National Writers Series of Traverse City

it is a series of events that are perfect for those of us who just love to read and Stan is here to get us ready for the national writers series which is happening in beautiful downtown Traverse City how are you I'm great it's great sounds like an awesome awesome event so you're bringing in authors from all over the place it's a beautiful trevor city right right the whole year round but if we're a year round book fest oh well I love that and you brought some examples of who's coming this summer right this summer what do we have Dan pink have you ever heard of him no no okay so he's sure he writes he writes about life so the story behind Dan pink is he went to law school Yale hated it opened his eyes like a lot of people believe stuff not true so he has written a series of books like do you think you know how to motivate people well it's not about money so he wrote he did a TED talk 20 million people watched it on about motivation oh that's awesome and so this newest book is about designing your day and that's this one here called when write natural body rhythms when should you get stuff done when you exercise when you should you take a test really practical advice but he's extremely charismatic great speaker you'll love them great who else do we have the next day we've got Brian Grilli and Steve Hamilton okay so I was thinking for all you Grand Rapids people yeah make it a little vacation absolutely and go to Traverse City comm hotels there you can check them out but bleak Harbor oh there it is so bleak Harbor guess what it's about West Michigan Oh a fictional town right next to Saugatuck with a dragonfly festival oh no great little crime thriller nice twist and then Steve Hamilton who has sold millions of books he has a Detroit ex-cop rents cabins some paradise so there's some Michigan references and some of these yeah these two our Michigan Boys and that'll be a lot of fun they grew up in Michigan what do you know about deep river here okay deep river Karl Marlantes a very bright guy Rhodes Scholar his first book was about the Vietnam War novel and this one completely different okay and it's about his family fins they had to leave Finland to come to the state of Washington gotcha and ticked on big trees got into union organizing it's a saga excellent read my husband Doug Stanton his author just finished it the good American family by David okay so he's in September September fifth and it's about his own dad he was brought it was a mccarthy era and he was attacked for being a communist from his activity at University of Michigan okay this sounds awesome and it's ongoing and and not that you ever need an excuse to go visit Traverse City but what a great reason to go visit beautiful Traverse City and have a good time while you're there thank you so much oh can I just say national Raider series org you can check it all all right and we've got a lot more details on our website as well thirteen on your side calm thank you

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