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welcome to discover the story with author andreia bashar andrea has penned over 40 novels and novellas as well as a number of articles and devotionals she is a co-founder of the American Christian fiction writers and has served on its advisory board for many years she's also the president and CEO of steeple view publishing and now with today's story here's your host andre a Bashar thank you for joining me today and discover this story I am so excited because I have published author best-selling author and can president Angela Bryden back on my show today Angie I'm so glad you're here thank you for being on discover the story today well thank you for having me it's a true honor I've got my muse right beside me he's he's watching us with with bated breath hoping that I'm going to give him treats yes he's a fee lion he doesn't appreciate the word cat he's a fee lion he looks like one too yeah having muse right there why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself well besides being the Christian authors Network president which is also truly an honor I have been writing since professionally since about 1998 99 and I started off doing articles and gift cards and magazine articles and things like that and writing youth group programs and then I decided I wanted to write books so I started learning how to write at writers conferences which was really cool and you know I went through joining a cfw which is the american christian fiction writers and Romance Writers of America and I found some really great faith-based groups which was the faith hope and love chapter within the Romance Writers of America and I founded a group in Montana called the MT pages which has about 30 people that were spread out across the entire state which in montana is huge it takes an entire day you know to drive across it you know and from there I I started my publishing journey really in nonfiction and in more journalistic and moved into Christian romance and so I write both contemporary and historical and I just really really enjoyed learning and one of my dreams is always to learn more about genealogy so I started college and I'm getting my my degree in both basic genealogy and then with specialties in like English and Scottish and lecturing so it has awesome lady yeah I've got about 13 classes to go to be done and then you know you can continue adding on specialties after that and I just I'm a learner I love to learn and I love to help people with what I've learned so that's why and teaching at a lot of conferences or online and then I'm just trying to figure out how to best share what God's given me to with others to help make other people's lives better through my writing whether it's fiction nonfiction you know romance or speaking and it doesn't really matter I just really enjoy helping other people and I enjoy learning myself so that's more me I have been the recipient of your tutelage we shall say and but I have learned a lot from you Angie just being American authors Network all right I'm sorry Christian oh I did because you and I were actually on the boards at American Christian fiction writers a CMW so so that and I didn't remember that until later after I was a member of kay and then you had told me and I'm like oh yeah Gina what's really funny though is you start getting involved in volunteering and you become a part of the community in your and so many of us cross over into other organizations and like the American Christian fiction author writers is all about more it for me in the beginning was about learning how to write and learning how to work in the publishing industry and I think they're trying to expand that a little bit more but then Christian authors Network is really about the established author learning how to market their books and actually connect with readers retailers and librarians and so these different organizations within the publishing industry have their different purposes exam so and I'm a member of both organizations and I know a cfw is big but they do have smaller you know groups that you can join I know on Facebook they've got it all spread out if you write romance or mystery or suspense or you know they've got the different genres you know on Facebook but can is different because we focus on an entirely different part of the authors journey we really focus more on connecting with the reader and that's through the retailer through the librarian and directly to the reader and it's more about getting the message out there versus learning how to write the message or learning the publishing industry and so it's it's a different focus and I think so many of us belong to so many different organizations I think that we're always learning you know and we go to these different conferences and whether we're teaching at the conference or whether we're sitting in the classroom in the conference we're still learning I mean I learned from people who sit in my classes it's amazing you know but that's why you forget who you've met where because you've probably met them multiple places you know or seen them or I've had things where I've written for one publisher and then gotten multiple contracts from another publisher and crossover with other authors to where we're maybe in same collections or you know it's it's really fascinating to to see how the inner workings of the publishing industry does you know put you together so much with people and sure and people who have mentored me along the way as well you know there's just