New Year, New You // A Poem about the Falsities of New Year’s Resolutions

An end. Or a beginning. You decide. As December comes to a close
And January looms with its “Change your life!” “Lose the weight!” “Start anew!” mantras
screaming at you from every side. And you begin to think:
“What should I change? To check the box,
To fit the mold, To be the ideal
The TV advertises?” So you buy the gym membership
Or the new planner Or the as-seen-on-TV miracle cream. You start a blog,
Or give up dessert, Or get a makeover. But do you really feel different? Or is your inside still whispering,
“You aren’t enough.” Because as well-intentioned
As your resolutions might be The problem isn’t the weight
Or the wardrobe Or how often you eat dessert. The problem starts with the
Words you say To yourself. About yourself. And ingrain in yourself. So no matter what you
Try to change, It’ll never matter if
You hate yourself on the inside. So this is an end,
But let’s make it a beginning Not for weight loss or
Skin-deep changes. Instead a beginning from
The inside out. And an end to that
Little voice.

6 thoughts on “New Year, New You // A Poem about the Falsities of New Year’s Resolutions

  1. This is really great Kaitlin!!! I totally agree with you. Weight loss plans are great and all, but not if you're shaming yourself and forcing yourself to do it. You should tell yourself you can be healthier, or better, but you shouldn't tell yourself that you're fat and that you need to change. On the flip side, letting yourself love yourself the way you are is also great, but letting it run rampant could over-inflate your ego and you could convince yourself you are perfectly fine even if actually, say, you ARE overweight or you ARE disorganized or whatever. Yes, have self-confidence, but never forsake your health in the process.

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