National Poetry Day 2019 – Paper Tiger

Paper tiger burning bright you have lit in
me a flame Inspired me to find my voice again
And let it fall this time on undeaf ears. A voice that roars, that warms, that lasts,
that’s wise beyond its years with embers that quietly smoulder in darkness and in light. One that burns blue, and green, and red, and
yellow. That keeps me up at night. Something too precious to leave alone, that
gains strength from experience. A thing that to appreciate truly must be unwrapped
gradually so that as in a game of pass the parcel there are small triumphs along the
way. All leading up to one mystery prize, that,
no matter what it is you cherish and act surprised because you are the winner. And though the six year old wide eyed beside
you pleading wordlessly wants to eat your tutti frutti. No. You take them, tuck them neatly in your pocket,
gloating is not necessary. It is enough to quietly know that you have
won. That you are a winner. And though you have found your voice again,
in this case, there is strength in your silence.

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