My Loving Partner || Short Poem

Crawling over my legs and touching my belly, then resting the head on my chest, placing his hands on my shoulders,
he took a good amount of rest. Then raising his head, he looked me in the
eye Just then, his eyes lit. He came closer and placed lips on my neck
and I could feel him smirk a bit. The odd thing happened to me at that time,
I smiled at his touch on my neck. I felt a relief and a sudden rush
With just a single peck. He rose from my neck and came close to my
face, I closed my eyes right then. Whispering in my ears, he said something soothing,
the demons in my head smiled through the night. He entered through my ears and reached my
mind, The heart starting getting sad. The feelings mixed, the frustration started
to erupt and then I started feeling bad. The eyes watered, the lips smiled,
the heart started paining a lot. I opened my mouth to scream loudly
but the people sleeping in the room next door asked me to stop. My throat dried, I choked at my words,
I tried hard but couldn’t breathe enough. so I got up quickly, inhaled some air
but my partner was so so rough! He pulled me back, pinned me to the bed
and asked me to hush. I lay there quiet, with wide opened eyes,
from fear, I got the blush. His fingers lingered all over my body
starting right from my head to the toe, the touch on my chest, where underlies the
heart, was the most painful one, though. his touch had venom and it started spreading,
soon it covered all of my heart. It flew to the head, where demons lived
and I started falling apart. One side asked me to be happy,
the other asked me to be not, no more a human
but just any other robot. I couldn’t share what I was going through
with my parents, siblings or friends. I could now feel what others went through. Aren’t these feelings in trend? I was away from it all some time ago,
I used to wonder how it felt. Now, I know it’s not as easy as it seems,
the way that it is dealt. The darkness looks beautiful, the only light
I like while I am covered in the sheets on my bed, I wish to stay away from everyone, not to
get out from there and cut all the ties and threads. Still, I get up, I talk to everyone
and I definitely smile when I must. But the insides are dark with a pitch black
heart even though I am happy on my crust. My partner has arrived, it is going to stay
with me, all he wants is to keep me in suppression. He says he loves me now but I want to tell
him that I don’t like you, depression.

4 thoughts on “My Loving Partner || Short Poem

  1. This was an amazing video, I loved the energy and vibe with which you did this and the creativity with which it was written was stunning. Well done, keep writing

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