excuse me hi am i what I saw you over there and I thought you were so pretty I wrote I wrote a poem for you oh thank you could I read it to you sure okay um roses are red violets are blue gray on my shirt with the white on my shoes so only today was the day that I knew I'd mean a girl that's as beautiful as you you're the apple of my eye the French to my frie give me a chance cuz I'm a great guy your beauty keeps going it's so far from done believe it when I say it I'm the hot dog to your bun we're a perfect fit like the sweaters granny knit the home to my run the ball to my mitt you make me so happy my insides are glad your beautiful brown hair with your shirt that is planned I don't mean to stay long I don't want to linger I mean it when I say I'll put a ring up on that finger I'm dying to know but living to wonder can I finish by getting your number oh my god is awesome you just wrote that yeah yeah yeah so can I get your phone number oh yeah okay and what's your name good Becca I'm Ernie nice to meet you too okay um what's the phone number nine – eight nine – eight yeah 301 301 I got the damn I got the digit I got the digits I got the digit I got the digits yes thanks I always knew the poetry would come in really good I'll see you later I'll give you a call and I'll take you out to dinner see ya


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  2. I never really wrote a poem for any other girl I might have crushed on but I would have if I know what to say without embarrassing my self I guess.

  3. โ€œIf Ernie can do it, so can you.โ€ โ€”thatโ€™s just the pick me up I needed! Awesome

  4. fucking ernie….dumbass.. doesn't know her name- mentions marriage… wtf.

  5. "Ernie" actually awsome ..great confidence, good lines to back it up & kind of smooth "closing the deal"
    ..but real world "Ernies" hardly have such an arsenal

  6. Ernie you can do it buddy!
    we proud of you Ernie. You the man. You the stinky jam!

  7. Whats the difference between Lyric and Epic Poetry. Anyway that was amzing!!

  8. Bitches love poems. Ive wrote a few poems and mailed them to a fee special gurls, they ate that shit up

  9. I GOT THE DIGITS I GOT THE DIGITS I GOT THE DIGITS. i wont forget to do that when i get a girls number

  10. In India especially in Tamilnadu it's not that easy to get a girl's no…

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