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hi guys my name is Carolyn welcome back to my channel today I thought I would talk about my top 10 favorite horror novels of all time or at least up until this point obviously my list may change as I read more and more horror books but for now these are my favorite books in the horror genre I love horror I always have I love reading it watching it and I just love scaring myself silly I'm not going to lose these in any particular order because I really love them all and put them in some sort of 1 to 10 I just couldn't do it so they're just my top 10 in no particular order so the first one is going to be Dracula by Bram Stoker this is the daddy of vampire fiction in my opinion and I absolutely love this book I read it for the first time many many years ago and at the time of reading this I only read literary fiction I hadn't really read genre fiction before and so this was the very first horror book I ever read and it was the book that got me into horror I loved the old fashioned narration how the book was structured with letters and I just think it was really atmospheric and I would definitely recommend that everyone who loves horror or vampire fiction to read this the next book on my list is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley we all know this story and so I won't go into that this was just an amazing read I loved everything about this book from the writing to the characterization and the monster itself I found myself feeling sorry and sad for the monster it should hello it showed us that human nature is not particularly nice and it evokes a lot of emotions for me I also felt that Mary Shelley was ahead of her time if you haven't read this book yet I would definitely urge that you do I just think it's amazing and it's a classic I just think you should read it the next book on my list is I am Legend by Richard Matheson now I know that many of you probably know it's from the film with Will Smith but ignore that do not connect the two because they are very different and the film is crap and the book is awesome sorry – those who love the film it was nothing like the book and they even change the ending which drove me nuts because the ending is the best part about this book I'm not often surprised anymore with most things whether it's film or books I see a lot of stuff coming the more you watch of of genre you know the tropes and sometimes those tropes just get overused and you end up just knowing what is going to happen next but this really surprised me and it's just a really really good book if you haven't heard about this or don't know the story it's about a guy called Robert Neville who is the last man on earth every other person on the planet has become a vampire and he is held up in his home and it just shows he struggle with loneliness and isolation he does go out during the day but it has to be really well executed and he just finds everything a big struggle he drinks a lot the other aspect that makes this 1950s vampire book amazing is the raw portrayal of the human spirit and what it has to endure and how it reacts under duress and I just think it's a really truly awesome book so I definitely recommend it and the next book I'm sure you've all heard of this interview with the vampire by Anne Rice I read this a very long time ago I read the whole of the Vampire Chronicles and I really love this series Lestat was probably the main reason I love these books because I just found his character so intriguing interesting and charismatic it's set in New Orleans and so it is very apt and deals with good and evil along with religion I would say that the main reason that I love this book as I said is the stat that he really captured my heart and as you read further into the series his character does get developed and so yeah this will always be on my top ten I'm sure so the next book I'm going to cheat a bit as it's a trilogy written by Rhiannon Frater once I read it I absolutely loved it I thought the writings really good and the characterization was really good as well and just how operator rights it just really connected with me and I just love these books the first one is the first days the second is fighting to survive and the third book and last book is siege this thing is sort of hateful for me there were two really kick-ass protagonists female lead as well which is quite rare within zombie literature and from those that I have read anyway and so it was really refreshing to have two female leads getting out there with guns and axes killing all the zombies it's a really fast paced action-packed series and even though there is a lot of action a lot of zombie munching and blood and gore and all that good stuff that you really want in Zambia picture the two lead female characters really cemented this trilogy as one of my favorites Katie and Jenny are very different and so you have that dynamic and combination of different personalities but they were really close and it was just a really good series but yeah if you haven't read this trilogy yet I would definitely recommend you do because it is bottom another zombie book in my top 10 is Alison Hewitt is trapped by Madeline roof yes there are shuffling zombie munchers there is a group of survivors there's nothing new in that respect that this book brings to the zombie genre however I felt that again it was a female protagonist and so that just helps me connect with the book even more and also the delivery of the story was slightly different it comes in the form of blog posts the story for me was very realistic and very touching as well as having all the zombie stuff that you loved as well with the blood and gore and if you haven't read it already I would pop this on your TBR the next book I do have a copy of but I think I've packed it away because I'm hoping to be moving at some point this year and it is the woman in black by Susan Hill I read this a long time ago and it's one of the most creepiest eeriest and atmospheric ghost stories that I've ever read and it really chills me to the bone it's wonderfully written as all Susan Hill's books are and it is incredibly similar and I would say it's definitely one for a really good scare if you're not into blood and gore and movie has been made of this book but I watched it and I really really disliked the movie but that's probably because of Red Cliff I am NOT a fan of his and I think that really diminished my enjoyment of the movie however the movie still doesn't come anywhere close whether it had Radcliffe in it or not it wouldn't have come close to the book it's quite a short read and so if you haven't read it I would definitely pop it on your teeth VR and as I keep saying for every book I've listed so far but it really is a great book and it's one of my all-time favorites the next book is The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty this book is so much better than the movie the film was made I think in the 70s obviously if you watch it now it is very very dated and I watched it and it didn't really do that much for me however I will say if it was in a room on my own in the dark I can't say that it wouldn't have given the willies I've heard stories about people watching The Exorcist for the first time in theaters and they actually vomited because it was so disgusting and scary you wouldn't even imagine that happening today we are just so used to gore and blood and the scares as well you know we're just so immune to it now but the book is definitely more chilling more intense experience than the movie and so I would definitely encourage you to give this a go because I thought it was really good next up is the rat by James Herbert this isn't the copy I actually read that is in Fox but this is on my signed bookshelf I met James Herbert at the world Horicon in Brighton in 2010 he was so nice and we had a really nice chat and he signed quite a few books for me because I just loved him and I was really really sad when he passed away so this is a really treasured possession and I will show you what he said in here hopefully you can see that I read this a really long time ago as most of my books seem to be the reason there's so many books that I've read a long time ago that I still in my top 10 list it's because I haven't read anything let's replace them you hope that one day a book that you read is going to affect you and within the horror genre I haven't found anything yet so that's why most of these books are books I read many years ago however and this is a fun book it's a very short book and it's only look it's just under 200 pages so it won't take you long to read it's set in London and so has really lots of atmosphere and it's about these dog sized rats that eat people and have a craving for human flesh it is Herbert's first published work and published in 1974 so it is a bit dated compared to some other horror books of more recent times but I think it still should be in everybody's collection and if you haven't read it I would definitely give it a go the next book is the rising by Brian Keane another zombie book sorry guys but I've been loved like flesh eaters and this is a really good book I felt that this gave me so much of what I want from a zombie novel there's a lot of action the plot is really good and fast-paced there are touching moments and a lot of atmosphere a lot of zombie killing and it's just a really good so that's it they're my top 10 horror books I would definitely recommend that you read let me know in the comments below what your favorite horror novels are because I'm always open to recommendations I didn't go into too much detail about these books because I think it would have made the video too long and I'm sure that it's long enough already but I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please give it a thumbs up as usual and subscribe and I will see you in my next video thanks a lot guys bye you