it's amazing how that can work out so well and you bond over the years yes you go yes you do and that's always really I think a fortunate thing because writing can be alone my business well in can be it is you know and we I think we all need a little bit of affirmation and we all need to feel like we're on the right page and you know I think that can does that for authors will you just talk a little bit about what the criteria are for joining can to be a member yeah and that's an important thing because we have people sending messages saying hey can you promote my book and it's like no and it's not that we're trying to be mean but that the the bylaws are actually you have to have at least two books published one of those has to be by a traditional company and the way I explain that a you know traditional Christian company to because we're Christian authors Network and it it sets this apart from other organizations that are that are secular and there's nothing wrong with secular organizations and there's nothing wrong with Christian organization or anything like that you're not you're not against or competing with one another the point is that in the publishing industry you have to know your niche and your brand and that is where people don't fully understand so I'm really appreciative that you asked that so you have to have two books published one of which has to be a Christian traditional novel or a nonfiction book by a publisher that is a royalty paying publisher that does not take any money from the author and this is what confuses people because you can also your second book can be an indie book and that's fine or it's considered self-published and now the slang term is in D ing ie you know but really it just means self-published I actually sometimes revert back to that old name of self-publishing but yeah it's a say it's really the same thing and people are just trying to you know make a sound better or whenever what's the spin word of the day but there's nothing wrong with self-publishing there's nothing wrong with traditional publishing out there both viable excellent opportunities right you have to choose the the best business box to put your brand in right and you know for me and it I like both and the reason I like both and it really fit me for the Christian authors now we're kind of in an unusual way but I liken it to when you get dressed in the morning and you're putting on your pants you're putting on both legs you don't walk out the door with only one leg right so tradition traditional publishing and indie publishing it's like putting on both legs of your pants you're you fully understand the industry when you see it from both sides right and so that gives us our niche as the Christian authors Network there's I I would strongly suggest somebody who wants to go into only self-publishing which is a viable wonderful option that you join the alley ally which is the Alliance for independent authors I think that is the most wonderful organization I listen to their in their podcast too I learned from them I have great admiration for the for that grip and you can find them at self-publishing advice org and it I think it's a wonderful organization for getting educated about the self-publishing resided industry one more time it's the it's a lie a ll I and it is the Alliance for independent authors right and you go their website is for more information as self-publishing advice dot org and it's really important for people who just want to do self publishing meaning you don't want to do traditional that you go there and you learn I go there and I learn because I do both you know sides I'm not a member and I'm not I to get nothing for telling you about it I just find that that's the best place to go for learning about the indie side of the publishing industry and for the Christian authors Network why we we have both sides and all of our authors have to be at least and they have to be at least traditionally published and so you can have to traditionally published books you can have one traditionally published book in one indy published book that's fun I truly choose both because I like understanding both sides of the industry and I like having freedom to write my topic or my my best-selling book is my indie book the debutante queen and leading into now I have a series the third book comes out on June 1st tomorrow oh we're doing this early aren't we sorry about that the third book taking the plunge in in the Montana beginning series comes out June 1st yes and your site and the cover is absolutely gorgeous thank you and you know I'm gonna tell you something else that will really help you if you're going into the indie world and that is you can I think taking your own photos is the very best but in a case where I was pressed up against the wall with time because I have a traditional deadline going on at the same time with Barbour for 30,000 word novella coming out next February 2020 and it's it's in a series that's called with Vicki McDonough and a couple other gals yes I saw that too yeah oh that's so much fun I'm out of their element nope Batman is with Robin Lee Hatcher and Deborah Rainey it's like yeah and that one is that one is so much fun because it's a contemporary and it's set in Montana and we decided on our common thread throughout of their element is the the couple will all get pushed outside of their comfort zone and yet they they find love and so that one's for all of us all four of us had a contemporary and so that one was a really fun contemporary that a lot of