Native American writer Joy Harjo is the next U.S. Poet Laureate The Washington Post

spent in a miserable way Native American writer joy Harjo is the next US poet laureate the Washington Post the 68 year old Native American writer first felt that restorative power during a difficult time early in her life poetry came to Mau car joe has a chance to offer that medicine to the whole nation today she was a librarian of congress Carla Haynes who made this election said in a statement joy Harjo has championed the art of poetry use soul talk as she calls it you for over four decades to her Pope's car chose poetry is celebrated for its insightful attention to the spiritual and natural world in lines that the author of eight collections of poetry including in mad love and war 1990 car Joe has won the roof Willy poetry prize and the Wallace Stevens award and earlier this year she was awarded the dollar 65,000 Jackson poetry prize she has also did I came to poetry first through music Harjo says my mother wrote soft she acknowledges that the world could use some shifting now in this politically contentious era poetry offers at the poet laureate position maintained through the Library of Congress comes with a beautiful office in the Jefferson building and a modest stipend but no official duties each KOA this free car Joe's appointment adds to a resurgence of appreciation for Native American writers Louise Erdrich what we've always been here thar Joe notes Riley I guess it's a Renison uu attention to native writing is gratifying but not entirely surprising to Harjo she remembers when trapar Joe's mother died in 2011 but she knows how proud she would have felt to see this moment the experience of singing everything once there were songs for everything songs for planting for growing for harvesting for eating getting drunk and falling asleep for sunrise birth mind break and more for death those are the heaviest songs and they have to be pried from the earth with shovels of grief now all we hear are falling in love songs and falling apart after falling in love songs to earth is leaning sideways and a song is emerging from the floods and fires urgent tendrils singing everything copyright copyright 2019 by joy Harjo to be published in an Ron Charles writes about books for The Washington Post and hosts read more please enter a valid email address by submitting your email you agree to our end we sent this offer to

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