New Nightwish Reaction|Dead Boy’s Poem (LIVE)|You Need To See This!

Are you ready for more of this? Dead Boy’s Poem was released on the 2000
album Wish Master but was never released as a single. It was played in several of
the live shows. And remember to stay tuned after this video because Peter B
has a special surprise for you. As Peter B, the reactor who calls it
like he sees it, I have to be honest I’m a little bit underwhelmed by this
performance. I’m used to seeing Tarja in colorful costumes onstage, flowing gowns
or very costumey type things, yet in this show she comes out pretty much dressed
like any fan that’s in the crowd. I was a little surprised by that. I also noticed
that this didn’t seem to be a typical Nightwish crowd. At the beginning of the
song, you know, when we could hear the spoken male part, the crowd was a little
responsive. The whole time during the song there was a very little reaction
from the crowd. There were a couple of moments, first being when Marco and Emppu stepped forward we heard a big pop from the crowd. the next big pop we heard from the crowd wasn’t until Tarja stopped singing. And
then there was another reaction when Emppu did his guitar solo. This isn’t what
I’m used to seeing from a Nightwish crowd. I also have to comment on the fact
that both Marco and Emppu looked, I think the word would be disgusted.
Marco looked like he, well, just didn’t want to be there and Emppu almost looked
angry. Be that as it may. I get many comments on these videos and I get a lot
of requests, mostly for Nightwish songs seeing as that’s pretty much where this
channel is centered, but I do get requests for other things and I got a
couple of requests for a band out of Brazil called Shaman, who I had never
heard of. But it was brought to my attention that in June of this year that
the founder and the lead singer and the creative brains behind the
band, Andre Matos, had passed away, and so I was asked to do a reaction
video sort of as a tribute. So without further ado this is Shaman doing their
song fairy tale. That was Fairy Tail featuring Andre
Matos who passed away in June at the age of 47. Far too young to lose such a
creative soul. Doing the research for the song I found that Andre was once
considered as a possible replacement for Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. In
fact was one of the last three names on the list.
Ban you imagine what Iron Maiden with Andre would have sounded like? It’s an
interesting thing to think about. Hey people so you know the routine click
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12 thoughts on “New Nightwish Reaction|Dead Boy’s Poem (LIVE)|You Need To See This!

  1. First. Yeah not my favorite Nightwish performance but I do love the song. The bonus was amazing. Hadnt heard them before.

  2. Always on point, with choices. This Is a really good of "old ones". Bonus song Rock big time. Excellent idea. Good Job my Friend. Thank You Peter!

    Not the whole song tho Peter. It continues. About 2:50 missing.

  3. Sorrry, but that was only half of the song Dead Boys Poem, it doesnt end there. So check out with Nightwish and Tarja the song from Pakkahuone. The end of the song is really so beautiful.

  4. And Floor ? ……..come cover me , alpenglow pleaseeeeee , great reaction thanks .

  5. Watch the performance from "From Wishes to Eternity" for better production. Also, you cut off the entire epic ending. A very unusual mistake for you, unless this fan-video cut it off also

  6. Sorry Peter but this was only half of the song and filmed with someone's mobile, so it's pretty low quality. There's much better versions, thanks anyways.

  7. that was a shitty and also cut version of that beautiful song. check out the version from the 'wishes to eternity' concert. and i wouldn't say they looked disgusted. that song is just utterly sad. but the lyrics were uncomprehensible here, so hard to recognize that.

  8. I agree with your reaction to Dead Boys Poem. There may have been some problems starting to appear within the band at this point. Check out the link below to a rendition of Dead Boys Poem with Floor. It is not professionally shot, but the sound is pretty good. I think floor kills it again and the boys look much happier.

  9. Thanks, nice videos. This Nightwish song is dark and sad. And they had already 2004 problems inside band. This Brazil band was new for me, really nice surprise!

    BTW. There is "connection" between Nightwish and Iron Maiden. First, Marko also send his demo tape to Iron Maiden when Bruce said he will not continue. In some interview Marko has said that he never got any info how it went. Second, Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris is also NW fan! He has spoke really nicely about them and even wrote foreword to one Nightwish book! Third, Kai Hahto told in some interview how they were playing in some festival where Iron Maiden was also. And suddenly he noticed that Steve Harris and Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain were in audience! No pressure… 😀
    So, yes, Iron Maiden guys are following what Nightwish and specially Tuomas are doing.

  10. Check out Slaying the Dreamer live from End of an Era for a really great Tarja performance.

  11. Also could you please react to "Shudder Before the Beautiful" live from Wembley? I checked your playlist and didnt see it. That would be awesome.

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