can even wine and dine the business Democrats Bernie Sanders can't do that now with his hey seventy percent tax policies Morin she's already pissed everyone off Kamala Harris says nothing stand out about her and her platform that would help get business Democrats back aboard I think that they would all lose in the Rust Belt giving Trump the election it'd be a repeat of 2016 yeah he could expand them out if the people of Minnesota get pissed off enough at the crazy people that are being nominated by the Democrats there yeah he could expand the map he could win Minnesota he could potentially regain Virginia or New Hampshire I think he'll retain Florida floor is probably the biggest maker break for Trump the Rust Belt it looks like it'll be off the table for the Dems that's about all peace out

25 thoughts on “Morally Outraged Leftists Dogpile Biden for his Talmadge Spiel

  1. The Vatican has walls…but the gate is open to everyone. I toured it in March with a devote Muslim

  2. I predicted this, the feminist can only have Warren or Gillibrand or Harris… I predict Gillibrand as the warrant is too damaged and Harris has skeletons

  3. There is no sanity of any kind or definition of the word in the Left anymore. As a more libertarian leaning person, I have differences and issues with the Republicans and the right, but the Left is full on terrifyingly insane as a secular religious cult now, so I'll be picky about conservative candidates, but I will outright reject any Leftist candidate outright.

  4. Biden will stick his foot in his mouth every time he speaks . Biden has to answer for his sons illegal deals with the Ukraine and China . Biden that fucking Moron claims he never spoke to his son . Come on .

  5. Who didn't see this coming

    Although the racist opportunist minority left did ignore Hilary's connection to the old democrat kkk

  6. Intentionally suffering from reading and listening comprehension to fabricate intellectually dishonest woke arguments is not a virtue.


  8. Who in their right mind honestly can donate money to Biden and think he even had the energy or ability to be president ?!

  9. Biden and Clinton created the most racist law in U.S history, the 1994 crime bill that targeted and imprisoned millions of Black and Hispanic people for nonviolent drug offenses, all while Biden and Clinton received millions in donations from the private prison system. Joe Biden is an old racist pig.

  10. The Democrats are now run by the young and the stupid!
    The same people, who out of ignorance, buy into victim-culture, identity-politics and Marxist lies.
    It reminds me of the Maoist cultural-revolution in China in the 70's, where you had hysterical children denouncing their own parents as "traitors" and "class-enemies", to the authorities. Historical artifacts were destroyed, and fictive enemies like "capitalist infiltrators" were prosecuted and humiliated. Does that sound familiar?

    It's the same blend of ignorance, stupidity and hysteria, that are so easy to use on young people, with little life-experience and knowledge.

  11. YouTube is screwing with your channel again. Suddenly your videos are no longer appearing in my feed or subscription page. I unsubscribed and resubscribed and this didn't fix the issue. I can only see your videos by going directly to your channel homepage.

  12. Sorry, segregation is disgraceful? Just as Evergreen College. They think it is great. Fake news.

  13. At this point the only people I can see voting Democrat are partisans that don't even keep abreast of any issues, anti Trumpers that ignore reallity and the the small fan base of whoever ends up being the nominee.Trump will win big in 2020.

  14. Please God, make the Dums push Biden for 2020. The entertainment value alone will be gold.


  16. This just goes to show that Joe Biden is not only a Creepy fucker, but a Racist as well!!

  17. Texas might go blue in 2020 – look how close Beta O'Rourke came to defeating Ted Cruz in the Senate race last year. And more illegals continue to pour in…

  18. Styx the problem with your comments is that Joe Biden wasn't working with segregatist because he had to and he opposed them but because he actually supposed segregation. His comments during the Civil rights movement when people were trying to desegregate schools Joe Biden was opposed and fought against. He made comments in congress and there are private letters to back this up. Makes it hard for him to claim to be the non racist candidate and fighting against Trump's supposed racism when there is actual proven rasicm from yourself.

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