My Talking Tom – Achievements Quest

Hey guys! You know what I love about playing games? Achievements! And I’m here to tell you about the amazing achievements you can get in My Talking Tom and how you can achieve them as well! Welcome to my Achievement Quest Let’s start with one which is really easy to get Called the “GAMER” achievement You’ll love this one All you have to do is play any 5 awesome mini games for however long you want. It doesn’t matter whether you set a new highscore or not just have fun playing 5 different mini games of your choice to earn this cool achievement! Boom! Just like that! See? Easy! Next up is the “CUT IT OUT” achievement All you have to do is poke, hit, or trip your Tom 100 times to get this one It may seem like a lot, but keep at it and you’ll get this achievement in no time at all! Boy all this achievement questing sure has made me hungry Which is great for our next one! The “GOURMET” Achievement Make sure your Tom has a big appetite As you’ll have to try every food item in the kitchen to get it Go through all the food items and feed one of each to your Tom Here’s a hint, You can use hungry potions if you want to get this achievement faster as then you’ll be able to feed your Tom more food items. What a delicious achievement! I know for a fact that your Tom loves being pet just like any cool cat! This next achievement is simply Purrfect. It’s the “PURRTASTIC” achievement. Give your adorable Tom 100 strokes and pet him to your hearts delight to earn this sweet achievement Who’s a good kitty? Me of course! What a better way to finish off this episode of Achievement Quest than by taking a jet set vacation around the world! Rack up some big air miles with your Tom and Visit 20 countries to get the “VACATIONIST” achievement You’ll be the envy of all your friends! That’s it for now guys I hope these awesome tips have helped you get some of the awesome achievements in My Talking Tom Don’t forget to like and subcribe to my channel to find out more awesome tips and tricks for getting all of the amazing achievement in My Talking Tom Check back soon, and I’ll see you later for another… ACHIEVEMENT QUEST!

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  1. Tom I've heard kids have been kidnapped in your apps cause hackers are in your eye and everyone else's:(please stop this😕

  2. خیلی زود میخوابه چون گربه همش درحال خوابیدن 😜😜

  3. Did everyone notice that Tom has a fidget spinner on his hat? Like if you agree.

  4. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂legal😯😯😯😯😯😯❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Apache game banaye jisme Tommy diamond hote ho sake mujhe tumhari Tak main Kya karungi please

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