My Ranking of Jane Austen's Novels | From Worst to Best

hello guys i'm helene and today we're going to do something fun i'm going to rank all of Austen's novels from worst to best my least favorite Austen novel is Sense and Sensibility I feel like this is such a well beloved Austen novel but I found little good things in it I rated this two out of five stories because I appreciated the Cicely relationship and I thought that the idea of having one sister embody sense and the other sister and body sensibility was a great idea but just how it was executed totally didn't work for me I have to be very honest here with you guys I thought that this narrative was super boring I found the love interests super weird like I honestly didn't understand how these relationships came about the one between Marianne and the colonel for me came out of nowhere and I just didn't understand it and I think that this novel follows a lot of the formulas that Austin had like a lot of her narratives kind of mirror one another and so I wasn't the biggest fan of the willoughby and Wickham parallel that we had even though of course Sense and Sensibility was written before Pride and Prejudice but I found Wickham to be the stronger character in contrast to Willoughby for example and just overall this novel couldn't boo me the next one actually breaks my heart because I had such high hopes for this and that is persuasion which I rated 2.5 out of 5 stars this was because I read Austen's working from a logical order my last Austen I've just finished it a couple of weeks ago and I've heard that this has the best love letter in all of history and that Anne and Frederick or the secret favorites and so I just had such high expectations which were sadly not met this was another case of me just finding the narrative very boring we spend a huge chunk in the beginning exploring and family and I have to say I just didn't really care about her family I kind of wanted Frederick to be introduced sooner and to play a bigger role I am very happy that they got so many scenes together – what's the end that they had this big talk very great and general I have to say like the concept of this book that and refused Fredrik years ago and then that there reintroduced into their lives and kind of getting the second chance was a good one just overall I found it not engaging and I liked the love-letter of course who doesn't but Fredrik for some reason is definitely not my favorite hero and n is also not my favourite heroine then i'm place for we have the big one Pride and Prejudice which I rated 3 out of 5 stars again I probably had too high expectations and the reason for that is I think a funny one and that is that I watched the Lizzie Bennet diaries before getting into the source material and so I was waiting and hoping for that Lydia Bennet redemption ork and I didn't get it and that really disappointed me because Lydia in this book is such a one-dimensional character and I don't like the victim blaming that is going on in this novel like I'm not a fan and also the relationship between Lizzie and College I loved their relationship in the Lizzie Bennet diaries and you could just say how they were each rooting for the other but in here it was much more this annoying trope of girl-on-girl hate the way Lizzie reacts after Charley tells her that she has accepted Colin's marriage proposal was like so nasty in my opinion and that Lizzie felt let down and disillusion and all of that stuff I was just I grow what is your problem like you didn't want to just be happy for Charlotte she's like such a pragmatic person be happy for her root for her and just be a friend honestly Lizzie and Charlotte didn't feel like best friends to me and so I have to say the characters whom I have seen being very multi-dimensional characters turned out to be very one-dimensional characters in the actual source material and so I was just a bit letdown also Dorsey is my bad he is my socially awkward socially anxious BAE I loved the portrayal of Dorothy in the source material even more than in the Lizzie Bennet diaries overall of course an enjoyable read without a doubt it was just that I wanted things to turn out a bit more complex than they did in the end but yes enjoyable three out of five stars is a good writing for me then we have Emma which I originally rated four out of five stars but right now I settled with a three point five star rating and I have to say I have a soft spot for emma Woodhouse as a character I love her so much I love the fact that her mother died so soon because it kind of shines through that this really shaped her character because she was on the one hand the daughter for mr. Woodhouse but then on the other hand also kind of this mother figure because her father is like such a dysfunctional member of society and she kind of was forced to grow up very soon and I had a soft spot for her even though of course railways were super annoying but that was not a problem that I had the problem that I had here why this was not rated higher was again this girl on girl hate me I liked Harriet as a character so much and I thought that she and Emma had a very genuine friendship but then toe at the end where all that went down like I don't want to spoil too much in case you haven't read it but the way Emma treated Harriet was just not okay that was totally not okay and then another complaint that a half was his novel and I feel like people are going to attack me for this but like come for me in the comment down below I'm ready I thought that this was badly written her writing style in general is very decent one book in particular word was absolutely fantastic and then Emma was just her all-time low like the writing style was so bad in this one I should do not 80% of this fuckery was dialogue and only 20% was description and the dialogue was so bad it was interrupted after every three words so many jumps of thought then she decided to cut off who was speaking and so it was very confusing to me to figure out who the was talking and just in general I was not a fan of the writing style in here but nonetheless I would say that Emma is the most complex of her novels Emma as a heroine is one of the most interesting ones because she really goes through this development that I like to see then my second place is north hangar Abbey and I rated this four out of five stars and oh I love more thank er happy alot I do this was my first Austen and I fell in love I love Kathryn I love Henry I love that Austin was on the gothic novel I was literally there for everything like honestly Henry I think is my favorite Austen hero even though we don't get to see that much of him the reason why I love him so much is that he is so charming and he has like my favorite line in all of Austin's work which probably won't be even that funny to you but he's kind of teasing Kathryn when they met for the first time I think what you think of me I shall make but a poor figure in your journal tomorrow yes I know exactly what you will say Friday went to the lower rooms warm I sprinted Muslim rope with blue trimmings plain black shoes appear too much advantage but was strangely harassed by a queer halt would it men who would make me dance with them and distressed me by his nonsense and he just had me there just was so funny to me and this had just like so many bursts of brilliant and comic relief that I was a huge fan of this then you probably know by now what my favorite Austen novel is and that is mental park I read this 4.5 out of 5 stars and I know that this is kind of the novel that everyone hates but I don't know why that is I think the reason why most people have probably bit more problems with mental park is that it's not really this romance novel as the other five or mental park is much more of the buildings for man or at least Austen's attempt at the buildings woman because we meet Fanny Price when she is fairly young and then we follow her up through maturity and I love to see that because I could connect to Fanny Price so much Fanny is like the affect introvert I think Austin really managed to encapsulate her character because you can see Fanny is not necessarily shy she's really this introvert she cannot deal with a lot of noise and a lot of people talking to her at one point it just really stresses her out she has in my opinion social anxiety and I could connect to that so much and that is why I loved men's ville Park Edmond is not my favorite Austin hero he can choke he's useless I don't give two shits about him I didn't care about that part of the story honestly what was much more important to me was her reaction to Henry Crawford and that she stuck to her own believes even though everyone around her was literally harassing her pressuring her to marry that up dude but she stood strong and I was so proud of her and so happy and in general Mansfield Park had the best right I thought it was her most poetic novel the language was top-notch loved the out of men's foot park and so yeah this is the order from Sense and Sensibility two stars up to men's ville park 4.5 stars by

