National Poetry Slam 2015 Finals – Rebeca Mae "Tree"

my boyfriend thinks I'm a tree it started sometime last summer things haven't really been the same since now in his defense now he's never been one to confuse things that are not alike before never thought a Bible was a doorstop never thought a drunk was a dad and never once thought a tree was a person I don't know how he's come to confuse me for a tree in his defense though I have been standing in the same spot for a very long time when I explained my lack of movement is not because I'm a tree I just enjoy watching people I find them funny busying themselves rushing around this world to find the time when time has already found them I ask if he's ever stopped to breathe to slowly exhale all anyone needs to do is slowly exhale he tells me that's what trees do so I tell him all the things I do that a tree can't like stand in the rain at night I don't even get cold I spread my arms out counting the droplets 1 2 3 4 5 6 always lose count with the wind blows hitting me in every direction tickling my legs and behind my ears trees never get tickles in their legs or behind their ears and he tells me that's what trees do so I told all the things I do with other people that a tree would never be capable of like dinner a tree has never waited for another tree but trees never peeled the label off of a beer bottle a tree has never accidentally spilt that beer all over their bar still a tree has never cried in a bathroom stall a tree has never cried tells me that's what trees do I stop I asked him about the perfection of trees how could someone so ugly be mistaken for something so beautiful I don't even understand the afterlife now I don't know much about trees but I like to think they know what comes next I mean they've seen enough winters haven't they I knew the relationship was over when he came home with an axe he didn't need to say much at first I was sad I begged I pleaded he told me that's what trees do I did my best to forget about each whack at my skin replacing each whack with the memory the bar two sugars of tea he was always too drunk to drive I remember the look on his face the look on his face memories or a funny thing they are so distant and no matter how hard I try all I remember the last time he said I love you the last time I said I love you my breath left me and I finally understood this is what trees do it's cold outside he just needed a fire you

22 thoughts on “National Poetry Slam 2015 Finals – Rebeca Mae "Tree"

  1. 1 minute and 11 seconds. That's as far as I got with this I'm-a-tree-crap .

  2. Amazing ,Rebecca.One of the best slam poems I have ever heard.Best of luck for life and for finding a boy that wouldn't cut down a tree.

  3. this is beautiful. the end gives you the complete meaning. and then everything eventually makes sense. I call it magic.

  4. Don't axe me about my tree because trees are fragile and life without them is not living at all.

  5. I feel slightly confused, but at the same time, I don't. This was such a great poem, it was kind of dark though. I love the change of the tone.

  6. "Now, I don't know much about trees but I like to think they know what comes next. I mean, they've seen enough winters, haven't they?"

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