New Frontiers: The Art of Kentucky Literature

Susan Brown: The Delcamp Writer’s Series is an endowed series and takes place every year and we bring writers to campus, so that our own
students and faculty and the community at large can hear those writers read
from their works. Wendell Berry: Is this the river of life or death? Both? Both. The force that brought us here remains to carry us away. Wearing its way down, the river has left us here on this all slanting place. Trees, people, animals. We stand and move awhile in air. A silent perfect inaccessible world shines
sometimes at our feet. Mary Ann Taylor-Hall: Then another flashes on the branch, the addled wandering wasp tumbles upside down on a falling leaf. The spider’s strand
glistens across your way. All things as you come near them moving into light.
Your body toiling up the hill. The bothered turkeys taking to the trees. The light
burns through and gives this day to you and you are burning as you go. Bobbie Ann Mason: Now, for the first time, Louise sees the subtle colors: amber, yellow and deep shades of purple, leaping out of that
landscape. The empty field is broad and hazy and dancing with light. Brown: Gabrielle Fox approached me with the idea of putting up a show for the 45th
anniversary of Larkspur Press. Not only does his press provide a beautiful visual and tactile work, but it also provides a voice for the writers of
Kentucky. There are four different kinds of materials included in the show.
The art bindings that are completely unique. There are the bindings that
Larkspur itself has created. There’s also broadsides on the walls in the space. And
the space that we are using is actually space that our students make use of, so
the materials that we have in the show are integrated into the space that we
think and learn in.

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