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  1. Your edition is sooo pretty can u give us a link to where u got them from?

  2. I disagree with most of your opinions on sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice and Emma however! Our lists are very similar

    1:Mansfield park (Favorite)
    3:Northanger abbey
    4:Pride and prejudice
    5:Sense and sensibility

  3. I love hearing other people’s opinions. I’ve probably been tainted by rereading so many times and watching a lot of movie/tv adaptations. As soon as you said that you didn’t care for S&S, I thought, “oh no Mansfield Park is going to be no. 1.” Haha.
    My ranking would be:
    2. Sense and Sensibility
    3. Pride and Prejudice
    4. Persuasion
    5. Mansfield Park
    6. Northanger Abbey

  4. I've seen Emma described as the first mystery novel – and all the clues are in Miss Bates' ramblings! (The mystery of course is the secret engagement.) I once went back through them to find the clues. I would rate both Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice at the top, though the order changes periodically.

  5. I only ever read one Jane Austen book: Sense and Sensibility. I was in high school and my English wasn't great yet. And I hated it so much! I wanted to scream at these girls to snap out of it and get some agency. I understand that these books were written a long time ago, and the context was different, but I just could not get over it.
    I don't know if I'll ever read any more Jane Austen, but I'm glad that you seem to consider all the others to be better.

  6. I have red one classic novel, years ago and that was weathering heights!! But then i was searching for a very good read and then i was researching on youtube what people were saying about Jane Austens novels….
    So now im thinking about reading afew of them! 🙂 out of the 6 books, what book would be first to read? 🙂

  7. 1. Northanger Abbey
    2. Persuasion
    3. Emma
    4. P&P (I REALLY LOVE IT, so you can guess how much i love the other ones)
    5. S&S
    6. Mansfiled Park (actually I have not read it…i dont know why…maybe im afraid i wont like it)

  8. I think the movie version of Pride and Prejudice with Kiera knightley brought out the friendship between Lizzie and Charlotte really well. And they gave Charlotte more explaining time.

  9. 1) Persuasion 2) Pride & Prejudice 3) Mansfield Park 4) Sense & Sensibility n North anger Abbey 5) Emma

  10. You are one of the few persons I have found who ranks Pride and Prejudice as a low Jane Austen novel. Jane Austen is my favourite author and I share with you since you ask my ranking of her major stories from favourite to least tolerable:
    1.Persuasion 2.Mansfield Park 3.Sense and Sensibility 4.Northanger Abbey 5.Lady Susan 6.Pride and Prejudice & Emma

  11. Watch the 1995 pride and prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.Its better than the book.9/10.

  12. I still have to read Emma and Mansfield Park, but for now S&S is my favorite and I dont think it will ever drop. It's my all time favorite book but I can underdtand your opinion 😊

  13. The novels of Jane Austen were in fact written by Jane's sophisticated and educated cousin, Eliza de Feuillide. Eliza could not publish under her own name because she was the illegitimate daughter of Warren Hastings, the Governor General of India. To publish under her own name would have caused a scandal. Eliza had a fascinating life, completely different from the dull life of Jane Austen. She was born in Calcutta in India and given £10,000 by Warren Hastings to pay for her literary and musical education in London. She married a French count who was executed in the French Revolution. She spoke perfect French and played the piano, harp and harpsichord. Her second husband was Jane Austen's brother, Henry. They lived together in London and frequently visited the opera and theatre. Eliza acted in amateur theatricals similar to those in Mansfield Park and she was an accomplished amateur comedian. To find out about the fascinating life of Eliza and how the events in her life inspired each of the novels you can read my book "Jane Austen – a New Revelation".

