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Hi, I’m Michelle,
here to answer your copyright questions. Today’s topic is Music and Copyright. I played, sang
or whistled the song entirely by myself and didn’t use
a single second of the recording. Why did I still get a copyright strike? There are two distinct copyrights in music. Most people are familiar with the one
for the artist or band who recorded the song but there is a second set of copyrights
for the lyrics and melody also known as the composition
or publishing rights. When you sing, hum
or play a song on an instrument even if it’s in an entirely original way,
you’re using the copyrighted melody or words. If you use all
or even just a small part of a song you may receive a copyright strike
or Content ID claim. But keep in mind that most composition claims
are eligible for revenue sharing for creators in the YouTube Partner Programme. If you’re eligible you’ll be offered the option
to share the revenue of that video by confirming the video is a cover. I keep hearing about Content ID claims
where the song isn’t even there. What is YouTube doing about that? At its heart, Content ID is
what’s known as a matching system and it faces all the challenges
and limitations all matching systems face. Sometimes the system
can make a totally incorrect match like claiming someone’s video
where they’re doing a simple microphone test or even white noise. In these cases,
YouTube engineers immediately go to work to diagnose and fix the problems. In other cases entirely different original songs
can match parts of each other because they use the same beat track. We’re constantly working
to find solutions to avoid problems like these but we also understand that
no automated system will ever be perfect. This is why the dispute process
is an essential part of Content ID. As a creator, you have the most knowledge
about the content in your videos and how it was used so we built the dispute process to empower you
to escalate problems to the claimant and even escalate
as far as the courts if needed. If both you and the claimant are attempting
to monetise the video under dispute we will continue to monetise your video and will release the accrued earnings
to the appropriate party once the dispute is resolved. What rights do I need to buy
to use a song in my video? To properly use a song in a video,
typically you need an official music licence. These grant you the rights to use a song but be sure to read these licences carefully. Licences typically contain
explicit permission for using the content but may include limitations on exclusivity,
duration, geography or other terms. You should seek legal advice
for any licensing agreements. Although YouTube can’t
help you get these licences we can help you find music
that you can use in your videos. Our YouTube Audio Library is a great way to
find free background music or sound effects. There are also third-party services that
allow you to purchase music for your videos that won’t result in claims. Why are music publishers
enforcing copyright on YouTube but not anywhere else? Music publishers administer rights
on behalf of songwriters and provide an important service in allowing songwriters
to profit from what they create. In fact, music publishing rights are enforced almost anywhere music is performed,
streamed or otherwise transmitted and not just on YouTube.>From music playing on the radio
to live performances, to cover songs publishing rights are relevant in all cases and, where necessary, enforced. And that’s it for Music and Copyright. Check out more info in our Help Centre,
linked in the description below and be sure to check out the other videos
in our Copyright series, linked here. Bye!

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  1. sorry but this video does not explain anything about copyright. Actually youtube is a american company ans so that is the problem because a lot of these "False" claims are different in countries. What I'm saying is that when you post a song up to youtube, it's not fair use. When you are saying fair use, that doesn't mean anything with music companies do not care about what is fair use. They see it as what is theirs. It also really doesn't matter if you are monetizing the video. They can still claim it. The only time when you can say "fair use" that is in court. In fact I would like youtube to provide all these "Claims" to go to court first even before they claim a video. That's only because these bad actors cannot even claim a video with a click of a button. Also the fact that you even have a licence does not mean anything too. The easiest thing to is to create your own music or download a free audio file from youtube. Sorry 🙁

  2. они наоборот должны благодарить и платить за то что их рыгачки распостраняют

  3. We offer a service on our website, where we will whitelist your YouTube channel, and you can get unlimited usage of our music for your video under a standard license, no copy right claims & you can monetize all your videos using our music – See our Channel for details

  4. The old version of the dashboard told you want song they were claiming. Recently I had a song claimed that was not the song they were claiming. Cool, but in the new front end I could not tell what song it was, I had to go to the old dashboard to figure out what song they were claiming. It was not the song I had licenced, so I have been confused as to what to do as there is no clear option in the dispute system.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum sir,

    This is my channel all my won video when I feel 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribe thnt I try to apply but I can't apply for monetization.
    When I click enable then came your monetisation Tab has been disabled.
    But why I don't know.
    Please sir solved this problem.
    Sir, I have come today so much trouble. Hope to understand the pain of my mind

