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Re weill contie to ta a ok athis arods goin to be joinie up he inust a ment to rely tk abou the ally on easy fling that Watreet. I feeli we got adear ccerns and tn warningoming up as well sa possn thiss whyou are sing th this momt evebody ioiv out we’lleep and g see d mayo. judge oyou now and weill take some of his remks in jt a lite bi there. Asello stay right hereo storsnd heaines. Froe top across theok you so much f joings he day we really do appreciate might pay share. Tnk you welcom to ws and n wt wee going to do is actually take i outo gi me litt bit othose marks live right we sak eveone. The lution beuse nody hasore onhe lineYoungo r fa lik the one he s ling on to beart o the answe I nt to able to spond by saying tha the federal government has isack supporng. Se practices in psuing t searchnd devopment ey’llctuall make the azin praicesnd promises vaousPotentl actually so y cano. Bu for ttrmers wee goto actuly me that a iorityn oucountrwhen we do. Weill searmsn this aas much aymbol o tackling s electric vehicles pg in pot somes liken thisountry. is iss an open up h one d to. Tm when tk what we didnwenttwenty I nt to beble tlook him inhe eyend telhim that we did whait tk to t America to l me if weid what it tk. To ing about the day when race was noredict ohowong u’reoing tlive o how. Much you’re going to earn for enforcemt is gng .sh witlaw Cry time wlost aundred Amicanso gun violce eve y a then came togeth did wt it a tremel Rare currence in anhing y. What telli how woman’se s Weived ieconom son evi elev dolla an ur b ift you make you only made fourillion dollars an hourAnd thwe okhe ste tget twork boatin thieconom. All right we wt to show you jus a ttleit the jgen ion taing there will get back tte bit buteally t big sry o th day ctinueso be. The real good w dow senet a hundrepointst we we goingnto the show ife s seven fifty. Down there and is going . Keep going s we seet. So the wry is a it’s a s thven thgh our enomy in the i Doing ptty dn well. In you kno Basilly thlowestate in abt fiftyears. d home e stilsellin. oer down and there’someealw concer aby potential. Of taki dn aot ofhe Eurean econo with who kno how l. Sohat’s a g concern if Germany theyrank o automiles. Y ow themakeome of the best cars i. l everytng fro applices t You name it comesut o the Gean ecomynd if ey’re inrouble. e bigr sign that mef En ouble cause hostly we can he keep yo of flt. Right ye. Hey lot oother cotriesills. So it’really raing so worri that’s number oneg countrhere is a wha someo peleonside aredictn of technica b I’ll put itoit you. In e an inverted yield curve it was coming this tually shouldot the w t rates continue tdrawAnd so inn inverted yie. An inverted yis termnterest rateso lower nd like a one your ierest ra or to your. Why is that bad for those rates to go low the smart people o therere i so wor te that they’illingo take aowernY e t toy for yearhat’sure or foa two yr thin now le I’m wriedt ars that’ what hpens it’ annverte Yieldurveo has aually ppenedhe fir nereallt time iabn fifteen ars tt it’ ppened Bute’re ia litt t of charted tritory Me because-s perct 6% sen pernt. You shld knoin the ninetn I meanhe mart f a lonsoghti you. usedo gettg. For rsona an Iercent intert 3 dropng becse we in sors keep the enomy chuing along is jd bu Iillust say oneuick ingikeefore me on to silv linin tthis dkhe ishatf intereates keepud is exet gog down mortge rates as loas they e areoing to keoingown to Thas ue I w just lking a memberf my h rning. And y know ey’re thking aut whi we wish read the cculati Mike and hou. I soere’s let’s s you’v got mortge youe gointo buyr use inhatThree ndred thsand dlar rae and u got ahree r and a lf percent. ur rate wod be yr yr paymt would well en a o abt thiren sometngWell iswo onealllmost twopayme hured doars aonth las that’seal s t masty whatbout thi twey fo hundr a yeayes. I al mon yes. The qution i w long wl theyo. Souys mean wmy can have story abouthereas a nen talng Eupe I wt to sing. Itas in Denrk. mortge hou that en ainingompute is the nder sing othe mogage coany sayg we’ so wried out whe we’reoing tbe five oten w ‘re sworriebout it.e wiive you a y say a dolls 0% ierest. That wou zo soow c you posbly ha a negive intertate talkg abo negate interesaus tt’e willake on a life d’t.hat ow a t year rtgagor twty year mortga whatever wa. If y borrow hundre thsand fm us. Will oy ask you tpe thsand a then wee- that’s crazy.k wa actlly offing over you ere a lotf wries oows ere isobody kws howow intere ratn quic whilee havthe maet stl up tre on liticay here n. Sas sit lk abo receson timeow worrie Gy t uld be weor predent ump wl becse ofhen th en the mart was jus coup of