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Boy was squatting absolutely [motionless] in an Empty barn uh-uh Where are you? Oh? although the boy heard his mother calling he still was motionless on the Contrary he was squatting harder holding his breath His mother spent almost half the morning looking for the boy until [she] found and approached him What are you doing now? [all] asked his mother Mom I’m brooding a goose egg They say if you brood it warm this way a goose hatches The boy’s mother was glad about the [boy’s] way of thinking The boy is the greatest inventor Thomas Alva Edison Edison was very weak when he was a child So the people of his family were much concerned for his health But they were all surprised at his curiosity [an] extraordinary act One day he set fire to the horse stable in order to see a vigorous burning flame and it was destroyed by fire as A result he was severely beaten by his father Edison started school one year later than other children of his age because of his weak constitution But he was always at the bottom of his class and a troublesome and Stubborn boy Looks like you have no, hope at all You don’t have to go to school Holding a leather whip the stern teacher [engel] said to Edison Edison’s mother began to teach Edison at home instead of school education she read him literature and many books Mom, I liked listening to you reading books better than going to school Edison read a lot of books and grew interested in science Can’t people fly. Just like a balloon [after] [thinking] of this edison gave effervescent powder and said to his friend Michael Michael if you eat this drug, you can fly like a balloon really Michael believed Edison’s remark and ate the Powder But what’s wrong instead of flying in the sky Michael writhed in pain in his stomach? At last Michael was taken to the hospital and Edison was beaten by his parents As years passed by Edison’s Enthusiasm about experiment increased In order to conduct more experiments. He made money by selling newspapers on trains And he even set up his own laboratory in a run [trained] One day when Edison almost missed so [train] a conductor grasp and pull his ears to help him get off As a result he became almost deaf But he didn’t care about his handicap on the contrary he overcame it by Saying I Can devote my more attention [to] experiment because I cannot feel well? one day a chemical for experiment dropped causing a fire when the train shook greatly if You do any experiment again. I’ll kick you out a Station officer angrily said to Edison after rushing and putting out the fire Whew what shall I do I can’t do any experiment on the train Edison was discouraged, but one day. He saved a station Master’s son from being hit by a train afterwards Edison learned [time] graph skills with the help of the station master Edison became a useful telegraphic invention and worked as a telegraphic engineer the travel around behind his game But he couldn’t resist the desire to do experience One day Edison got on the last train bound for New York with a dream about being invented at the age of 20 but invention was very difficult Although he visited many places carrying the cell vote recorder he invented for the first time no one acknowledged One day a gold and stock price telegraph company made a request to Edison Edison Since you have good hand skills Will you please make a good price? Indica dicin made the [machine] the company president wanted a week after he started working on it being very satisfied the President Gave Edison $40,000 Edison used the money to set up a factory in New Jersey and Began to make a stock price indicator His business was prosperous and earned a lot of money Now I can work for invention as I wanted Edison worked like an ant over 18 hours a day for invention people struggled to own them films invented by Edison [I] Really want to do through new inventions rather than make I think I can’t do so here at last Edison move to a quiet village in the country with his wife Mary And he set up a small laboratory where he devoted himself to inventions One day at isn’t called people and said I will make a machine that will produce human Voice the people laughed at Edison’s remark But Edison really invented a phonograph that produced human voice sometime later all the people were greatly surprised still medicines invention continued big factories and buildings used electric light bulbs, but households used gas lamps How can I make it possible to use light bulbs at a household through an electric power? Generator Edison carried out a lot of researches on it success after doing researches for over one year Edison succeeded in making an incandescent electric lamp that could be used at several as a result Households could use incandescent lamps instead of gas lamps? Edison ended his life at the age of 34 in 1931 after inventing plenty of things that could make life more many people mourned his death and wished he had lived longer Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration [he] made this famous remark on the day when he ended his life People turned on the electric light bulbs brighter than the stars in the night [sky] to express their grief over his death you you

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  1. Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931)he died at age of 84 not 34.

  2. For this and all other "Muffin Stories": the concept is great, to teach children about great people who have improved the world. However the production, the story, the effects… etc everything is very very poor and not at all engaging. Most if not all children (and even adults) get quickly bored and turn those annoying videos off. Work on improving the presentation, a lot.

  3. Thomas Edison was greedy He rather make money than make inventions he killed TOPSY Nikola tesla is who we should be teaching not Edison

  4. Edison got rich on patents for inventions ideas he stole and his employees made not Edison i have to agree with tetails and as for Tesla none of Edison's stuff would work without Tesla electricity

  5. You guys got his age wrong when he died. This video makes it sound like he committed suicide at age 34. NOT TRUE!! He died from diabetes at age 84. It's really disturbing that you get facts soooo wrong in an educational video. 

  6. This video is incorrect.  Do not show this to kids.  Get your facts correct before producing something to wrong.

  7. The video is wrong – he did not commit suicide at age 34 but rather lived to be 84 and had many more decades of inventing.

  8. Hello Channel, Please put the story of Chester Greenwood who invented the Ear Mufflers. Even he was a failure in school who succeeded after making a New invention.

  9. He didn't end his life. He died of diabetes at the age of 84. Up until this point, I really thought your videos were good. Um…wow!

  10. Get your info together, he died at 84. We can't hear so get rid of that baby's annoying cry, and those bickering customers.

  11. you showing the normal path of the video
    and the sound is baby sound that was heard at the starting,but nice and improve

  12. oh my! He died in 84, not 34! You are misleading people, and kids also watching your video! You should correct it or simply take it off the youtube.

  13. come on guys edison was great he invente more than 1500 inventions which surely include some of other ideas too…

  14. Thomas Edison was a thief and has stolen ideas from Tesla and Louis le Prince, who in 1888 invented the motion moving camera. Thomas Edison has been stealing ideas and killing off his competition for years. Your history books and teachers have misinformed you also for years. You have been Hood winked!

  15. We wanted to use your videos to learn, but the information is wrong and cannot be trusted. Edison did not end his life at 34, but rather died at age 84. Please correct this or take this video down.

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