Nerf War: The New Nerf Gun

Shots *Gun Sound* Comment: whats your fav nerf gun *fell down* *Typing on the phone* *Gun sound* *Reloading gun* (Phone Dialing) (Phone) Hello this is Paul from PDK Films Hi this is Chris (Paul) What do you need? I need a new Nerf Gun (Paul) Ok Chris i will be right there Ok Thanks (Pual) I have a delivery for Christopher Couski Yeah, that’s me. Sign in here, please. Very nice! Here is your package.. Oh, thank you. Oh yes, please, Here you go. Have a nice day. *Subscribe for more* *subscribed* *sound* Oh! Awesome dude! *Typing* *Phone ringing* (Phone) Hello this is Paul from… Hi, this is james. Hi james. What can I do for you today? I need Nerf Gun please. Okay James, I will be right there. Okay thanks, bye. I have a delivery for James Couski. Oh yeah, that’s me. Alright. sign in here please, sir. Here you go. Thank you very much. JAMES… Alright, your package… Comon, I didn’t order this. What didi you order? A nerf gun. Oh, okay Here we go… Alright. Have a great day. *Subscribe for more* *Typing password* *Subscribed* *Gun reloading* *Gun Sounds* *Gun sound* oh! *Gun Sound* I win. Hey whats up.. Hope you guys enjoy the video. See you guys next time, Namaste.

100 thoughts on “Nerf War: The New Nerf Gun

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  2. 2019 anyone? Anyways who ever was wearing earphones or AirPods did you hear the cameraman laugh at 9:26

  3. Gaddu ke bacchon video mat banana aaj ke bad Tumhen pata nahin dekhna chahie ki vah To Nahin kharab To Nahin apni mummy papa se

  4. I know there trying to make it last long, but still they have horrible aim

  5. It’s always gonna be the new Titan CS-50, unless they release a better minigun.

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