Navy SEAL Has a ’40 Percent Rule’ And It’s the Key to Overcoming Mental Barriers

I first met SEAL at a 100 mile run in San
Diego and I was running this race as part of a six person relay team with friends and
he was running the entire race by himself. And the run was unsupported so you have to
bring your own supplies. So we had, you know, we overdid it a little bit. We had a tent
and we had masseuses and food. I mean we were ready for like in case we had to stay there
a week. And he had a folding chair, a bottle of water and a bag of crackers. And I just
thought to myself like who is this guy. I’ve never seen anything like it. And during the
race I kept an eye on him and around mile 70 he weighed probably 260 pounds which is
quite large for an ultra runner. He had broken all the small bones in both of his feet and
had kidney damage and he finished the race. So when it was done I Googled him. He had
a fascinating life story and I decided literally to cold call him. And I flew out and met with
him and after sitting with him for a couple of minutes I realized that I could learn so
much from a guy like this that what makes him tick and various buckets in my life would
be so much better if a little bit of what he had rubbed off on me. I asked him to come
live with my family and I for a month. So at the time that I invited SEAL to come live
with us I had an 18-month-old son. I was married, still am. Two more kids since. And I had sold
a couple of businesses. I was in a great place professionally in my life but I was also in
a routine. And routines are great but they can also be a rut. And I found that I just
wasn’t getting better. I was doing the same thing every day like so many of us. Wake up,
go to work, come home, you know, have dinner, repeat. And I just wanted to get off autopilot.
And I thought that he would be a great way to get in good shape but also to just mix
up my routine and get better. The first day that SEAL came to live with
me he asked me to do – he said how many pullups can you do? And I’m not great at
pullups. I did about eight. Just getting over the bar eight. And he said all right. Take
30 seconds and do it again. So 30 seconds later I got up on the bar and I did six, struggling.
And he said all right, one more time. We waited 30 seconds and I barely got three or four
and I was done. I mean couldn’t move my arms done. And he said all right. We’re
not leaving here until you do 100 more. And I thought there’s no – well we’re going
to be here for quite a long time because there’s no way that I could do 100. But I ended up
doing it one at a time and he showed me, proved to me right there that there was so much more,
we’re all capable of so much more than we think we are. And it was just a great lesson.
It was actually the first thing that we did. It was just a great lesson that we have so
much more in our reserve tank than we think we do. One of the things that SEAL said to
me and it’s in the book and one thing that people have said that really resonated with
them. He would say that when your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really
only 40 percent done. And he had a motto if it doesn’t suck we don’t do it. And that
was his way of every day forcing us to get uncomfortable to figure out what our baseline
was and what our comfort level was and just turning it upside down. The 40 percent rule
maybe it’s give or take a little but look at a marathon. Most people hit the wall in
a marathon at mile anywhere from 16 t0 20. And, you know, 99 percent of the people in
this country that run marathons finish and they all, predominantly all of them go through
this hit the wall. So where does that extra 50 or 60 percent or whatever the number is
come from? I mean it’s their brain saying I’m done, I don’t want to continue but
their will saying you know what? Let me get to the finish line. So we all have that will.
It’s just a matter of how do we apply it to not just with the once a year marathon
but to our daily lives to make it apply to a variety of things.

100 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Has a ’40 Percent Rule’ And It’s the Key to Overcoming Mental Barriers

  1. Broke both feet and suffered serious kidney damage just to finish a run. Asked him to be my life coach.

  2. My 40% rule is this. If you sign up to join an organization that places you with members of your own sex 24 -7, tells you when to wake up, eat, get dressed, go to dinner, go to bed and controls all your waking hours and places you into harms way if they want to, all for a few dollars, along with a crisp uniform and some colorful trinkets to put on your uniform, you are in the bottom 40% of the gene pool.

  3. This is true though as a distance Runner I've noticed working out and running I can push myself a lot further than I ever thought possible it's 10% physical 90% mental when running half marathons and 5K you know your body is screaming at you to stop your mind just keeps telling you to keep pushing

  4. stupidest story. if its even true. 265lb dude runs an ultra marathon on crackers and water. causes kidney damage. stupid. how does running break the bones in his feet? he never run before? too many people get into long distance running because they know nothing about athleticism and assume this is some pinnacle of sports. its not. watch a finishing line at a marathon. after the real athletes cross watch the broken down, lopsided, no technique idiots dragging their injured asses. they didnt accomplish anything. a high school athlete can do that without training. real athletes train in technique and multiple modalities.

