18 thoughts on “National Remembrance Day Ceremony 2019

  1. Happy remembrance day for all Canadians /canadiennes and specially for ours vets..

  2. The country our veterans fought and died for no longer exists. What's the point of going overseas to prevent invasions, if you're just going to let refugees/irregulars/immigrants invade your country to advance a multiculturalism and diversity that nobody voted for?

  3. What's the point of going overseas to protect our country from invasion…if we're just going to let millions of thirdworld "New Canadians" invade us and occupy our cities anyway? You think newcomers won't eventually overthrow us and replace Canada with a new version of lndia, SomaIia, Pakistan? Our veterans lost life/limb to protect a nation long gone.

  4. Why did you air some Arabic music from a random guy from Syria for your Remembrance Day special on Radio One? Syrian muslims had nothing to do with our Canadian Fallen service members. Shameful. Attacking your own employee Don Cherry for sticking up for our Veterans and now this. You guys are going in the wrong direction. You are misrepresenting Canada and our values.

  5. My granddad was a career soldier served in WW1 and India ,, my dad served in Korea with the Royal Engineers , they are my hero's.
    Lest we forget , I also support Don Cherry , we need to keep educating , the freedom they enjoy did not come without a price

  6. Only day that matters is today! Much love thanks to all of you that fought for this beautiful world we have right now.

  7. Cherry didn't mention immigrants, let it go. He might as well of been talking about those under 30. Too many don't wear the poppy…to many are too cheap to pay a few bucks for one. He has a valid point and the country needs to recognize it. F U PC generation et. Al. Time to stop being babies and take one on the chin, as deserved.

  8. Remembering the past is Paramount for avoiding a repeat in the future. Tyrants want to erase the past so they can insert their propaganda .

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