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  1. Ghost Story is the best horror novel ever closely followed by Carrion Comfort.

  2. The Exorcist film is _dated_?? I like your list but I gotta disagree with that haha. It’s probably one of the most realistic and raw horror films ever made.

  3. Have you ever watched the original The Woman in Black movie? I didn't get around to it yet, but I heard it's more similar to the book and Daniel isn't in it. The remake with Daniel definitely drifted away from the storyline of the book, but I've seen worse, like the one made for Queen of the Damned.

  4. Awesome Review i already want to read these book. And Unique No Stephen King

  5. Penpal and Birdbox are great (skip the Birdbox movie on NetFlix though, I hated it).

  6. You should definitely check out my horror novel, BLACK MOUNTAIN. 🙂

  7. People read horror books because they want to be scared or they would not do it twice. You choose your entertainment because you want it to affect you. That is true for people who turn to entertainment products such as horror books that have great effects.

  8. I used to be obsessed with Anne Rice’s books when I was a teenager, especially the Vampire Chronicles, definitely need to reread my favourite ones sometime soon☺️

  9. This person would not know a good book if it hit her on the head,zombie crap over stephen king, come on.

  10. Will try "The Rats." You have a fun personality and I'm sure everyone loves your accent.

  11. "Carrion Comfort," Dan Simmons
    "The Light at the End," John Skipp and Craig Spector
    Both exceptional visionary takes on the traditional vampire structure. Most highly recommended.

  12. I can recomend you "Family of vampires" (by Alex Tolstoy) and "The Viy" (by Nicolai Gogol).

  13. Actually compared to later horror movies, the exorcist holds up pretty well. It is bcoz it mainly deals in psychological horror. The others instead show us physical visual violence the effect of which is different and weards off fast.

  14. Any horror fan just has to read Stephen King, Peter Straub and James Herbert 😎👍🏻

  15. You didn't like what is considered one of the best horror films ever made by critics a d fans the world over? Girl….

  16. Clive Barker: The Damnation Game; Robert McCammon: Swan Song; Stephen King: It; Robert McCammon: The Wolf's Hour; Wrath James White: Population Zero; Jack Ketchum: The Girl Next Door; Bentley Little: The Store; Peter Straub: Ghost Story are some of my favorites

  17. Love this video! I’ve been looking for some new horror to read and have got some more on my TBR now! Thank youuuu!

  18. New subscriber here; this is the first video I watched of yours. I like horror too and enjoyed your recaps and was astounded to hear you say you are not a Danial Radcliffe fan. I thought I was the only one in the world that thinks he's a poor actor. I watched him in 'Woman in Black' and found it distracting, but I do have the book on my TBR.

