NAB 2015 AJA Video Systems Interview with SpectraCal – Topics: CalMAN, LUTs, Calibration

We are here at the NAB show
2015 with our partners AJA and I’m here with Eric, we’re
gonna talk about the AJA T-TAP and the 3D LUT Box Is there anything you can tell us about these two devices? Certainly well as you probably know these are a couple of my favorite products here at AJA Video Systems I work on both our Io products and on some of our converters, one of those being the LUT box which integrates very nicely with CalMAN. Right here is basically the work flow, requires a couple BNCs and Thunderbolt cable. Basically connect this with CalMAN software, I believe you guys have pretty little probe and you can get your monitors calibrated right quick with these things. Absolutely, and with the advantage of the the high performance at this hardware you can actually use as a reference device for doing all the pattern generation we also support the new award-winning Io-4K which is winning lots of awards, is very impressive all of our customers been very pleased with its performance and it’s been great being able to use it as a reference generator for SDI or HDMI output. Thank you very much for partnering with us, we are impressed with your products and look to continually work with you
guys further. Thank you so much, it’s been a great partnership and looking forward to continuing Thank you.

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