26 thoughts on “My Collection, Part 1: Graphic Novels, Euro-Comics, Auteurs

  1. This is great. Loving all those titles that I didn't know it before. Specially for the ones that you take a time indicating that you made or will make a video.

  2. Hi Walt, your copy of The Incal looks like it has amazingly rich color renditions … I'm not sure if its due to the video's quality. I have seen some copies of it sold in my country (Singapore) and the colors look rather washed out somehow, its kind of disappointing having owned other Moebius's books which have beautiful colors … So I'm surprised your copy of The Incal looks a lot better than those sold in my local book stores ….

  3. Been reading almost exclusive indie books right now. Highlights include Guy Delisle's Hostage. Soo great. I read Tomine's Summer Blonde. Was good, got better as it went along. I wanna read Killing and Dying ! Still need to get Young Frances from Adhouse, and Clyde Fans by Seth is coming next year!

  4. could you please send me a link of that oversized final incal edition? Cause there are some variations of "deluxe ed". If I am going to buy it I want to pick up the right one.

  5. You have exceptional taste in European comics. I'm especially fond of Humanoids, Titan, Archaia, Heavy Metal and 2000 AD in my own collection. Cheers from the Pacific Northwestern US.

  6. cool video! What a great collection! I hope to have one of my own and startet recently. And yes some comic content is sometimes so tiny that I have the same reading problems. Incal is now by Splitter in German I think, having an older softcover edition I am going to upgrade to HC.

  7. Tried Essex County and I like Jeff Lemire. I thought the art was a little sketchy for my taste. I may have to revisit the book again at another time. Story wasn't bad though.

  8. Hi Walt, you're right about "Killing and Dying" its a fantastic book, the last story in it "Intruders" was really well made and I loved it. I was going to buy The Eightball compendium but I really hate such a tight binding!, was it possible to see all the panels close to the centre of the page?
    by the way loving your videos mate.

  9. Hey dude … Where are u from ? I enjoy ur vids … Anything pertaining to comic books interests me….

  10. Sag mal, wie viel bezahlt man eigentlich so, wenn man von Deutschland aus bei Instocktrades bestellt?

  11. Cool video – Nice collection! Have you read Pope Hats by Ethan Riley? You might enjoy his comics – somewhat in the style of Adrian Tomine. The latest issue of Pope Hats in particular is really great I think.

  12. Regarding Tomine: did you like Shortcomings? I don't see it on your bookshelf… personally, I think that's a good one to start with, as it's a book length story and touches on some interesting racial stuff… nice channel, btw!!!

  13. The only one book I do recognize in your collection is ,,The Sculptor'' by Scott McCloud.I'll check the other ones later.See ya cool man with german accent care vorbeste romana.XD(So weird to call you like that.)

  14. Since you already own Democracy, I'd also suggest you check out its predecessor, Logicomix. Even if you think you don't care about history of mathematics, it's still a pretty enjoyable graphic novel. Probably the best one made in Greece.

  15. YES! It's here! Thank you for doing this. I will be rewatching this for some time. I'm slowly making a new wish list and it's going to take me a while.

  16. What's that Simon Hanselmann book next to Eel Mansions with the black spine? If you like Untold History of Marvel I would recommend Secret History Of Marvel Comics by Blake Bell. It is more on the earlier history of Marvel and pre-Marvel but it is a very good read.

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