my favorite authors include you Angie thank you and if there's a lot of humorous through that one so I really enjoy that one for that and it's out it came out about a year ago so it's very fun really good authors that I really admire that invited me to be a part of the group and I was just floored you know that's you know I'm really honored by that and then Vicky McDonough asking me to be a part of this Barbara book that's coming out my new villa in in the collection and and it's called mail order oh my goodness see it's a it's a new one for me we have so many titles in our head sometimes it's easy well this is my 18th book and so congratulations thank you and my first couple of books are out of print already and I'm looking at bringing one from oh gosh it was from the 1980s and it was not it was it was one that I wrote to help people with travel okay but my dad had a copy of it and it's been out of print but I was like oh man now I never even thought but I can bring that one back through indie publishing I'm pretty excited about that I may do that one next year I've got contracts and things to meet this though but the mail-order mishap is that ones coming out 2020 febri 2020 and I am exploring 1883 Montana which is prior to when we become a state I'm writing right now about how we got our time zones oh I know it was really fun and so and I'm kidding a cowgirl against an English writing instructor so it's really fun yeah working on that now I know who to go to when I'm writing my fourth book in my Shenandoah Valley series because after the war a lot of soldiers went west yep so I'll have to ask you all about Montana with visit you when you're you have now tell us tell us real quick you have miniature horses I do their names are Spanky and Corey and one Corey she's a little paint and her her papered name is Corey but we call her Cora because I have a son in law Corey yeah yeah it's funny and then Spanky is my horse and I got him they're both Class B so 36 inches tall at the hunch and I got him in 2009-2010 when I was the when I was mrs. Montana and a little girl won him at a special event that I was helping to present prizes and things like that for to raise funds for the Jaden Fred Foundation which is an organization that I support wholeheartedly they give they help to get money for children for medical needs that insurance doesn't cover here in Montana and so I've been supporting them for about 12 years now I think and I started before I became mrs. Montana and then I went through the mrs. Missoula and mrs. Montana and all that stuff and it helped them to have a little bit more somebody speaking and so I stayed and then I became a volunteer executive assistant for them where I help them with their website and yeah and some n events and I was taking photos have anything else to do right well back then I you know did have okay I had extra time now I'm really it's struggle and they they did get somebody else to help me because it just got to be so much with your writing and work and travel and so that that's really nice but thank you came from an event where a little girl want him and they didn't have a big enough yard to keep him in because they need an acre just like any other horse right and we have two acres and so her daddy called and said I promised her a puppy if mrs. Montana would take her pony and I said I agreed for sure because we had put in a lot of we'd bought a lot of tickets for the raffle and didn't win and he says I know mrs. Montana honor there and so we invited him to come up they never really did because I think she got distracted at the puppy but but Spanky's been with me now for oh gosh eight nine years and and he and he got his his mrs. Spanky to keep him company because he was there's been a little pill and he was escaping because he wanted company so yeah they're they're pretty cute they'll follow you anywhere there's still a big old dogs big big dogs you know yes that's got to be neat they are they're really neat and they love kissing so if you don't like horse slobber you're in trouble funny you know and do regular sized horses do they act the same way or do the miniatures but do you find that they have a personality of their own I think every single horse has their own personality okay like Spanky he he particularly doesn't like a grooming tool and he likes another one so if you pull out one grooming tool that he doesn't like he takes off and you pull out the other one he's like Oh scratch scratch scratch feel good you know and whereas Cory she's like oh I'll take all the attention you want to give me you know I don't care what tool you're using and you know I'll I'll kiss you but Spanky kisses better it's like it's funny so they they do have different personalities they're much more docile than a pony the ponies are you know different breed and they're they're a little bit more headstrong they're that they're the mule ish side of you know where miniature horses are are more docile and fun but they do have their own individual personalities and we had two standard sized horses who they aged out and they passed away but they definitely had their own personalities my I had miss Miss Piggy and because she ate everything and she you know she was hackamore trained which means she didn't use a bit but she was so curious she was looking everywhere all the time she was just thrilled and curious and she wanted to go out she didn't care you know where we went as long as she could go explore you know and chief he just wanted to go visit another horse so if you