My marriage proposal with a love poem

I (Cédric) will ask the love of my life (Jane) to marry me Jane is one of the most amazing woman on earth She is so happy, so funny and so reliable Together we are a perfect couple This is how I proposed to her while she tought I was just going to do a normal poem It was suppose to be a normal day Until you shown in my way As a very beautiful shooting star Your beauty was very rare Surrounded with a strong aura of positivity You awakened my curiosity As there was a strong explosion I understood this day was not going to be common As it never happens with other It was like I know you since ever As you were my soulmate From you I became passionate You made beat my heart as never Yet everyday it became greater You are called Maryjane You are my one and only one On my heart is only you You are now a part of me And only one question can be asked to you Will you marry me? What is that? My love It is for you my love My love It is for you Oh my god I don’t know how I feel I thought it was a simple poeme And then you have… It was… Because I wanted it to be unexpected I never expected Oh my god I was so nervous It is here Perfect…perfect Jane merci pour avoir rejoint ma vie

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