    Thank you YouTube team

  6. I'm quite careful when uploading videos, I'm afraid to get copyrighted. Thank you for the information 😂😂😍😍

  7. No quiero leer una sola tutorial más sobre los derechos de autor, cuándo ustedes son gente falsa, que no cumplen con la normativa de los derechos de autor. Más de 1 vez les he denunciado a una usuaria @Josefa Perez (Josefa Perez Rodriguez , en Facebook ) que me ha robado vídeos con mis derechos de autor, tiene un canal con más de 500 vídeos robados de la misma cantante, y gana suscriptores subiéndose vídeos que se descarga de los demás a su canal como si fueran suyos. Va camino de los 1.000 suscriptores alimentando su canal con vídeos robados, son más de 500 y muy pocos son suyos de fotos suyas, de su persona. Tiene que yo tenga conocimiento mío 1 falta grave por mes de denuncia de violación de derechos de autor, ha pasado el límite y no la castigan, descarga vídeos de YouTube y se los sube a su canal como suyos. Pero ustedes no son legales. En mi canal, en mi "Comunidad" he abierto una encuesta sobre como ella repite vídeos de otros que son creadores, eso no es legal, gente que es testigo de que es verdad, ha contestado a mi encuesta y corroboran que roba vídeos,violando la propiedad de derechos de autor . El mismo vídeo subido por 2 personas a la vez, el creador y un día después, el ladrón. No es legal. Yo la sigo viendo con frecuencia, subir vídeos que son vídeos robados,que lo puedo demostrar. Los descarga y se los sube idénticos, a mí me lo ha hecho 2 veces, la denuncié, se pasa de faltas y avisos y no le hacéis nada. Y a mí por su culpa por defenderme cómo creador y actuar, me han denunciado y me han puesto una falta , todo por su culpa.

    Ustedes no nos protegen a los creadores de los ladrones cuándo los denunciamos. Ustedes hasta han violado la configuración de mi canal,y lo he borrado 2 veces, porque ustedes no son legales. No me gustan los delitos de YouTube. Y si me canso, borraré todos mis vídeos por 3ª vez. Ustedes abusan de nosotros, permitiendo esto. Y consintiendo robos. Nos ponen normas estrictas, que no aplican a estos ladrones, ustedes no me gustan. Veo corrupción en YouTube.

  8. Yeah, and an authoritative sounding woman in her 50s has been selected to make a video on copyright claims and she sounds like a teacher scolding 5 year old kids and waving her finger and threatening creators with her "power" if they misbehave "one more time". Clearly her knowledge is limited by what the scriptwriters told her to read on screen. Youtube vids begin to sound and look like North Korean propaganda videos. Pathetic.

  9. Does anyone catch the glaring flaw? YouTube doesn't review claims; they just bounce it back to the ofttimes phony claimant for their ruling. Imagine a customer service system that forwards my

  10. Why is it my problem when your system is not perfect and claims my video for no reason!

  11. Realmente YouTube se está convirtiendo en una mierda con respecto a la creación de videos.

  12. I'm sorry but that's so dumb and stupid that you can't sing or a hum a song yourself without being copyrighted or striked. I never knew that it was a copyright violation to sing a song by yourself. Youtube need to fix up ! KMT

  13. I used to be able to upload longer songs from youtube. Now there are only a few "songs" like Kennedy's speech, or some Mozart or stuff like that. Why the longer songs that were previously available with ads, aren't anymore? I have longer videos where I need to add music in the background.

  14. It sounds like YouTube needs to stop enforcing Composition Rights on us.
    I mean, the only reason YouTube can even exist is because of people like US, not the record companies.

  15. YouTube is such a software. Needs to be set up

    You can listen to YouTube tutorials in mother tongue.

  16. well I was a little bit starting to understand about music and copyright, thanks for the input mister YouTuber, hopefully this input is very useful.

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  18. I want to ask

    what if when recording. in that place playing a famous artist's song, while at the time of editing we use songs that are free copy right, and only faint sounds of songs that are in that location, is there a problem

  19. HEy , I have a channel that has no copyright strikes and no comunity stryke. my channel is still in review after almost two months. what Do I have to do ?? I should change My videos that don't have audio voice over, How can i get monetised ?? if you can help I highly apreciate it!!

  20. Trato de no colocar algún material que me signifique algún problema a respecto, ¿pero si por algún error pasa y recibo una notificación de mal uso de algún derecho de autor pero luego lo elimino el vídeo y quizá nuevamente lo subo corregido el error? ¿que es lo que pasaría en ese caso?

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  22. GachaTubers can use LOTS of music just fine, I noticed this though~ normal gaming or youtubers in general turn off the sound when a "copyrighted" song is playing……What's up with that? CoNfUsIoN

  23. You Tube, you flagged a part of a musical piece in a recent video I put up as something called III. Allegro by an artist I've never heard of and naturally have never used. The dispute process does not offer a category of "wrong music identification." I disputed it.

    You made a mistake. The music is not III. Allegro. The music is Prince Igor Polovetsian Dances (Borodin), performed by MIT Symphony Orchestra. This is from the Free Music Archive. Here is the link.

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    i hope you that you accept my request …

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  26. Really Great So amazing… Thanks for give us this information, We will pray for you and your family with organization.

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  28. Very helpful n effective information regarding copyright thank you so much to team YouTube 😊😊👍👏👏💞👏👏👌

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  30. DJ Music channels should not be so threatened by copyright strikes. Those of us who don't ask for monetization, and simply DJ on here have thousands of songs on some of our channels that have ads on them. If we get 3 strikes, then all those other song owners, who approve, will lose great revenue.

