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My dad taught me how to pack: lay out everything. Put back half. Roll things that roll. Wrinkle-prone things on top of cotton things. Then pants, waist-to-hem. Nooks and crannies for socks. Belts around the sides like snakes. Plastic over that. Then, add shoes. Wear heavy stuff. We started when I was little. I’d roll up socks. Then he’d put me in the suitcase. Some guys bond with their dads shooting hoops or talking about Chevrolets. We did it over luggage. By the time I was twelve, if my Dad was busy, I’d pack for him. Mom tried but didn’t have the knack. He’d get somewhere for work, open his suitcase and text me —”Perfect.” That one word from him meant a lot. The funeral was terrible —my Dad laid out in that big carton and me thinking, Look at all that wasted space.

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  1. To give a good message it doesn't need to be hours of movie, the heart touching thought in this tiny movie is so beautiful,spending time with our loved ones when we have our time is so precious to be with them

  2. He think that he can fill wasted space by sitting inside it means he loves his dad and don't want leave him want to stay with him always

  3. The key words here are "perfect" and "wasted". In my own opinion the show emphasized that imperfection still stands in the end. And you might as well learn to put up with it.

  4. "I'd roll up socks…Then… He'd put me in the suitcase.." out of context i was rlly shook

  5. You did very good job !
    I love this animation!!

  6. There could be so many interpretations of this. No one can judge whether the interpretation is deep or superficial, it's an individual thing. That's how life is. We all tend to view it, unveil it, live it differently. To me, this shows how the father taught his son the one thing he mastered in his own life, he showed him everything he had. He taught the art of management. On the other hand it depicts how little the son knew his father. They bonded over a materialistic thing but nonetheless the bond was real.

  7. So, what is wasted space here ??? Everyone's observations are different,, so i want to see maximum as possible for the best explanation…🤔🤔🤔

  8. Czy wy karmicie wszystkich tymi samymi ciastkami czy ktoś mi grzebie w pamięci. Przestałam go czytać bo nie mogłam się powstrzymać od uczucia że gdzieś już to widziałam. Cała ta maszyna temu głównie służy.
    Przemiałowi, dodaniu polepszaczy i opakowaniu i sprzedaży. Im świeższy umysł tym bardziej wartościowy i ludzie to wyczuwają. Potem ogrzewa się stary kotlet na tysiąc sposobów.

  9. His dad always emphasised on packing perfectly.. As if he was trying to control everything. But when he is lying there in the coffin, a box half empty.. The narrator realises the eventuality.
    All those time wasted on Perfecting something that wasn't meant to be.. All that empty space!!

  10. I learned from this video that how to pack my suitcase and plan a good trip ..but I don't have money 😪

  11. All the wasted space and time that he should’ve been with his father. Gone now

  12. "Negative Space" is telling about us about the small opportunities that we miss in our daily life. Every father teaches his son to give importance to every second in life and in this story father does the same. Even he is too busy doing his work he tells his son to utilize the every single moment which everyone usually ignores and here son has also has learnt his father's lessons very well, well enough that even his father passes he remembers all the lesson that his father had taught him throughout the whole life.

  13. Who else thought horrible things after he said "It started when I was little…", then the unzipping happened. 😧

  14. Hi…great animation concept everything.
    Just wanna know how is it related to negative space, I m a design student..researching for my project.

  15. In 2010 when I was 9 I loved spending time my dad and sleeping over his house and he work really hard for me and give me money

    And when I was 12 I love spending time with my dad at his new house actually he lives when his friend In 2013
    And I met this boy and a teenage boy
    We played all day

    In 2018 I spend time with once but i only have to visit him because he has to go to work all day so just visit him and text and call him all day

    In 2019 finally sleep over in my dad house that was last week on Saturday
    So remember why dad has to go pack up or leave because sometimes your dad has to work well 4 months until happy New Year 🎆 In 2020

  16. You guys have to give oscar a anime cartoon.not in this..
    Who make this film hes or shes are a stupid . Theres no interest on this no sadness.
    We should give the oscar to a anime short film.. I give you the name. Mariaanime

  17. Honestly, I didn't think about the shortage in father-son relationship build-up in the first place. I though by the wasted space, it meant that the father couldn't take all the things he left behind in the world after death. Don't know if that makes much sense.

  18. the author might have put just anything in it. but I found interesting, if he thought that that level of rationality, that his father raised in him has killed the boy's (and later the man's) humanity. so, staring at his father's corpse, he was actually thinking how to disassemble his body and put in a much less box.
    that increased level of rationality is not natural for human beings, because we're irrational from birth. and everythingthing beautiful that happens to us is totally random and unexpected.
    in my opinion, the message is: live freely. don't get your mind wasted with rules, it kills the opportunity for random things to flow in your life.

  19. Dam lots a wasted spade comments here, people cant even joke around here feelsbad for that ASMR guy who got insulted

  20. This was so well made with the lighting annd the car blinkets and all the sound effects go with it. This is the best stop motion i saw.

  21. Is anyone else experiencing youtube only having one video in the recommendations?

  22. How do these work ?
    It is one of life's mysteries for me along with why people like football so much..

  23. I think "look at all that wasted space" is used to tell us that he loved his farther very much. When people bury their loved ones they want to make all that is possible for them. They care more than ever at such moments. This phrase is what his farther would possibly tell about his own funeral. It was the thing that was important for his farther, the thing that his farther taught him and value that they shared.

  24. I think this entire stop motion is trying to tell how his dad is obsessed in not wasting any space that he forgot to bairly give any space for his child in his life…🥺🥺🥺

  25. this is what a good story looks like. love all the people engaging in search for the meaning behind it.

  26. Welcome to another short where everyone explains every single minute to try and get likes 🤦🙄 y'all so annoying

  27. Who eles has shown an interest in packing, more than emotion fact in the Story?
    xx☓xx °¬°? then later thought for the fact?

  28. How perfectly our parents or families, friends and teachers told us to stuff pack our lives… In the end we all will leave this world without them… Nothing can go with us…No stuff! No luggage! Just us and a lot of space. So even if the protagonist could please his father by perfecting the art of packing things … Or per say … Stuffing our lives with all we could need… When we reach our end, we couldn't take all that stuff with us!

  29. But why did his dad put him in the suitcase? And what does the sea mean? If anyone understand this, please let me know.

  30. wow. this is amazing. the animation, the story, the big theme at the end, everything about it is amazing.

  31. Though this movie is really good…. The channel contains inappropriate videos for the users

  32. after watching the video i just read the comments to understand the story every one interpreted it by its way how they think about things…. but in my way it just look like that son was deprived to adebt the emotions and son and father has only packing bonding since childhood father doesn't try to made deep emotional bond so in the time of death son only thaught about that waste space which they did not made

  33. I wasn't on my YT account when someone watched this, Kudos to them and the creator this is good.

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  35. This made me cry but I was also confused but then I got it and it really just fucked me up.

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