  5. Nice to say when you’re a billionaire.

    If a Navy SEAL is breaking all the bones in his feet and still running, he is mentally ill. At best he is not making a prudent use of resources — if he breaks his body he will be less able to complete his mission, whether it’s in war or in a race.

  6. Good one. When my mind says I`m done, I just laugh and carry on 🙂

  7. I would say this is what the youth needs but dudes wife interests and his crazy open-ended reasoning for all this makes me think theres a WHOLE LOT we dont know behind the scenes a probably for good reasons but at least his wife is happy now. 😂

  8. Jessie itzler , navy seal David Goggins you tube it , google it . 2015 .

  9. The Seal that this dude is talking about is David Goggins. If you don't know him, you don't know much.

  10. Some people have the ability to keep pushing way past their limits, however some have the exact opposite problem. Being able to stop. There's a reason these guys aren't allowed to do breath holding exercises without supervision in pools anymore. Neither of them gives up. Seriously.

  11. I got a brain to say easy on the gear kid, good reason that I got that. I an not going to break every bone in my foot over a foot race.Instead of making hero of this fool, who shot children for money at work, perhaps we could look at value returned?

  12. I don’t even want to meet the people who thumbs- downed this video😂😂😂😂✌🏼

  13. Stay at 40%. If not, straight way to burning out for ever. Believe me. I've done that ,been there.
    This guy is insane,cocainist ,liar or some mix of the three.

  14. "Tapping into this will power…" If you're not in great shape to begin with, there's nothing to tap into.

  15. I, like a lot of people probably, will have a massive respect for the "Seal" God bless him and them. But running with all of the bones in the feet broken and kidney damage. Why ?? Who needs to do that when not in a "war" situation. Given that this occurred in the USA I shudder to take in the extent of his medical bills in this obvious show of bravado. The 40% rule yeh I live by that rule but common sense has to be 100% all of the time.

  16. Yes, … and navy seals are well knowned for their long life expectancies

  17. Please I got kidney damage and stubbed my pinkey toe!

  18. If someone had told me this 2 nights ago at work when I was overwhelmed and every joint in my body was aching like hell, I probably would've gone ballistic and told them to fuck off!

  19. Sorry, but what was the point of this video? No substance here and the presenter just pulling figures out of the air (which leads me to believe is what the seal is doing). No backup for the figures or "facts" he's talking about. Completely lost me, that's 4 minutes of my life that I'm not going to get back.

  20. If it doesn’t suck, we don’t do it? Ok, if something sucks, “do what others won’t, so that you can have what others can’t”, but I don’t seek out the things that suck just to do them. Perhaps that’s why I’m not a SEAL. However, in my life, I’ve always found that in the pursuit of excellence, I may fall short…and land at greatness….and that has made all the difference.

  21. "Sign this document giving me all your money in case you die and then do another ten thousand pushups."

  22. If you're asking for advice on how to be healthy from some guy who has broken all the bones in his feet and damaged both of his kidneys into kidney failure, you are a total moron.

  23. "Okay, I've taught you how to break all the bones in your right foot and how to destroy your right kidney. Now you're only 40 percent done."

  24. Very true! I did some incredible things in my life. I am now 53, and I don't go that far anymore. Mostly because of laziness, and negative thinking.

  25. The Seal in this story is called David Goggins. I reccomend his book, 'Can't Hurt Me'

  26. This guy is married to a billionaire the woman who owns the clothing line "Spanx"

  27. I followed this 40% rule..ended up paying 20% coinsurance after deductible for my severe injuries….

  28. The seal he is talking about told this story on Rogan's podcast, or this story is fake and he stole it, so it must be the guy. Ommm, David Goggins I believe is the Seal.

  29. David Goggins is an inspiration for anyone who wants to escape mediocrity and move to a higher level.

  30. David Goggins is an inspiration for anyone who wants to escape mediocrity and move to a higher level.

  31. Scientists are now finding ultra long runners even down to half marathoners develop scar tissue in their hearts and arteries. Running that long is really bad for you and training your muscles too hard like that is damaging to your body. That being said it's probably healthier than over half of the US sitting around doing virtually nothing for physical fitness. I'm good with p90x and 1-2 mile runs

  32. I am harder in that I know my limits and simply say no. What am I proving?

  33. I am not really sure breaking all the small bones in your feet to prove you can run a marathon is a sane thing to do…

  34. Navy Seals are total military fools.  Good enough is OK forgetting percentages. Most of these guys are narrow minded egotistic assholes like insecure Trump.  I've known some.  Be a seal and waste your life and others lives.  Imaginary subconscious Insecurity.

