My poem to Jacksepticeye!!

*really weak “WPSH”* “Top a the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name’s NerdyPhoenix, and I just want to say thanks for all you’ve done.” “Your SepticEyeSam is a symbol for me. It lets me know that I can set my imagination free. Through all of my tears and all of my sorrow, you always remind me that there’s always tomorrow.” “Another day to do something courageous. Another day to do something outrageous. One thing’s for sure, your enthusiasm is contagious.” “I love your laughter. I love your smile. I love your green hair in your signature hair style.” “You’re my hero, Thank you So so much for keeping my hope above zero. For when I see your face, a grin will place itself upon my pale-ish face.” “For I always know that you have my back. You’ll always be Seán, but to me, you’re Jack.” “Jack, the one who inspired me. The one who helped set my creativity free.” “The one who helped me through my sorrow, the one who made me love tomorrow.” “The one who always believed in me. The one who kept inspiring me.” “The one who’s known all around, and the one who reminds us we weren’t stuck in the background.” “Jacksepticeye, the YouTuber from Ireland, Thank you so much for being our friend. Jacksepticeye, the man we’d love to meet. The Irishman, who makes us feel complete.” “Don’t ever forget that you’re a hero, and also you’re ‘très beau’.” “You’ve made my day countless times. Now, I thought I’d return the favor in the form of rhyme.” “Always know that we have your back. We love you Jack, don’t ever forget that.” That was- *clears throat*- sorry, I’m getting sick. That was my poem for Jacksepticeye. Uh.. I wrote it last year in December. It took- -quite a long time to bring up the courage to post it on YouTube, so please don’t be too harsh in the comments cuz it- it means a lot to me. It took me quite a while to write it too. *sniffs* (God, I hate stuffy noses) And, um if you guys could help me get it around to Jacksepticeye, like share on Twitter or YouTube or Instagram Whatever, just can you please help me get around to Jack? That would make me the happiest person in the world um Yeah, I thought the flat cap was a nice touch. But, um.. Yeah.. This poem does mean a lot to me, because… I mean, Jack, you have helped me through so so so much and I- I know a lot of other people feel like this too, and I Can’t begin to thank you you’ve done so So much for me.. with your videos alone. I’ve never really- I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to go out there and meet you guys cuz I just.. Never really had the money so… If this is the closest I can get to Interacting with you, then, That would make me really, really happy. But yeah, this is my- that was my poem for Jacksepticeye. Hope you all liked it. If you did, just leave me a like, comment, subscribe, whatever. You know the drill, because, how many people say it? Um.. *giggles* Sorry, I’m like really tired. I’m getting sick, so But yeah, Jack, I hope you do see this… One, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your intro. Ehh, I do hope that’s okay and If you do see this, I really truly do mean it. Thank you. Thank you so so so much It means so much to me, and I’m sure it does to a lot of other people, too. But yeah, hope you all have a fantastic day. I will see you all- What am I doing? I’ll see you all amazing people in the next video Don’t know when it’s gonna be but I hope to see you there. Bye!

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