nthsere suou were tnkingw O a sh if it w jt on theike ecomy be y what wod thise a daer forim now. my canean onlyimeill te t- I aays goack to wo ris Wlace and y had it fo Theay wl I sa wt aboutou wouls o jo numbe one.ow doeople el aboheir payeck about theirobsa orheir filies finend siation and ty both the as te. Right but tn I id is it se issuat theime wee talkg about img so. ey cou becom an ev gger iss a Micha bike ris Wlace’s was chaing of tse this. Andhe ne electi itselie n Dona TrumpDo youant toe in forouo s g esiden wvead in hile becausof pet n ke I heeople whoren almo likeean do nothi atould ske the. For yoknow is. It’s unedictae Mik iother woss youruestioI wish I cod giveou a dinitiv answer B bee g w in anique esiden John to ki of whahe’s doing and at theheadlis are justnhe wee to bere the vemberlectio milons te spenundred omillio. Argoing to bepent in al ese. Y kno ste eleions twen twentor two f twenty twentyb ‘ll ju hingen. Heays eoorenstru tweak y ow somhingn thosast w dayshen pele actlly 40% who don’tikeim atll anit’s n the 4 who le and- thpeoe e thinI hear four ndred d eightyigo t t tonow wt wil you sing be thOctobe. Twen twent surpses aue ove twent xteen. Y had called cong o atheBI direcr all. Theillf we’rre openg andhen we fi out t wholeealJust beenou we- rely hadlmost to ts day ys that’what’snothinty tapehat ca out yh and outs intohe weend rht borei thsecond Predentia debat do memberhat Mi is th xt debe well. Sohe two d threbut iwas afrte of cose that sondr d a intonersusonald Trund the acrs tg Hiary Cnton wasort of snkeringayingan we st have thele. Ye rightow souch trble ght I mea sohere is Evan flow that literally week by week does committee chain writing yeah how people feel about. About at rht tre sws y jus don’know who happen yeah I. Was goio one mo toptory her on the d Jeffrey i New York tesere thi iso really somhing here and data rert now that the two security guards. Wersleepi sleepn the awl. The call for G. highlds peoeple the early so people dead. Teens g st.nd yea mea investigion and it’already ppening because ery sgle day youf e wod. Thesere leaking w every ngleay about what was. Hi Missy. Inside that inside the jets and boy. Ye mean that’s thasncreble at’s jusincriblehat you had two different cards sound asleep on the job that’s according to The New York Times d wh I cldn’ undstan stl aut this ory is the one pie of infmation that one of the correction officer Wasn’t really a correction whis le. My ctent. anow. ort chae weaven’t a Io liev t nex pse ofhe coverage wil be as morames comeuy it is inner circle. o knew flights. Yeah I have a because parently he had som very highrofd quaintances yes and s there is ty that could frankly stretch for the rest of the year and into next year. All right there and top ories ey were ju tting. Now did promi our viewer g o e a ing called a rcuit eaker. Drops sou badly the acally wld st it wn for orhate would be a fe mites twentminute Twenty mites st dn and tn ty wouldiring f you he to more than double this non we need. fteen ndred ints dn that’sright.g ound fifteen hundr cell cell. There were not there thank g yeah cause at would thine bit more. Alright fks wil ep an ey on th throuout e day heren newsow we’ back st two minutes Coul alwayst w its doing in really just how mh it’ notoing at the moment your IRA one mightage alys bringing you the topw stories and headlinesrom mu. Foroining u let’so back o to willight n whe we have people to ja a the road to twenty twenty continues in Iowa. A le is also the bachelorsegree 525% an oortuni on a kno otity eoors otip th just does the doorsall StreetWe’re e t e anducce in rural America. That mr bridges in the reallynexy stuffhat on Amerin love whh is o sewerin our that right b thipresenter stem.t lylan oinfrastrture rned o w for oocal whicwe’ve be doingllmmunies tben alonghere ne . An tha includes digal. Infrasuctw doll invt. Iernetor all surehat erymerica hase way to get aesso hi speed brdband matr wheryou are inhe cs taki advtage o thate neve Again illnses. And sheff’smy departnts ae system f mentaillnesis an adctionBut Ielie that wean bui a silonrair wherere twoI good too bauseural Aricall is rea e had aa is wt you. ‘re gonna protec Farrs and enfoement. Tensuri the woersad accso the y to proct acte d finay wnt comes diuption. stead telling of t probl. thinkhehere par empor farrs a ruraltimeasomeo ad ericanto be rt of e soluti becaua re on e line. When Iot a question like e youngan i enandoah who ask m how rural America hlth fm like be pt of e ansr. I want to be leg his bkupportg sustainable resech andevelopnt.the prises variootenal iney’lactual. actual pencioo eric farrs syou n do. But f tha o acally me thaa prioty ourountryhen