Mr. President | A gun laws slam poem

slow clap for Trump supporters everybody
they elected somebody who enjoys holding women like bowling balls, their
complaints an annoying ringing in his ears
grappling the country by a part he doesn’t consider its own thrown around
for his own pleasure, the same hands holding the country’s shit together
people taking a stand a seeping between his fingers the same fingers that seemed
to grip a hold of the acclaimed Second Amendment. did you know, bullets travel
double the speed of sound so you could be hit by a bullet before you’ve even
heard it and trump calls this a right. a privilege to feel the trigger tight
against your index finger a deadly weapon created to fight and yet we must
blame the human behind the gun instead of the smoking barrel itself, sticky with
the mess he has already made, red-hot fingerprints smeared across 52 states
ricocheting the blame staining the White Collar smudging the pale priviledge
spattering blue bruises from ignorant fists masking his support for torture
with make America great again so let’s talk about the Stoneman Douglas shooting
he makes a sport out of watching a nation’s heart ache two months into a
new year, the schoolkids are shouting loud enough for him to hear
and yet he screws the silencer on his gun to him suppression is the best
medicine out running a bullet doesn’t make you
worthy of his political decisions so mr. president, while you’re ignoring the
incredible next generation of your great nation let me address you directly.
Donald, just because their skin is the same color as yours or mine doesn’t mean
they can’t be a terrorist. Donald, mental illness didn’t kill 17 people. a gun did.
these kids are screaming at the top of their lungs but you’ve got your fingers
in your ears mr. president, gaslighting their fears with the notion of teachers
with guns. you are an NRA preacher, holster full of aggressive solutions when all
these kids want is for you to bolster their contributions

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  2. "Donald, just because their skins is the same colour as yours or mine doesn't mean that they can't be a terrorist." -Shit, this is just one of the many catchy sentenses. Why don't you become president?

  3. Terrorism implies a religious or political aim. This was not the case, thus it was not a terrorist attack.

  4. This sent shivers down my spine; I am stunned. Especially that first image of Trump holding women like bowling balls.

  5. So basically What you're saying is if you get raped we shouldn't blame the rapist we should blame you for being smoking hot πŸ‘Œ

  6. Do you have a poem about alcohol? Since guns kill seemingly on their own, alcoholism must do the same, right?. On an average, 28 people die everyday by a drunk driver. Thousands die die to alcohol poisoning and abuse. Teens and college aged kids die all the time. Almost every rape or fight on college campuses, are related to alcohol use. People die going thru withdrawal. No other drug will kill you during withdrawal like alcohol does. Other than cooking and disinfectant, what other reasons do when need alcohol? Not only do we not limit or ban alcohol, we promote it. Every other commercial on TV promotes alcohol. People are way more likely to die or be affected by drinking than they are by gun violence. If gun violence upsets so many because it is a preventable death, why stop there? 200,000 people die every year in the US due to medical mistakes. You are more likely to die at the hands of your Dr than you are by a gun. Take out suicide and gang violence, around 1500 die in the US from guns.

  7. Oh man. This is some hilarious shit! This is sarcasm, right? Because, if you're serious, you are perhaps the dumbest khunt on the face of the planet. Stay disarmed sweetie. Promise, please. that you will forever remain disarmed!

  8. I do not like Trump the secret gun control supporter.

    But I will never support a Brit who is to dense to see the failure gun control has been in her country. London, just London has a higher murder rate than ALL of the US.

    Yes look it up last I checked you have a homicide rate of 3 per 100,000 people in a city of 7 million in a country of 350 million people(USA). We have the same murder rate except again 350 million people.

    In 1980 the US saw 33,000 homicides that year, in 2017 we saw less than 10,000. You see in America we are transparent about our stats. Here is a link directly to the FBI Crime Stats page for 2017, 2018 has not come out yet, said to be a record low year. Broken down by weapon and by state.

    The cities with highest gun control has highest rates of gun violence.

    Comment on UK problems not American.

  9. Damn brit doesn't know there are only 50 states not 52. Put a gun on your porch with ammo next to it and see if it loads its self and aims its self and pulls its own damn trigger. A gun cannot nor ever will be capable of killing with out human involvement.

  10. I really enjoyed this. I admire your compassion. I’m not a trump supporter, not anymore any how, but I also believe your passion on this topic to be misguided at best. I say this, and yet I have no intention of trying to shout you down. You have talent, you are gifted in your writing and delivery. I’d be honored to have the chance to discuss this very topic with you.

    I disagree with you but I am now also a lifetime subscriber.

  11. So anyway this is my favourite thing… you're amazing! <3 Glad we got to meet at SITC.

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