33 thoughts on “Most Imp. MCQs & Explanation on Literary Forms & Figure of Speech (Part 1) for NTA-NET/TGT/PGT.

  1. 50 Most Imp. MCQs With Explanation (English Literature -TGT/PGT/NET)


    60 Most Imp. Exam centered Facts


    Subject Verb Agreement (Exceptions & tricky sentences)


    Basics of Subject Verb Agreement (SS-PP – Concord) for UP-TGT/PGT.


  2. Nice video….sir please give some tips for English lecturer interview…

  3. Sir time cnsume mat karo terms ko examples se samjha kar explain karo otherwise apka narration average knowlegde walo ke liye boring ho raha hai n we r preparing for tgt invain for us reply please

  4. Really it is very valuable video for upcoming exams.. Plz carry on.. 🙏 🙏 🙏

  5. Nobody can give this much for free of cost.. peaple r charging huge amount . You r an excellent teacher, sir !

  6. Really helpful video sir… greatly appreciated your talent please keep uploading the more videos 😊

  7. A lot of thanks Sir, please make more videos on TGT SYLLABUS grammar and literature

  8. Today I subscribed your channel, it's an amazing what I think facilitating us to acquire good knowledge of relevant examination.

  9. Youtube par jayatar log bahi books ke old questions par video bana rahe hai.But aap ne bahut shandaar video banaya unique. Thanks once again

  10. Thanks sir….it is beneficial for upcoming exams…plz continue…

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