My Only Vice (Remix)

yeah I was chillin at the beach with my LA Weekly perusing the personals looking to see thee queen of my dreams I was humming the theme but the 18 then I almost peed my chin she walked by I clocked like a ridiculous predator studying her body like a meticulous editor thinking man I'm taking this blonde with tan skin this kakizou I got me all rockin lambskin I stepped up he should have seen the way she was kept up I could have scooped the baby flawless suit from a brzeska I pecked her on the cheek and said excuse me miss would you like to catch each other in a nudie flip suddenly it hit me god damn an open hand she said you better scram go back to Vietnam damn a devil from the heavens above so effective on the NASA ah [Applause] I was cruising Crenshaw in my 99 pin oh just one from my collection of cars like Jay Leno has tasty hues and I place my peruse on to make a garden she said well I said get aside she stepped in was organic I was feeling panics over she took a nibble that's a little fell upon her sir my thumb wipe the crime she asked where you taking me I said my place in a canister of maize Masetto he sprayed in my face I swerved and hit a pole she jumped out of the door next thing I know I'm on a linoleum floor her father up above with a bat and glove a spat blood and I said with your daughter ah [Applause] yeah I was a girl walked past me made the eye contact I was thinking I better get her before she's long gone she turned around and I found this is like cross and Beyonce I said either give me your did if you want my number imma give it to you it's to to to to I don't need to be me but if I'm out on the scene I got an answering machine Girl Talk at the park feeding fajitas to your dove I was spitting cuz we fitted like a man over gloves as a man of my past we'll reminisce in the past found me and she said ah [Applause] you

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