National Poetry Prize 2017: India

I write poetry because it is who I am It’s how I express myself on paper and in real life I write because to me writing is A language I perceive the world in I write because it gives me a certain kind of high It makes me express myself Writing to me is extremely natural and feels very innate Wingword Poetry Prize is an opportunity for young poets to be recognized and awarded for their work It is a platform to encourage emerging poets who have original, unique and powerful content Wingword welcomes submissions from poets between the ages of 15 to 24 Your submission will be judged on the basis of language, emotion and impact The winners of Wingword will receive cash prizes upto 5 lakh rupees If you have compelling writing and believe your poetry should be rewarded

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Prize 2017: India

  1. Read Full Entry Instructions and Submit Your Poems Here:

  2. Why till 24?
    If you include lives and experience of those people who are research scholars (particularly university students lives) then it could have been till 26 or 27 or 28 . The rationale behind my comment is that at present universities are becoming the center point of social and political churning and raising of consciousness. To include them would be another way to reach some other sections of students and non-students community as well.
    Thank You

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