My little Girl- Poem…

I love you, y love you my little girl
the pretty flower that God gave me the one that left its petals on my chest
that sleep remained in my bed and steal this inspiration from myself.
because you are my winter poem the tender verse that in mi was born
and the sea that grows in your pretty eyes the strawberry red of your red lips
the wave that is born and disappears little by little in my heart.
as I would love to give you the day or the sun that shines every morning with
its splendor or the stars of the universe
or the gulls that fly across the sky or the cascade of the crystalline waters
or the mountain that forms the landscape but y can’t…I can’t because I am not God.
but I can give you love and a full moon…but of verses
a rainbow with a thousand passions a garden filled with illusions
all my verses and my songs because you are my beautiful girl
the pretty flower that God…gave me

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