MY PREDICTION- Poetry- Power & Conflict

alright guys I hope you're all doing really really well you've got mr. everything English here and today's video is going to be an interesting video I just got off the phone to my friend in AQA and he's just told me what is coming up in next week's exam just like he did for the macbeth exam no joking guys I've got no mold in a QA these predictions that I make guys they're based upon educated guesses what I do is this I say and I go through the papers for the last two years now the reason I go to the papers for the last two years is because your GCSE has only been around for two years so I get a lovely messaging me saying in 2013 this came up in 2015 that came up there's a matter that was a different GCSE your GCSE has been 2017 2018 and you are 2019 so I say and I look at the two papers then I look at the question and the extract because they give you a big clue and one who may and may not come up for example in the first year of the Macbeth exam it was the question was ambition but the extract was Lady Macbeth so that for me took out Lady Macbeth and it took out ambition for this year and at the same thing in HIPAA too for lost year and that's how I came to the conclusion that you guys may be getting my best now for me to try my best to predict what may come up in your exam on Thursday I literally had to sit and go through all of the post papers and all the questions for the last two years so guys I want you to see what those questions are or what those questions were so without further ado these were the questions that came up for the past two years now now that we beat over these past papers you can see that for poetry you've had a question so here comes the power and complete poetry you've had a question on war because you had bayonet charge and you've had a question on identity on character because you've had a demand ears now there are two other sections of poetry that are left you've got nature and you've got inner conflict nature are poems like Prelude tissues storm of the island exposure in a conflict are poems like war photographer remains camicazi and so on now a lot of people are saying to me are really really hope is not a nature plan I really hope that we get a point of shore and easy but you know what guys angles to not worry about that honestly based on my experience the longer the poem the moon meteor the more meteor it is the more you can pull out of it meaning the more point to commit the more you can write about for example last year all the mandates came up and everyone was loving it everyone was so happy that yes we've got Ozymandias but it's such a short poem that after two or three points people run out of thing to say therefore when I'm predicting poetry guys I think your poem this year will come from either nature or in a conflict meaning it will be either tissues Stroman island exposure this is nature prelude and then you've got a kamikaze war photographer London remains now that being said that's my prediction that doesn't mean you don't revise the other this is what I want you all to do I want all of you to revise two poems from each section so two from nature – from war – from inner conflict and – for more so whatever comes up on the day you simply compare that with one of the eight that you've learned hope that makes sense so you're learning eight not 15 my prediction is that you will get in nature or in a conflict point for some reason I think if in nature more than inner conflict only because they live longer poems and for the past two years you've had quite short point but that being said you want to cover all the bases so please listen and watch so that please listen and watch listen and watch please sit and revise the Teufel nature – in a conflict – from war and – from character now that is my prediction please watch my previous videos I've got a live stream that I've uploaded on this page where a cover five of the power and conflict points I've got a video coming out at the Sunday or Monday where I covered tissues the poem about Clinton on my Instagram where I go through a lot of the poems so there's loads of stuff out there already for you and there's more coming okay that's my prediction for the poetry I hope that helps remember it's just a prediction don't kill me if there's a come up and don't destroy me so bear that in mind guys as always I will end the video here thank you for watching thank you for the support thank you for the comments thank you for the messages I'm chuffed that you guys are benefiting from my channel and from my Instagram page please like the video please share the video please subscribe as always is be mr. everything English thank you for watching peace

31 thoughts on “MY PREDICTION- Poetry- Power & Conflict

  1. If tissue comes up I will be needing a tissue on results day😂

  2. As a tutor your videos have been very opportune ! Thank you for all your hard work on these works !

  3. Could not thank you enough man. Your videos are so helpful you deserve a bloody award!

  4. If i only revise two from each section, but one that i haven't revised comes up, how do I analyse it?

  5. please listen and watch… listen and watch, listen and watch … i- sit and revise

  6. 2 from nature 2 from war 2 from inner conflict and 2 from war????

  7. If tissue comes up I’m going to have a mental breakdown 😡

  8. I’ll give you a twix if you’re right again

  9. What about the power of identity? I’ve heard that might come up because power of nature and man you could have said has already come up when Ozymandias came up

  10. I’m just going to trust him because I missed the Macbeth one 😂😭

  11. Can u predict the love and relationship edexcel plzzzz i beg u plzz!!!!!

  12. Ive reccommended you to everyone lol. This prediction sounds very accurate

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