  31. Hello. A massive problem is that YouTube has been overtaken by fake live stream CONCERT scammers for YEARS and years. YouTube doesn’t do enough about this daily, massive international fraud, so I decided to take action because music is life. 🎼
    The reason there are almost no fake live stream concert scammers for the past month, except from the most recent few days or older is because I have spent every waking moment and lost many nights sleeps, for the past five plus weeks, reporting them day and night. These daily fake concert scammers are committing massive international theft and credit card fraud daily on YouTube. It’s obviously a very highly organized operation, computer generated on a massive scale
    I know how to find them. I know their behavior and I can wipe them out.
    It is a tragedy that YouTube allows itself to be a platform for such massive international fraud on every corner of the planet, in every country, at every venue, and every single band on the planet literally for so many years. They WILL completely destroy YouTube if YouTube continues to leave them up. This cannot continue. The world deserves better. Musicians and people who film and post concerts and make YouTube what it is DESERVE BETTER.
    It’s literally a matter of time until there are more scam posts on YouTube than music bc hundreds, thousands of thieves upload thousands, millions? of scam posts daily . They upload a greater number each day than people upload music. You do the math. YouTube will be simply over and obsolete one day so polluted with theft.
    It’s clear that not enough is being done by YouTube to stop this massive international fraud, mostly by young people and KIDS in Indonesia and other countries. There are countless scam theft posts from up to TWO years ago that haven’t been removed.
    YouTube isn’t paying attention to this serious problem so I DID. Please Look at my reporting data and feel free to contact me. Hundreds of thousands are gone by my efforts alone over the past month of reporting. I made it a mission to bring MUSIC BACK to YouTube. I have.
    When I stop reporting them YouTube will again be overtaken by scammers and filled back up with international theft instead of music. I am an expert at online fraud reporting and fighting online scammers and bullies. I single handedly succeeded at making a MASSIVE difference on YouTube. Please look at the hundreds and hundreds, maybe in the thousands, of fake channels I have reported and are terminated now, ( and why why if they are terminated do the closed scam posts STILL take up space and pollute YouTube? Why don’t terminated channels disappear?? That’s a massive problem. And why are some thieves never terminated? Some I report over and over, fake concerts like them all and YouTube WILL NOT remove some thieves.
    If you count individual scam posts, I’ve had literally hundreds of thousands or more removed by my reporting and now music ( your advertising revenue) is there instead. It wasn’t easy. Please. This must change. I can help. I already have. I’m local SF. Please advise me how to become a YouTube music moderator. Music is life. Thank you.

  32. You didn't address the actual hard questions that you knew would be the top comments in this video. (They have also been the top comments in many of your other videos.)

  33. They're just reading the written guide in this video. Shrug. And the weirdest copyright claim I've got so far is a screen recording of the playback of a midi that I made, though it IS a transcription of the end boss music from a super nintendo game that I made by listening to it.

    It would certainly be illegal for me to post scanned pages of sheet music in a video – but I'm not buying that its illegal for me to make a midi of a file and then play that. They're going to need to have a better legal explanation there.

  34. Is it not enough to just demonetise videos with claims from record companies?

    I'm uploading things for maybe four or five people and have no intention of making money from YouTube, but apparently (if I'm to take YouTube's flagging system at face value) a 30 second clip of a song is deemed by the record companies as an unforgivable encroachment upon their IP rights, and so my video upload is immediately blocked.

  35. Why isn't YT investing some of its profits in protecting content creators from false claims and taking solid fair use cases to court? If false claimants know that a deep pocket could potentially provide legal action for its content creators, the current monetization stripping free-for-all would end. The current YT system gives all dispute power to the claimant and worse, tells the content creators that fair use must be established in court, on a case by case basis – requiring expensive legal action that most content creators cannot afford.

  36. i never go put any music on my videos why i will try to not put a copyritght music

  37. Quando uma musica cover em um vídeo não recebeu uma reinvidicação ,então o propietário permitiu a exibição do conteúdo certo?O vídeo já faz um bom tempo de postado e tem o mesmo contexto da musica .
    Estou tentando resolver uns probleminhas com a monetização em meu canal ,recentemente conseguir monetiza-lo mas só durou 1 dia e recebi aviso de conteúdo reutilizado ,mas pode ter sido que não observei direito pois mesmo sem avisos de direitos autorais ,tinha uns vídeos que não era meu, mas sem ter aviso de direitos autorais ,mesmo assim exclui todos hoje .desde já agradeço

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  39. good morning youtube party,

    please review my channel, my youtube channel has fulfilled the conditions of 4000 hours of broadcast and 1000 subscribers for review and monetization. if there are errors please let me know. thank you

  40. Eu sou Mineiro tenho 28 anos de Idade toco piano desde os 5 anos de idade e comecei a compor desde pequeno sou Fa de Bach Beethoven e Haydn E Vivaldi e todas as musicas minhas são inspiradas neles um forte abraco Deus esteja com Voces

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