Nathan Filer – A Love Poem – Slam Poetry Pécs / Valentine’s Day Special 2017

…he’s gonna read us one of his poems tonight, so let’s greet him with a great applause: NATHAN FILER! Hello! I’m going to take a picture of you. Say cheese! Make it worth… OK! Hello! I’m afraid I’d LIKE to speak Hungarian, I’m really sorry, I’ll need to do this in English… Well, anyway, I’ll just begin! I thought I’d write a love poem In preparation for tonight… But now that I had to read it through, Something isn’t right. The metering is perfect! The rhyming: ain’t a light?! But something… Something is missing. Something is missing, I can’t shake this convinction, Is it the way that I read it? My timing? Or diction? Is the content the problem? ‘Non, ceci n’est pas!’ I know that there’s something… But, ‘je ne sais quoi’. I mean, I’ve been thaught the criteria, All the tricks of a love poem… I don’t know much French, but I’ve shoved all I know in, An’ I think that’s romantic! “Je t’aime”… “Je t’adore”… But if that’s not enough, Check it out! It’s got more. It’s got wining and dining And love at first sight, It’s got will she or won’t she, – I think that she might – It’s got moonlight and music And strolls in the park, I couldn’t find a lovebird, But managed to lark… It’s got a candlelit dinners, It’s got Cupid’s Bow, It’s got late nights with lie ins Where’s nowhere to go, It’s got pillow talk, pet names, Chocolate and roses, The very first kiss with the Bumping of noses, Dilated pupils, It’s down on one knee It’s everything that a Love poem’s ought to be! …And yet, something is missing, Which I cannot see… But something Is definitely Missing. All of that said, I’ll give it a go. I mean, I’m here now, I’ve got it and so, I might as well speak it, Perform it aloud… To who? To you guys. The crowd. This is a poem To be read to a lover. Somebody close, the Significant other, It’s to whisper Into a partner’s ear, It’s not a piece For you ALL to hear – THAT’s the thing that’s missing! I should’ve bloody known it! A love poem is pointless If there’s noone there to own it, So it’s pointless, because I’m loveless… I’m sure everyone understands. It’s like a man buying gloves, When he hasn’t any hands. It’s such a pity, because it’s finished. It’s written, complete, The rhyming’s impressive, The sentiment sweet… Look. If anybody wants it, If you’re a little bit like me, And like the thought of being written Some romantic poetry, Then, a little bit later, Perhaps after the show, Pluck up your courage! Come up. Say hello. It’s a… single love poem, Looking for friendship… (Maybe more…) It’s shy… Untouched… Never been read before. It’s recently written, Effectively new… But it feels something’s missing. And it’s hoping, That’s you.

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