  14. Emma was really well written. I’m not sure what you read…

  15. Könntest du das gleiche Format mit Oscar Wilde machen? Da wir oft einen sehr ähnlich Geschmack haben, würde mich dein ranking interessieren:)

  16. I enjoyed the movie of Sense and Sensibility but I couldn't finish the book. I decided to stop trying to finish it when I got about a quarter way through. I was so bored I couldn't remember what I was reading! So glad someone finally agrees that it's really not that great.

  17. Yes, I love this video so much! Mansfield Park is so brilliant and so underrated.

  18. Nici (Ohwhysosad) hat eine Austen-Lesegruppe auf FB.
    Da lesen wir in der Reihenfolge ihrer Erscheinung momentan auch die Romane. Der aktuelle war Mansfield Park und ich muss sagen, deine Meinung wäre eine große Bereicherung gewesen.

  19. Thank god. I've been reading S&S since February and can't seem to find any motivation to pick it up properly. I'm always putting it off. Found my reaction so weird because I loved the others.

  20. I have not read a single Jane Austen novel…..I know, I know…shocking!!!! (;-;)
    Based on what I've heard (including what you said in this video) I have a feeling I'll like Mansfield Park, so I'll probably go for that one first 😀

  21. I have the same editions! I've only read Pride & Prejudice and Emma, although I enjoyed P&P more than Emma. I intensely dislike the way Emma treated Harriet too. Northanger Abbey has been on my shelf for a while, so I'm excited to read it now! I really love this video, it's fun to see you rank an author's works 🙂

  22. sense and sensibility is my least favourite as well! but funnily enough the 3 Austens I have read are the bottom 3 on your list. this made me pretty excited to pick up the rest of them very soon :p

  23. Haha our opinions couldn't be more different! Mansfield Park was the only Austen I really disliked. I couldn't stand how everyone treated Fanny and found her shyness and submissiveness painful to read and that really influenced my liking of the novel. And the happy ending felt so much like an afterthought. But to be honest thats pretty much everything I remember about the book. I haven't read most of the Austen novels in years to be fair

  24. Emma is good to watch… I think it's best in mini series form. The bbc mini series with Romola and Jonny is the best. My two favourites are the same! Although oddly they change dependant on my mood.

  25. well, i spoiled myself there but i had to watch it! 😂
    i love mansfield park too BUT still number one is "persuasion" and then "northanger abbey" – i am in the middle of "sense & sensibility" and so far it's pretty ok. but we'll see! 🤗
    and thaaaaaank you for henrys quote, that was amazing 😂

  26. Of the 3 Austen novels that I've read my current ordering is Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and Emma in last place. I loved Pride & Prejudice so much it was my first Austen and introduced me to the subtle snark she tends to include in her books which I love so much. I'm not sure any of the others could live up to it for me, so it's disappointing that you didn't like it nearly as much :/ I would agree that Darcy is the best though!
    I'm currently reading Mansfield Park, but I'm only 6 chapters in so I haven't formed an opinion yet. I'm honestly not expecting to enjoy it very much just because of what I've heard, but after hearing you talk about it maybe I will?

  27. Henry Crawford is a Regency fuck boy, but he's funny as hell. My favorite is Emma, largely because of the character herself, but contrary to you I find it to be her most perfect in form and execution as a comedy. The use of dashes in the strawberry patch scene is amazing…Ms. Bates is a mess. Also her last conversation with Frank Churchill gets me every time. But my second favorite is Mansfield Park. Lionel Trilling wrote a famous essay about it, check it out you might find something interesting in it:

  28. I only read Pride and Prejudice. 🙈 And I think I only like it because I adore Matthew Macfadyen 😄😄😆

  29. Mansfield Park is the only Austen I have left, and now I really look forward to read it. My favourites are Persuasion (I think Austen is so sharp and witty in her observations of the class system at the time, and I do love Anne) and Northanger Abbey (it's so fun and lovely). My least favourite is Sense and Sensibility – but it's been a long time since I read it.
    Anyway, this video was great.
    Have a wonderful evening, Hélène ❤

  30. I will try your number 1 book soon because I sincerely want to like Austen. But I've tried S&S and P&P and disliked both.

  31. Oh my god finally someone who didn't enjoy sense and sensibility?? I feel like literally nothing happened throughout the whole book, the love interest were extremely boring and I was definitely struggling to even finish it. I loved pride and prejudice & the next book on my list is emma – hopefully this one will not disappoint me!

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