could find a horse down the road that's where you'd find him you know so yeah there definitely changes you know between each little animal and but they're fun yeah well I am definitely allergic to horses I love this I please stop you're claritin for people with allergies you know what I'll tell you what you put some pictures on your blog of so cranky oh there is one right now oh is there let me yeah the last the last blog post I put up was a devotional and it's a picture of Spanky when he came inside the house okay now you've got muse and writer mm-hmm and but your blog is a musings blog yeah because I I just not devoted just to muse you know it's amazing to you know where there's things I see it right now a horse in the house yes and he's just he's hilarious little guy he really loves coming in but we just did our flooring and so I told my husband that's it no more horses in the house no he's he's not necessarily house trained he's never had an accident in the house but we've never trained him to you know write for that either at one time I thought I would try to train through the Delta society where I could take him into nursing homes and hospitals but unfortunately just time there was not the time and you've got to get certified and that takes more time and sure so so here's to say to pet but yeah well you can go on Angie's website it's Angela Breitenbach calm and I'll have a link to her website on my Facebook page discover the story and I'll have some pictures and I'll have a link to her blog so you can see both Mews and you can see her amusing blog musings blog and you can see all the articles and little post she's done and they're absolutely wonderful because it does everything first-rate you know we're running out of time already and here I thought we wouldn't have talked about silly me [Laughter] their hobbies and that's right and their unique family situations and and and it gives you a voice it gives you you know who you are I tend to have liked the book I'm writing right now has horses in it and you know it just depends on who you are what your interests are and even though lots of authors have cats they they maybe have different you know personalities other people don't write cat calm and either way I do yes so you ever but he has their unique voice so just because you may have a horse or a dog or a cat or whatever go ahead and and show that part of your life as an author because it just makes you you and even though somebody else might have an animal they're there they don't interact with them the way you do so correct it max and as we were talking about before my show started it is part of the journey there's all different journeys and everybody has a different one they're not all the same and we all have something different to say and it could be about the same subject but we all say it differently and present a different perspective and dimension to that topic so that you're very right but in just wrapping things up a little bit here is there anything else you want our listeners to know I think I want our listeners to know that you do have a voice whether you are a writer or you work in a dental office or you work at home whatever it is that you do you're doing it to the glory of God by just being you and by being thankful for the life that God has given you and just minister to the people that are in your sphere I got so lost in the in the beginning of this journey trying to figure out how to create a platform and right now I'm at this point where it's like okay I think that was all a bunch of hooey and all I needed to do was just be me and share what I had fun sharing and what I felt like touched other people's lives and not worry about copying anybody else don't worry about other heavy-duty advice that you're gonna hear out there I mean you know listen and learn and then just be you well also listen and take it in and then decide if it's right for you now exactly exactly and I think that's probably the most important thing because I it can be so over well me and I have so many interests from you know genealogy to screenwriting to novel writing to nonfiction to training my cat you know and and he is well trained he can come sit stay jump through hoops lay down to roll over shake hands and high-five and you know he even helps in the kitchen I know it was so when you when you start looking at this is just something that gives me joy then I would I would advise listeners do what gives you joy because God gave that to you as a gift and through that joy you're going to touch other people's lives that's right oh that's wonderful Angie thank you so much for sharing that I know there's a listener out there who needed to hear that and good grief I needed to hear that so much for being my guest today I discover this story thank you and I hope everybody will look for more amusing writer later this year oh you bet we will Angie and thank you for being in the show today and listeners you can find pictures from this interview posted on my Facebook page simply log on to Facebook and search for discover the story you can also find out more about my books and me by visiting my website at Andrea beige our calm meanwhile please join me each week as we discover the story with a variety of special guests here on the Christian women Affiliate radio network see you next time you've been listening to discover the story with author Andre o Bashar we hope that you've enjoyed today's program join us next time and discover the story you

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