Natasha Hooper – “The Pied Piper” (The R Kelly poem)

A German folk tale, The Pied Piper, Speaks of a man hired by the town to lure rats away This man, dressed in multi-colored coat, plays his flute and draws the rats in with magic The piper is a hero of the people until they decide not to pay One year later, he returns to the German town and uses his music to lure away the children instead R Kelly marries Aaliyah at the age of 15 and we sing along to “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” We find out that Aaliyah met R Kelly at the age of 12 and somehow our opinions of him stay on the upbeat The children’s choir learns the lyrics to “I Believe I Can Fly” and a flute plays somewhere in R Kelly’s home R Kelly calls himself “The Pied Piper of R&B” and we make the excuse before we make the connection After the first After the first allegation we thought it takes at least two notes to strike a chord After the second allegation, we gave him three Grammys After the third and fourth allegations, we ignored them simply because we just really like the songs And all we can think about is the next family reunion And who better to sing for our electric slide and how else will we step in the name of love See, a rap sheet these days isn’t worth the price of the playlist at the cookout In the German folk tale, The Pied Piper lures the children away while all the adults are distracted in church Most likely singing R Kelly tells us he is devoting his life to The Lord and an angel drowns out the video footage R Kelly hands us a hit, we give him back forgiveness He hands us a 19 minute song and the melody makes us forget the definition of a predator Makes us forget all the little girls of color that he wrote those songs for in the first place And again and again, no one speaks up when black girls are abused Like the better the song, the more invisible black girls become But this time we know exactly where the cult is In the city of Atlanta, and still the town prefers The Piper’s music Almost as if entertainment is more important than the allegations Almost as if all their voices together isn’t the right type of choir And again rape and misogyny is just another part of the culture tightly woven into harmony And again we learn that music is the best distraction and the worst black magic We have taught our girls that they are everything short of a symphony Tell me Is the music really that special? When one man’s voice can sing over them all When we can hold a note before we can hold a man accountable When The Piper is realer than any folk tale we know And we surrender their bodies to pay the price

18 thoughts on “Natasha Hooper – “The Pied Piper” (The R Kelly poem)

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Good on you. You are powerful and I believe that he will collapse one day.

    He admitted who he was a long time ago but people are starting to wake up.

    I believe that he and all predators will be punished one way or another.

  2. People be sleeping on Natashas work simply due to her womanhood and race. No worries girl. Im your biggest fuckin fan since the flint michigan poem. <3

  3. Stop it..anybody can pick negative topic and speak boldly and and aggressive about it to arouse human emotion. R kelly haven't lured any of these girls because tgey all had parents that was obligated to protect children a failed to do so

  4. And listen to all the females in the background that probably hate men anyway. Don't forget about the females that lure Ann's molest young men that go unspoken of.

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