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Hello Rockstars, it’s Amara. How are
you doing? I have been having a hard week. So today we’re doing something a little
different. This is kind of a poem. Like a written story. It’s called, “The Dig”. It is
about working and when work is hard because that has been something that’s
been going on. I wrote it on the bus just recently. I hope you guys enjoy it. I had
fun making it and I wasn’t sure I was going to have fun making it, so that was
a win. This is a thing I wrote called, “The Dig”. I’m tired. I don’t want to do
whatever it is that needs doing today. That’s when you find the stuff you are
made of. That’s when it’s time for the dig. Hard work comes in many forms. Too
much. High learning curve. Tedious. Barriers to entry. Emotionally exhaustive. Unavailable resources. Rushed timetables.
That’s when you dig. You tighten up your bootstraps and you make magic happen.
Because you can. Because you must. and because of who you are. If you have
suggestions for what you do when you really need to dig in and get motivated
please let me know in the comments below. Let’s start a conversation of motivation
down there. It’s PAX time, so I’ve got a run but I wanted to let you guys know
sometimes it’s hard to be creative because you don’t necessarily have
people who are telling you all the time that they believe in you. And I want to
let you guys know that like I truly believe that if you put hard work into
something that you’re trying to do if nothing else you will grow as a person. I
truly believe in you guys and I hope that this community of Rockstars
fosters a sense of helping each other. That’s something great that I’ve gotten
from being a YouTube creator. It’s something great that I’ve gotten from
the YouTube community in general. So that’s something I just want to let you
guys know if any of you are having a rough time right now trying to pursue
things you’re passionate about ~ that I am a believer in your ability to overcome
things. For you guys who are working hard good job. Way to keep up the good fight
and I hope that you find the resources you’re looking for to make your dreams
come true. We do all kinds of things on this channel; it is a place full of
adventures and life if that sounds like something you’d like to be part of
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for additional videos, if that’s what’s gonna make your day better: I’ve got two
other channels Amara Not In Seattle is my travel channel where sometimes I get
lost in travel and then there is the vlogging channel. I just, as in today, got
done with VEDA, so you can check out there are 30 new videos 31 new videos on
that channel. So you can check those out. I challenge you guys to take care of
yourselves this week. So find something maybe small or a moment that helps
refill the well of who you are. That could be deciding to compliment
someone on the bus when you see somebody has like cool shirt. You could be like, “I
like your shirt”, and just spread joy that way. You could take time to have a nice
cup of tea. Make sure you remember to take care of yourself amid all the hard
work it takes to become the person you want to be. Thanks for watching Rockstars, Best Adventures, this is Amara in Seattle (rain sounds).

6 thoughts on “Motivation 4 Hard Days Poem | Lifestyle Adventure Amara In Seattle CC

  1. I believe in you rockstars! Share your suggestions for motivating the challenging days with the community below. 💖🙌😀

  2. Keep fighting the fight, it's really inspirational. When it gets too much for me I like to go for a long swim in the ocean and get away from screens and noise and just let my mind wonder.

  3. I definitely feel like we have to balance between working past our limits and switching to self-care. (And I also find switching between projects can seriously help when I need a break. Yay growth and you can do it!)

  4. I feel ya girl! Gotta do that digging. I honestly take the time to make a cup of tea/cocoa/coffee and let let myself take a 15 min break to enjoy the happy warmth. That's always a nice motivation for me to get new ideas flowing and be at peace for a bit 🙂

  5. Hey! It was so lovely to meet you briefly yesterday 😊😊

    This poem is great. Love the image of digging. It feels tedious. It's repetitive. It's physically and mentally hard. You can be going for ages and see no fruits of your labour. But you do so in the hope that you just might strike gold 💛

    Love your message of sharing kindness and positivity xxx

  6. My personal fave motivational thangs:
    – Remind myself why I do this…look at my fave comment from my audience
    – Listening to my fave thumping pumping tune
    – break my big massive task to a small 5-10min task…repeat
    – hopefully by now I'm in my flow…maybe watch some inspiring youtubers between my breaks 😃


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