  19. 'The Last Man on Earth' a 1959 Vincent Price film of 'I am Legend', is the closest to the book, but the cinematography is godawful! The original story was so well written, and the last scene in the novel was both tragic and absolutely brilliant. He came to grips with the futility of his forlorn hope, and seemed relieved when the betrayal came, that his struggle was finally over.

  20. Wonder if Spit on your Grave has a book version. The film was great

  21. James Herbert is the British equivalent of Stephen king

  22. Adore the novel Frankenstein, definately a favourite of mine & Woman in black is definately right at the top of my list of scariest books as well. I also didn't like the film with Daniel Radcliffe but there is a British made for TV version that I would recommend, I saw it as a child & it still terrifies me now years later as does the stage play. I'd also recommend the novel Naomi's Room by Jonathan Aycliffe, again read it as a child & it's haunted me ever since, I found it difficult to sleep the first time I read it.

  23. I am surprised you haven't put any Stephen king books!! I suggest that you should read "IT" ! It's his best and his scariest novel! It gave me nightmares !

  24. I read “The Exorcist” back in school, obviously for the theme. I found the movie great, but the book takes you to an atmospheric place.
    By the way I finished my first fantasy/horror novel; "The Black Lily" Give it a try, it has 7 chapters, recommended to a mature audience… enjoy, Thanks.

  25. Won't talk about Frankenstein. So then you start taking about it 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  26. These top ten horror novel videos are all the same! Seen one you've seen them all! Some one should put up a video of top 10 to 20 horror novels then we'd get ten new books

  27. One of my favorites is The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

  28. I was terrified just changing the channel and passing it on one of the channels. The Exorcist is terrifying.

  29. I love We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, The Graveyard Apartment by Mariko Koike, Pet Sematary by Stephen King (and anything else by Stephen King), The Bad Seed by William March, Come Closer by Sara Gran, and Goth by Otsuichi.

    I've read most of the books you mentioned, and I really, really loved The Exorcist!

  30. You broke my heart when you said you're not a fan of Daniel Radcliffe. 🙁 I still love your channel, though. 😁

  31. Wow a top ten horror list without Stephen King ?
    Try IT , the shining , The stand . Amazing books , amazing author . Have you read anything by him ??

  32. I see the first of 4 of Z.A. Rechts Morningstar Strain series on your shelf,top left green book, the others in the series are good as well and J.L. Bourne is real good.

  33. if you haven't read it carmilla is the scariest book that I've ever read I love Gothic horror it's just so sick and disturbing particularly because this vampire is basically trying to seduce a 16 year old girl in to end up in undeath with her there's just this scene where she cradles this girl and presses her to her heart and croons "you and I are one we will be together forever" like a lover and it's so creepy it's also one of the very first feminist novels it's amazing both the lead and vampire female and the whole thing is narrated by the female lead in the form of a letter to a friend in the city sorry I know the grammar in this comment is atrocious but I was listening to your video on my phone in the car I'll post the link to the audio book that I listen to a formula the voice acting is amazing the first chapter is kind of meant but after that it really picks up and I'm just in love with the readers voice

  34. if you haven't read it carmilla is the scariest book that I've ever read I love Gothic horror it's just so sick and disturbing particularly because this vampire is basically trying to seduce a 16 year old girl in to end up with her there's just this scene where she cradles this girl and presses her to her heart and cruise you and I are one we will be together forever like a lover and it's so creepy it's also one of the very first feminist novels it's amazing both the lead and vampire female and the whole thing is narrated by the female lead in the form of a letter to a friend in the city sorry I know the grammar in this comment is atrocious but I was listening to your video on my phone in the car I'll post the link to the audio book that I listen to a formula the voice acting is amazing the first chapter is kind of meant but after that it really picks up and I'm just in love with the readers voice

  35. couldnt agree more that the movie version of i am legend is terrible. the book was amazing. though i shouldnt have been suprised that hollywood wasnt up to the task of protraying such a deep book. though vincent prices last man on earth was a much better adaptation.

  36. A few horror books I would recommend are The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Katie Alender, Cujo, and Pet Semetary, both by Stephen King. The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is based on a girl whose great aunt commits suicide, leaving Cordelia, (main character), the abandoned asylum. It's like a ghost/horror/mystery/suspense put all together. Cujo and Pet Semetary both are amazing…I can't describe. I hope you check these books out! You'll definitely enjoy them!

  37. If you love your zombies (as much as I do), please go and check out Feed by Mira Grant. Brilliant. Loved it so much. Hope you enjoy it too (^__^)

  38. I m tired of this shit with booktube , is another lol brainwashing shit.
    Can you say some place where can I find good books like some SF or Horror , that mindfukk , mindblowing , psychological thriller, something that explore the insane dark pit full of blankness , with surrealism , something in the real sense of "mature". Some quality , I don't want to read some shit like Twilight.
    So a place on like I don't know , a forum , a site , blog , channel , anything …

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