MVI 3514 Young Novelists Sundown-HUGH'S ROOM-15th LIGHTFOOT celeb.Thur.Jan.10/19 CHAR VIDEO

but we're going to do what we've done from the very beginning and that is to offer a wide array of artistic renditions of Lightfoot's tunes a great song can handle being interpreted in many many ways so sometimes you'll hear them almost like they were off the record sometimes you'll hear them like you've never heard them before and we'll also be bringing back some of our favorite performers from over the years as well as at least one animal that you've never heard that before I've never heard before and ever these guys are gonna go under the rim favorite category although they're young they're quite accomplished already winners of a Canadian Folk Music Award and put their latest record out I think this is number three maybe number four and that came out just last spring I absolutely love their work husband and wife duo and it just absolutely beautifully combined musically and on a wonderful musical playing together so please welcome the young novelists it is an honor to be here I see you like making a certain dress in your room you do what you don't confess [Applause] cela stream what you [Applause] me [Applause] faded jeans geez I got me feelin me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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