Nego True ‘STRANGER’ Ft. KZ || Spoken Word

Keeping your secrets is something I promise to do,
But I understand why you’re scared, Because you’ve learnt that trusting someone
doesn’t make them as honest as you, I know you want to open up to your closest
ones, But the fact that they know you makes them
prone to judge, So for tonight, Just know it’s us,
And I want you to open up, So sip your wine and pretend to be drunk,
And we never have to speak about it again as you pretend to sober up,
Let’s take the bus to nowhere just to speak about everything,
You understand that I understand you, It’s okay for you to change,
You’re quick to save the world, But won’t ever ask for a hand to save yourself. I guess it’s hard to find peace, when every
piece of you is dedicated to saving everybody but yourself,
I understand you want to help everyone out but,
Who’s there to save the superhero when it all goes down? When you feel like you need a shoulder that
won’t judge, And a mountain that won’t budge, I’ll be here,
Ready to take on everything you’re made of, I’ll be your stranger,
Sometimes it’s difficult to open up to the ones who know you,
Because we know their expectations, so we don’t want to disappoint the one’s we’re close
to, But hear me out,
When your beliefs are in doubt and you feel like your friends are few and far between,
call me, And we can have a one way conversation where
I just listen without response or reply, You can accept or deny,
But I promise you, The time we’ve known each other will not interfere
with what you have to say,
Fall asleep on the phone if you have to, I promise to catch every tear that you claim
isn’t really a tear and merely just your ‘cold’, I’ll be your

15 thoughts on “Nego True ‘STRANGER’ Ft. KZ || Spoken Word

  1. Thank you for your patience, I hope you enjoy this new piece…Leave a comment and I'll try and get back to everyone as soon as.

    From now on I'll be uploading a new video every week, so a thumbs up for me 🙂

  2. "I guess it's hard to find peace, when every piece of you is dedicated to saving everyone but yourself" – beautiful !

  3. I really really liked how this piece began. That hook is catchy as all heck. The rest was also coo.

  4. love it!!
    i relate to you calling the piece stranger…
    you want to always be the first to catch that raw vulnerability they throw.
    come open up over here why dontcha

    come spill my way!!!

    'let's take the bus to nowhere and talk about everything.'
    alotta trust statements up in here…
    love it love it

  5. Listening to you while I try to sleep is like having someone sing me a lullaby as a baby. Its so relaxing!

  6. I still come back here to listen to this piece every now and then. The words gets me like

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