Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems Book (Trailer No 3)

Hi, this is Salil here. So I wanted to talk about my new poetry book, Naked Soul, that I am writing. And, first of all let me tell you, I am in New Hampshire, Franconia State Park. Thank You everyone, who has supported the book so far and I wanted to talk about– Why a poetry book? Why support a poetry book? And that’s a very valid question. and as you can see there is so much stress and noise in the world today. and every soul is seeking peace they are seeking companionship they are seeking the inner awakening the realization, that why they are here. and I think poetry is the great way to let that human emotion that raw expression of the humanity to be out from the heart and I think poetry does a great job in doing that So I think poetry is like a river What is poetry? Poetry is like nature. It heals your soul. And in this book what I am trying to capture is all the facets of human emotion that we experience when we are in love.

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