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what’s your name we are one voice and
where you from we’re from Memphis Tennessee Memphis
Tennessee what is it that you do we are an acapella group so we all perform
together how do you all know each other we go to the same high school really we
have players people do is group yes your football player what’s your name sir
give me the mic I’m Jeremy so why did you join with like
don’t you want to focus on football yeah I do a lot of things around the school
so everybody supported him well that’s great are the relationships here
boyfriends and girlfriends or anybody no I mean there might there might be a
crush you know you’ve got a care nobody else knows that
except you Jeremy let’s hear you one voice I know when I know who had the
crush on her we’ll find out show me daddy you still I’ll let Simon take it first Simon guys
guys guys can I be honest with you I didn’t like
it well come on I loved it some really really good singers in there
as well I love you guys I loved it too I mean I loved the main
vocalist I thought you were fantastic definitely left me wanting more I could
actually hear all 12 parts which is very very hard to do you know what before before we carry on
I really need to know who these crushes of yours young master can we please just
confess just get it over and done with brother actually I got a suppressor but oh it’s
a teapot I don’t know if any of y’all watch the office but I’m gonna be Jim
for a minute I hope it’ll be Pam oh my god is a letter okay oh my gosh
read it out loud you make me happier than pretzel day
prom yes there you go you won’t be one brother thank you so
much brilliant oh I feel I feel great anyway what did you think I thought they
were amazing I think that you’re made but you know what I want to go to the
prom you know you make me hot oven gets all
day Simon a hundred percent yes of course I’m gonna say yes happier than pretzel day with your what’s your name hi I’m Karina Kennedy
Joanna tell me about yourself what are you gonna be doing tonight I am a
passionate an intimacy expert and what that means is that I help put the hot
and happy back in romantic relationships and I’m gonna teach everybody in the
audience how to have a great kiss miss right there this is a business of yours
and you think Heidi calm down all right what is the biggest mistake that people
make when they kiss is too much tongue is that it actually that’s a big problem
in other words you would say it’s sexier to kind of hold back a little bit
sensual slow build the anticipation told you Howard yeah well last year I kissed
Howie and how he is a good kisser I have to say he held back just enough tongue
that I really like Johanna I guess I’m gonna turn it over to you and take it
away I know of someone who recently became single room
I’m going to nominate our very own Nick Cannon I also like it I appreciate you thinking
of me Howard but I don’t need any help in this you probably do you just don’t
know it no listen you are divorced somebody didn’t like the way you were
kid there’s always room for improvement
there’s always room for improvement all right I need to grab my friend your
friend yes I have a friend that wants to I’m liking this now right jingle Nick oh
my god I want you to meet my friend Rachel I’m supposed to kiss the doll
yeah does that work for you no Joanna would be all right if I went
into her audience and found someone to kiss Nick I think that would be awesome
therefore you up for that would that be all right Oh hey 2015 baby I’m waiting let’s do it
hold it I think I found someone think I found someone you’re gonna hate her I
just found someone that you have no chemistry with isn’t this a match she
has amazing teeth I’m getting out of here thank you baby thank you our I
think you guys can have a great first date and so would you guys be willing to
have your first kiss as part of a kissing lesson hey Nick you owe me
anything that gets you through absolutely thank you so much just for me
right we’re not gonna touch yet just look at each other say hello with your
eyes is now your job is to make her feel really comfortable and safe yes one of
the things that you guys are look you gotta be looking at ha like Batroc yes and now take one step
closer NYX you come in first take one step closer sure the kids leave the room
now the kids are safe I’m gonna invite Nick to put his arms around you I feel
like we shouldn’t be here take one of your fans they were actually gonna
adjust here’s where you don’t want to put one hand behind her heart ruin our kid and look at each other after you
my kid well you did you get it was horrible wetlands give it up for us yet actually
was great is there a chance at a second date I do
feel something good job you okay
you’re awesome kisser by you McGee no I know hey I’m a gonna get
maced Astoria Sabine inna de ba Toto you story automata coos abimelech’s a table
typical Torito history da ba da ba da be saving your grabby watching you is like
a slice of heaven pneumonia usual steps you should have is
happiest day in Vienna fuck Ethan among a bag open D for you parinacota pas
possible a Nia Dean your mobile app and Ando the new
Magog awayand in Omaha gotcha two months but if your personal in dealing with an overly epic new
DiNardo ano we are but he began as a columnist a nose the middle my heart Ahana I’m sorry back god I love it all the nomina on the car modeling I open my
own salon in XML hello see Santa Monica sobre
sobre la Habana servings of beginning a new fabric like this place as you are my name is made under Cunha
okay and I like you Simon I like you too behind there so this is your stage take
the moments can be amazing you know I’m gonna need some help from
you they’ll sign them for me Starla’s who knows the deal they’re cheap lethargy that skin Oh
that you are become a very stage video game remember welcome to Britain’s Got Talent thank
you what’s your name sir my name is Isaac Whittington and how would you eyes
open 15 okey I’m Isaac Whittington I’m 15 and I’m gonna play it and sing the
piano that was wrong deliver home with my dad my mom my
brother my sister my little brother Jack I’m in him a really really close because
we both love music I think you’re gonna do I’m just hoping on accessori stupid I
really really love them he’s really kind to me sometimes what would you say it
would be so much to make my brother and my family proud today
oh absolutely love to be as talented as my brothers I really look up to him
who’s amazing what song you’re gonna think this way I’m gonna be singing
she’s always a woman by Billy Joel I will wish you luck
very much she can kill with a swab she came home
with her eyes she can win your faith with the casual eyes and she only hear
it is what she wants you to see yes she hides like a child but she’s always a
woman she never gives him she just changed her
mind she’ll promise you more than the Garden of Eden that she carelessly catch
you laughs why you bleedin but you bring out the best and the worst you can be
blame it all on yourself cuz she’s always a woman to me she never gives up
she never gives in she just changed some money she’s frequently conned then she
suddenly she can do as she pleases she’s nobody’s fool and she can’t be convicted
she’s under the green blame it all on yourself cuz she’s always a woman to me one state best to look you two okay what’s your name’s I’m Grace and I’m Ali
okay I’m was the name at the act Grace and Ali and how are you both and I’m 17
and I’m 16 where you both from I’m from Middlesbrough Hartlepool how did you two
meet we went to college to do Performing Arts and we met there and we had to do
with dance to bet in our Shore yeah and things kind of went on from there
what you mean well it’s official so you fell in love whilst you were
dancing together yeah and who came up with the choreography oz – you – yeah
good I hope it goes well good luck thank you something always brings me back to you
it never takes two no matter what I do feel you hold me without touch just something always brings me back to you
it never takes too nice good evening welcome to America’s Got
Talent’s well afraid now I don’t know what’s gonna happen
yeah and you are you are you what’s it do you have a name taped your taped what
are you going to be doing you don’t know so what is this maybe will will we talk
after maybe ok I love a mystery go ahead and do what it is you do there’s only in my life the only thing
that’s pride you’re you never sing a little never seen your shine medicines are given sweet call me you make me smile your looks are laughable photographable did your mother say is your fake angry is your mouth a little weak when
you are you smile Oh not if you care for me instead
is every day times

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