40 thoughts on “My Normal Range Warm Up Routine

  1. That's cool! Reminds me of Tony Manero, with a gun. Stayin' alive.

  2. Where I currently live there are only indoor ranges,so there is really no opportunity to do any kind of movement at all while shooting live rounds. It was so helpful to see you go through your routine. At least I can try to duplicate that during my dry-fire practice at home. until someone like you shares movement with us so that we can see how to do it, we don't even know where to start. Thank you again.

  3. Tactical flailing and honcho rolls are great for movies. This is REAL work. I do similar routines at home dry. Practice above tacticool is what wins real fights.

  4. I watched this video when I first subscribed to your channel and have recently been going back over some videos. I had a question. Are you truly finding your sights before your first shot?

    Thank you for all you’ve done on this channel and thank you for your service!

  5. “ You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by – a smooth criminal.“

  6. Most ranges don't allow quick draws, or drawing from the holster at all, for that matter.

  7. Thanks for another great video @warriorpoet once I am able to do a CC course I would like to try these drills but start off by dry firing until I have it down pat perfectly.

  8. That was stunning. Made me realize how many "shooters" don't bother to maintain their physical shape and skills. They just assume that these very perishable abilities are still there when they might not be at all or at least severely degraded.

  9. I would love to have just one hours worth of training with this man to him or some it would seem like an overload of information but in that one hour he will make you and have a better understanding of techniques required buy you as a gun carrier to be more efficient at the current state and level you are at I only see opportunity for improvements buy a masterful pistol technician

  10. Great dry fire exercises and maneuvers to do in the living room but when I’m at the range, time is money. Costs money to be there and I need to use the hour that I have to work on live fire drills (trigger control, sight alignment, recoil management, etc)

  11. Some questions:
    1. Isn't it important, ESPECIALLY with appendix carry to get a quick visual check inside the holster before reholstering?
    2. Where can as normal person do this!? Every single range in existence has other people there.

  12. You should do a funny video of you doing all your moves with no gun and to music lol you kinda look like you're doing the waltz 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Kinda had a slow mo, Tia chi cross, dance moves happening there, well done. My balls ascended when the loaded gun went in the crouch holster, but you know what u are doing. Like your vids.

  14. seriously…. wtf range can you do this at? Don't people freak out if you're moving all over the place? And how do you do that in a lane? Lanes suck.

  15. I keep imagining Michael Jackson busting out with his dance routine choreography, Moon Walk haha! John, I think you could patent something like this routine it could be like a Zumba dance class but for shooting guns while incorporating your pre range routine excerises at the range etc. This could become one potential fad, LOL! Maybe, to mitigate any accidental discharge members could use training guns like BLUE GUNS while working out? I recommend you change your nickname to J Lo, and spearpoint this new craze, lol?! I love your channel!!!!

  16. What's with the initial Arm/Elbow OVER THE HEAD as you reach for your CCW?
    Just trying to slow down/block/deflect bullet to HEAD or other purpose? Thanks John!

  17. Those warm up drills are exactly what I need. Thanks for posting. I will try them tomorrow

  18. When breaking contact, are you going straight back, or do you hit an angle?

  19. I have been studying point shooting and this video has helped me most of all. Not to be presumptuous but at those speeds sight acquisition seems unlikely. If this being the case are you relying on muscle memory for repeatability or are your eyes really that good?! Please explain. I refer to it as my base of fire and I see the same thing in every shot taken except some from retention. Your ultimate platform presentation upon release of the round is rock solid. I feel confident after much, much work that I have a solid base of fire and at minimum combat effective. Now working on a lagging trigger prep. I know, cart before the horse, but I sometimes fumble it for fear of putting a round awry me thinks. Any pointers? Thank you!

  20. To me, a fox walk is the smoothest movement to minimize vertical bounce. Simply put, you place your forward foot then lift the rear foot instead of pushing off with the rear foot. It's a stalking walk in primitive hunting. With practice, your head should stay on the same horizontal plane when moving. No bounce means more accurate shots…… I'm no high speed ninja, but it works for me.

  21. WOW! I like how all the comments are so nonchalant. Like we all just do this on a daily basis. I have a decent amount of range time, and if I did this, I would look like the fat kids off of Heavyweights when they do the slide boards. LOL, thanks John, great stuff!

  22. Planning on taking a class from you sometime soon. I see your going to Arizona. Thats near me. Hope to make it out there. So glad I found your channel. Thank you!

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