My Poem: Happiness is a Mindset (Refer to description for written content)

This video is going to be a little bit
different I’m going to be reading a poem that I wrote a few days ago it’s
literally first draft but I want to share it with you guys the poem is
called Happiness is a Mindset and idea is that if I get positive feedback if
enough people are interested then I may share a few poems that I’ve wrote in the
past so feel free to leave any comments under this video any feedback any
thoughts and feelings about the poem let’s begin. Happiness is a mindset
people who are viewed as “happy” do not necessarily have the best lives the best
jobs, best relationships, best… (health/support/financial situation) etc. They are people who appreciate and recognize
what they have and are grateful for it that is not to say though that they are
content. No, these people have goals they are constantly working towards they
strive for better but they do not dismiss the current these happy people
know how to make the most of their situations no matter what it is they may
be going through. Happiness is a mindset and everyone’s definition is different.
Learn to recognize and nurture it. Focus on yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed my
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if you enjoyed my poem and you enjoyed this brand new content, and the idea of me
sharing poems then please leave a like so that I know thank you to people who
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love to everyone have a great day or night wherever you are in the world

5 thoughts on “My Poem: Happiness is a Mindset (Refer to description for written content)

  1. Not your conventional kinda poem 🤔. More like reciting a paragraph. Nice content thou and nice pov about happiness.

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