48 thoughts on “My life…❤️ Romantic Poems & Images

  1. Tnx for ur luv n affection showing towards me.I am overwhelmed with u.Ur my sweetheart.143 too

  2. I love you and want to see you as time is very short I want to spend time with you I want you to call me like we did and it made us happy

  3. Dziękuję Ci bardzo słodki SMS 💖🐞🌺🌸🐞🍒🌷🐱🎀🐾🍓🌺

  4. Verry nice ,sensibil ,my poet
    To love soamebody ,sincerly is soamething special without any intrest is more then special,take care of you ,god bless you

  5. GOOD BYE HONEY…..🤓🤓🤓💝💝💘💘🤲🤲🤲💖💓💞💚💚💚💚😘😘😘

  6. just now, your giant butterflies one thousand and one flew into my house.
    it sent your love messages🦋🦋🦋

  7. My 🐝 kiya huva people around you then I come to you 😇it's happening do not worry 🐝. It's ok.. Don't any with them.. Everyone feel this connection. But we carry there energy to heal my our self. When we know out truth then other peoples fear doubt are resolved also about relationship and open up to love and all. That's way so many hacker there 😌don't worry they don't disturb me and you my 🐝

  8. Wow..So Sweet and Really Romantic.. Very Beautiful Love Words..💋💋" If the People I've Loved so far told me all this, I just want to say that" Thank you my Sweet heart for Your Great Love and Your Statement of Love for me..You're so Romantic..💋 I Really Appreciate it..I Love You so Much..💋💋" I want to Hug You Now..and I want You Hold me Closer..🤗💋 I Hope God Wills and Unites Us..and I am Sure of this..I always Pray for Our Love Relationship..💖There are many Reasons Why We both have to Meet at Churh 4 Years I Know You, even though We reraly Talk..and why I am even More Convinced of You and More In Love with You..💖💋 Only You Can Open my Heart..and You Have Stolen my Heart..💖💖 I have Never Seen You from Wealth..I Accept You as You are Dear..🤗💋 What I Need is a Man who has A Good Relationship with God and Fellow Humans, Someone who Love me and my Family Sincerely, Someone who is Honest and Responsible..💖💕and I Feel that It's All in Inside You..I Like Your Tenderness, Your Romantisme, Your Creative, and the Way You Talk to me Dear..💋💋 My Longing is I Want to Laugh, Be Happy, and Cry with You Dear..🤗💖 I Will be Waiting Here for You and Take me with You Forever..💋 Good Night and Sweet Dreams for You..I Hope We Can Meet in Our Dreams..💋 this Afternoon I Miss You so Much..🤗 Peluk dan Cium Sayangku hanya Untukmu Sayang..Aku Menyayangimu..🤗💖💕💋

  9. But I think you know that 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰I hope so.. Tu 3 pkd le but us menipualtor ko mt pkdna dobara. Mska lga rha hoga tuje. Kuch bhi krega tere liye.. Pese fek de khi lat mar ke jayega. Menipualtor gadnu

  10. Or dekh ruje jo krna h kr mereko justice na mila Devine se mere effort mera time mera sb kuch mene tuje diya… Or muje justice na mila to… Aane vale future m jisne ye dimag lgaya h..usse teri sadi huvi… Sale ko usi rat katunga 🙏🙏🙏mother sure uska bap bhi dimag lgana menipualate krna bhul jayega.. Teri life brbad hogi I don't care m us kutte ko uski okat yad jrur dilaunga 🙏🙏🙏mother sure… Tu kisi or ke sath chle ja muje koi dikkt nhi… I know vo kesa hoga uske face se jan jaunga use.. Fir sale ki Mar mar ke tatti nikal dunga.. Kutta bna kr teri hi sadi m uska mans fad ke kha jaunga yad rkhana. Tu jb bhi jha bhi sadi kregi kbhi to tera husband hath aayega 🤣us din btaunga use m kiya hu. Phle dekhunga vhi huva tera chutiya bf.. Manipulative…because muje pta chl jayega vo kon h.. Sale ko Kat ke usko vhi here mndp m fuk kr uska mansh khaunga 🙏🙏🙏yad rkhna mera time mera sb kuch khrab krne ka kisi ka koi hk bhi.. Tu koi or dekh uske sath rh sadi ke jo krna h kr… But ayse log mera chutiya kat jayege aysa hone na dunga m kbhi 🙏jai bhole madrchot 🙏

  11. Tu muje jis ke liye reject kr rhi h vo bhut jada menipualtive h dramebaj h vo hr kisi ko convince kr rha h..tuje jo krna h kr m tere pchde m pdunga nhi but tune warn kr diya baki teri mrji vo jesa dikhta h vo nhi h vo bs tere pese khayega at last.. Meri hi copy krke tera chutiya katega intelligent nhi ayse logo ko chutiya bolte h. Ja beta lekin dobara meri or mt aana. Tere tk mere pure message bhi na phuchte honge

  12. You know this setual fire on you….. It's me who awaken this… This is only work with me… If you go to some other one then I stop my giving xxx… Then you don't have this good feeling…. Esi liye kisi or ke pas jayegi to tuje kuch days hi accha lgega uske sath xxx because ye meri energy ghusi h tere undr esliye you feel good.. Awesome.. Xxx ke bje legi tu khi or to my teri supply bnd kr dunga fir tu 1 sal m dekh lena jo tuje lg rha h ye mje hr jgh h jbki meri vjh se h.. Mera chutiya mt bnana.. Bnaya hoga tu khud dekh lena aage tera hal hi bdl jayega.. Tu pchtayegi ki tune kiya mis kiya. It's only me jis vjh se tuje mje mil rhe h edr udhr mrayegi to m tuje sughne bhi na dunga. Or fir tu dekhegi aane Vale time m jo tuje logo ko dekh kr mje aa rhe h vo meri firing energy h 🥺🥺🥺👊👊👊don't think this with someone else otherwise you loose evey bliss.. You don't have any idea about this… This makes your blow some 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Tuje din m bhi tare dikhenge another dimension m ghum aayegi bliss pe bilss.. Bs or jgh mt mrvana. Vrna ye supply m kisi or ko de dunga 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Aap khi bhi jao ab aapko m energy nhi dega… Next month se ye sb bnd ho jayega dekh lena….. Me detedete thak kya and I never receive anything from you…. This month is, last… Usna lo jiske pas ho mujhse na milega next month aate hi 🙏

  14. I hope there will be no more contact with minimum and tita so there will be no double face and envy or hater.PLEASE

  15. Very beautiful my love 💋💋💋 my kisses for you.. @cri378

  16. So true well written and hooefully one day spoken and received.

  17. I hope u so hun and I very thankful with that I really love u god knows everything !!! Dear in my heart ur the one I always I wanted that someday u are here … 143365

  18. Mind is the good survent but a poor master 🥰🥰🥰note that baby… And recognize me again ☺☺sometime mind come but I control it.. You know that we are in the spiritual journey and we are doing with by self no guru at all. Kundalini is all ready awakens on our spine.. But how to drop this habby ego… We have to take sometime to that…. Sorry for my past and future mistakes. Jese undr se habby anger nikl rha ho bahr 🙄😕😓🙏I am so sorry 🐝

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