100 thoughts on “Mr. Cat

  1. I watched it (jeez, i never found this until some darkness of my life is now there) and i think there is a serious lesson in this beautiful animation.

    It is not only how you live your life with passion and love that matters. No matter how far you get, how much success you find in your path. Never forget your Roots! Never forget those people that loves and cares about you. Support them, stay with them.

    My last words for today: Muffin Time!

  2. Honestly, that was the cutest cat animation I have ever seen.(Yes, I am a boy who loves cats. Most people think that boys are supposed to love dogs and girls are supposed to love cats. But no, I actually hate dogs and love cats.)

  3. cat: plays video game
    normal people: wow
    the media:that cat Is the the next menace to society

  4. 2012: no
    2013: hmm, no
    2014: nah
    2015: nope
    2016: not yet
    2017: Perhaps
    2018: …
    2019: Ok

  5. if you can't find your cat, or have no idea of your cat's current wereabouts: he/she is probably doing some mankind marking stuff

  6. Mr cat is kinda just an asshole

    I mean, you don't see me breaking into your house only to play your video games

  7. MrCat made a gamer boi happy by lvl him up yo lvl 100 boss
    Thats How CatMafia Works

  8. I like this video because there’s no villain. It’s just a really heart warming piece of entertainment

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