Namaste (poem)

Namaste, an integral part of a white girls
instagram username. Is it to prove that they’re culturally aware,
or spiritual, Or have they just smoked enough weed they
think it will actually provide a hippie aesthetic? Pressing bindis onto their foreheads
The same way they press like buttons on Madonna’s selfies,
With that fantastic dignity and poise only a white person could possess. Like that grace they have
When they try to dance to bollywood songs At their bollywood parties
That no Indian people were even invited to And that authority they have
When they say “We’re just celebrating your culture”
Because liking one song from a movie industry you’ve never actually seen a film from
Gives you a full perspective on a culture And that confidence they have when they say
“Come on, wearing a bindi doesn’t kill anyone.” And that confidence they have when they pretend
“Come on wearing a bindi has never killed anyone.”

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