New Voices: Meet the #orbit19 authors!

hi my name is Megan O'Keefe and I'm the author velocity weapon it's about a soldier who wakes up on an enemy smart ship about 200 years after the war in her solar system has already been lost everyone she knows and cares for is dead and the ship she is on is not capable of very fast interstellar travel hi my name is Evan winter I'm the author of the book the rage of dragons and the rage of dragons is basically Game of Thrones meets gladiator on Arrakis my name is Alex e Harrell and my book is the 10,000 doors of January so it's 1901 and a girl finds the door the kind of door that leads to fairy or Wonderland or Narnia and then someone closes it 10 years later she has to find her way back to that door and find her missing father was only a mysterious book to guide her hi my name is Matthew wall author of legacy – it's the story of the generation struggling to fix the mistakes of the one that came for intrigue battles politics meddling guards waiting in the wings all that good stuff I'm Gareth on Rann the author of gutter prayer it's a novel where three thieves seek revenge on the poor master in the city of alchemy mad God's sorcery monsters architecture and stylings everyone my name is Craig calendar but my friends call me Keith I am the author of queen of the conquered the queen of the conquered is about Sigourney rose that's the power to control mind and who returns to the islands of Hounslow like to seek revenge against the oppressors who have killed her family and enslaved for people I'm Hanna or HG Perry and my novel was called the unlikely escape of your eye Heath it's a story of two brothers Charley Sutherland a young Victorian literature scholar who has the magical ability to read characters and objects out of books and his elder brother Rob relentlessly determinedly nor normal lawyer who's been trying all his life to protect Charlie from his barely controllable abilities and to keep them a secret

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