My Mother at Sixty-Six Class 12 English Explanation of Poem from Flamingo

hello students welcome to the English Academy my name is Ruchika in this video I have a CBSE class 12 poem my mother at 66 become Ladas here I will cover the explanation of the poem and new words in it the poem is as follows driving from my parents home to coaching last Friday morning I saw my mother beside me those open-mouthed her face ashen like that of a corpse and realized with pain that she was as old as she looked but soon put that pot away and looked out at young trees sprinting the merry children spilling out of their homes but after the airport's security check standing a few yards away I looked again at her then pale as a late winter's moon and felt that old familiar ache my childhoods fear but all I said was see you soon among all I did was smile and smile and smile now first of all I will share you some thoughts about the poet the poet her name is kamila das she also wrote by a pen name of Madhavi cootie she was born in Kerala and is one of India's first poets her subject matter is basically related to her personality which is beautiful sensitive bold and tormented any external factors do not reflect in her writings and her writings bring out her true inner feelings her favorite poem is composition now I have a short explanation for you free the poem in this we come to know about the poet's relation with her mother here she talks about a mother and her daughter's relation this poem is based on her feelings for her mother who is sitting beside her they are traveling through the coaching airport where probably the author has to take her flight she looks at her closely before us her image she looks at her face and finds it like a corpse which is a dead body she has used simile as a figure of speech to show comparison between her mother's face and a dead body as she looks at her mother's pain and pallid face she is struck with the horror and pain of losing her she feels that her mother has gone old the mother with the dozing face and open mouth is compared to a cops here we can see the typical love and affection which a daughter has for her mother she feels the ache of separating from the mother forever then she changes her sad mood she looks outside the window then she can see young trees which seem to be running past and small children who are playing who are full of life energy and vitality she is reminded of her own childhood when her mother was young and now she is encircled with the fear of losing her which has made her feel insecure here again she draws a comparison between her mother's lifeless face and the scene which she can see outside the car which is full of life then she reaches the airport over here she again looks at her mother as she bids goodbye to her she finds her image of the old Vonn mother in the twilight years just like a winter moon here again she has used to assimilate to compare her mother's face with a winter moon which is also obstacle by fog and mist and similarly her mother is also looking weak and withered further she gain overcomes her tears and sorrows and on a positive note says to her mother that they would meet again soon although the poet is feeling the pain of separation she is leaving her mother and going away she has her childhood fear alive again that she would lose her mother which was earlier temporary but now it could be forever as she feel that her mother could dry of old age she is so pained which is natural that she would feel like crying but she keeps herself to be brave and hides her tears and again she smiles at her mother and bids her a farewell from the poem you can see see you soon Amma so she is hiding her sorrow and again conveying to her mother that she is enjoying her life and similarly she wants that her mother should also be happy and enjoy her life finally she says that she can just smile and smile and smile she has used repetition to lay emphasis on the word smile as she is putting a lot of effort and courage to smile so you can see that this poem revolves around the theme of advancing age and the fear that adverse to its loss and separation it is a sentimental account of the mother's approaching end through the eyes of the daughter it is a short poem as there is no full stop the poem is like a long sentence a long thought and the poet has used devices of comparison and contrast that is simile and repetition now the new words which you can see in the boil are those which is a short light sleep ashen which means very pale just like ash corpse is a dead body sprinting here in the text it means shooting out of the ground spilling here means to move out in great numbers when me it's unnaturally pale as from physical or emotional distress ache means pain for question and answers of this poem you can watch this video Thank You students for watching this video for more such videos to subscribe to our Channel the English Academy

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