  35. Highly sensitive people be like, "l already know my limit, thank you very much!"

  36. He had broken all the small bones in his feet… I'm calling BS.

  37. I've walked 20 miles just hours after breaking ankle….then a few months later I walked 36 miles home from work where I landscaped all day no water lunch or stops..I'm pretty sure I was tapped out when I got home. I will say when I was at mile 30 and some gang bangers tried following me I found new reserves to hurry despite the pain and they couldn't even keep their pants up much less keep up with me. Edited for context: there are some things you just dont have the energy for. Use your time wisely.

  38. Oh I know, I think I will run 100 miles, bust all the bones in my feet and damage my internals. By doing this I will prove – aha, that I am a complete twat and can’t think of anything useful to do. Wanker.

  39. yes but women have to work double to do what a man does so that means she's 80% for your 40% – you lazy bastards!!! Go girl!!

  40. Seals have a bell that accompanies training if you had enough ring it and it's over. You can never have another chance

  41. I once lifted 1 Million tons
    1 pound at a time. It took me 12 years but I did it!
    Did nothing else in those 12 years but I did lift a million tons.
    Now I have no arms due to severe nerve damage but….I did it!

  42. I met a hooker once who said:"If it don't suck then I don't do it!

  43. All joking aside….Thanks! I will put that to use next time i think:"I'm done!"

  44. Maybe good philosophy if you’re under gun fire, maybe not so good for every day. I don’t think a freakin marathon race is worth broken bones and kidney damage. Also Fuck this faggot.

  45. You know what would be great? Have David Goggins come in and tell us what really happened!

  46. If Seal had adopted a 90 Percent Rule, he probably wouldn't have damaged his kidneys or broken all the small bones in his feet. Know when to say when.

  47. What is the morale: finish your task while ignoring permanent injury to your body???

  48. So when you're at a buffet and think you can't eat anymore. Truly you're only 40% full.

  49. Bollocks! No he didn't run with all the bones in his feet broken. and if he did that's just plain bad preparation. Mental toughness is a virtue but let's face it it is hard and tough and easier to have a cup of tea and lie down.

  50. Or you could use the Marine Reconnaissance method: TSTS (too stupid to stop)

  51. No offense, but if someone asked me if I wanted to stay with their family, I'd be like: "F**k no."

  52. For those wondering, the seals name was David Goggins. He has now became famous for his extreamly impressive running records.

  53. He also told him he was never going to survive unless he got a little crazy.

  54. Yeah but using all of that willpower is going to burn you out… you need to take breaks or else you'll burn out.

  55. Why should he break his bones im both of his feet. Thats bullshit. And than maybe he couldnt work for 6 months after that. Stupid bullshit

  56. He's talking about David Goggins. Well worth watching more videos of him for motivation. There's also two great Joe Rogan podcasts with each of these guys talking about their experiences

  57. Stupid macho bullshit. Nothing smart about being underprepared, breaking all the small bones in your feet, and damaging your kidneys. The real shocker the guy was only being a 40% dumbass.

  58. A guy who is clearly overestimating his own skills and ends up with serious injuries. Oh yes lets learn from this guy…….. uhhh NO, no you don't want to learn from this guy.

    Also, do people shout they are seal, wasn't that confidential info? Too much red flags on this "story"…

    Ohhhhh, he wrote a book you can buy…. why am i not surprised.

    This is some a-grade bullshit.

  59. The 99% figure is bogus. The number of people who finish a marathon is about 79%.

  60. 🧡💛💚💙 He's talking about David Goggins. I know this story very well. David Goggins ran that marathon like a beast, and was pissing blood by the end of the race. He almost died…. love you Mr. Goggins.. you inspire me to do better every day! 🧡💛💚💙

  61. I love, how people don't want to understand, the message, he is trying to convey.
    What he is saying is, you can take more, than you think you can, when you feel like, there is no way, you can go on, you will see, that you can if you do it. I didn't run an ultra or a 100 mile race, but two halbmarathons and one marathon did prove to me, that I can take more, than I think, I can and that if I go on, when I think I can't, I will finish.

  62. I call BS. How could he get off duty to come live with a civilian for a whole month?

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