Moutai’s Art & Poetry Gift Ceremony by Master Victor Chang, featuring Musician Kenny G

LA is our first stop. For many of this event that’s going to happen around the world
so now I would like to invite our calligrapher Victor Chang and to
come here and present some of his work Thank you everybody.
So Master Chang is still finish the last piece and let me introduce what he
wrote. So, Victor… great-grandfather was
the Minister of two provinces in Qin Dynasty. So he grew up as a great
scholar and grew up in a very cultural rich family. He breathed and lived in the art in
calligraphy. So today we want to present what he has.
So the first one that we wrote Moutai. We’re going to present it… so we roll several pieces of it. As
everybody knows about Chinese calligraphy the cursive one is the
highest art of Chinese calligraphy and in China all the people,
who wrote calligraphy has to drink when they are semi-wasted. When they’re drunk, they perform the best. So today we are going to give you a lot of those poems
that Victor can give us. The first one… that you wrote is Moutai in a cursive
form and this one we want to dedicate it to the owner of Moutai, their
General Manager. …..chief representative of Beijing office and he will be
presenting this work to Moutai as a reminder of this beautiful event we have here tonight. And as a courtesy, we will give Victor Chang a bottle of our Moutai. This bottle is….. […] We have a very famous poem on The bottle has alot of poems about drinking …about getting drunk. Perfect
for tonight’s occasion. and the second piece will be given to
Frederic Golchan Frederic is so kindly
the cultural representative for Moutai tonight. So Frederic in
the beginning asked me … Can you ask Victor to write something in the
short form? So today this one… is called “Bottom Up”. So ‘bottom up’
Drink! Cheers! Then the next piece is for Mr. Kenny G. This poem says ‘Kenny, you
make so much money. your gold is piling up as tall as the North Pole why bother with so much money? Let’s drink more Moutai instead? This one says ‘How do you solve your worries? Just drink Moutai Only Moutai can take away your worries.

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