weo. We much a syml otackli as imate disruptio as an electric vehicle plun point somes athe fute of cmate doin ts becau I’mpen to have kids one day t. A wn they’re what we d iwenty enty I wa to beble to lo him i di whait too to t Amera to a bteo brg abt the day o race was n preg you’ goio live or how ch youe gointo earor One ll abo this crazytimesour rh when wr erican to n violee ery day anther diwhat itook tmake an exa. Ra occurnce inny communy. Ws ght to oose came thi close to vat t arndI’llell abt howe you ke elevedollar ahourlmaronol And t we too theteps toe geo whereising de thisccountSaid oit jusl ltsll bn ing saBut orake that as y knowsnce yovew. And got a thu on t ericanolitic pross. Y are.he vet. f us. ck theires on us ttle b pokesnd pro a sick her fo ve what it tes to liver andhenend I’hoping can lk to you timeet’see some estions I think s ouhere’s o just t your ha up anshe wi come ur way. I soi vestme. In the internet how acce to hi speedThankse it’s so important I now because co othe rlmhinkboutected is the ose prenceshs ualk oute wt to e mo educion b whave hhcalre spd ierne accs tnou don’tlways he al theay to aain caus o the llegl in oer tget tining y can mites. n clsroom traingithhe ndf vtualn couter sed tininghe c help selfhat. It h evythi fro stre motor ingsrom aistaecanday IBD’t and tn compi doct’s officer clin. Wa e close to ho or p you you can’t do unss y have a inrnet cnection t not conntion. abouthat.nd thesare je wh. Is the we beer o. t toention theact tt commity younow farngis.- as asey techlogy intensi practe. farmin andor tha matte nufactinghis kind real lo techense. Ts is all abou tecol that infortion. A if you’r in thg t cpliced force actg on you buse. d e gleo unrtunely able be red a be ab to psent deo gethat iormaon qckly. Ande will l inur mos potenally Unss we ma surthathat nd of acss iavaible ere t- ank u. Hi gd Hait farrs foronservionin hihent vie is senteed to be attracve enb engh forur farme to on woulbe comtible a cas op. Thk you I tnk we go make competive w got entire wor a a interes inmak a e us make implent mor sustaable prtices y look acience tellss it. mucharbon out of e as atspheres a whe glol transptatio. The sence i therehe we nd fedelnvest wh thenogy is y RD to t it ne.uthether ‘s diffent kd of be aed to et’s one tngnna wh coe for yinge rllyhink youo switch ornd dohis. goodorr An sorbouthe haicut gonna n outf busiss right at thais not conviing do tnkhat’s fding iond I Amera is e probm.f wehis ia tt l caay farme to no sell pay faers tadopt tsen practishat t nefit al of uand we nd kind oincentes from the penc out. So at it’ aood sinessecisio t wise we ju ask y do sothinghat doesot faiit is n’t mayouould nd y sens. ank tha you ts way. YeI’s has to ans vy good plans our pmie foy two ousandollars True not mao d need Medare f all wy we nted a t way we wod likeedicaree make itng and weake i possie for ys buy io tha so if. u did have good an in nd payg for it ft thathat we cado betr. At Ifou d n he healt w is. surancright w you y way incrsingly Ar’s stoes li your milies where if y ve heah insunce. You’r ying t muchor heah care. A theffr tent se of th w.ut obviouy iou’rt that suation nll the way beuse h can y expec ericane abo call set up The wholedea of alth suranc is tfree you fm for althca for aeasonae theye goinoutf theiwaywpremiunda condions of e rest of it to makem optishat wereate on e Medica ford syem. Wl o comte t good a so maybe theorpora theyeot tha cpetitia publ secto If they step up and aettejobrove m ong s much theette Becae the nnee juanted to know likut. I evythingou say sound like a gd ide andverythg but But ere’t And you kw what we’laying cah up herin rur Ameri the re a t y The ri America’sole Ghto. Wos werehen wh’s misng subsies to conrvatn. Ths. That t Repuican ideogyails and floo suppl managent we t plan is a mu cheaperarmat billt couldave a hundr llion to. Two huned fifty billioe maet faire is very evalent i the twentfirst ceury iprojected d other teyears it’s t an oldashit mas a l money fors ande make a pr make profitn sale t ina. B there’s aigger tre war of loring t price floor wn andry to unrstand t count’s. Not ju the n tradehat th makes evenu ink. Tnk you f thatnd we’re okine velopur aicultu spific pns basedn some of thatartf it diffentng but not uelated Iso w do toh in is plan h to do wi monopiesnd purcser i makin it touer t w tt and tohy whatou what you’re descring grterrice certaty a I do thi we’re in wor whe got a we t r calrate all of thet lookhe farme tt I talk t e prepad to ta risks In thro such uertain inve additi to a kes ilmost strucral we suld beurpris we keat ving tse proems ando I precia tt wl be searchg thas we lk toward ourgric ans gog onli. Thanyou. Ye wl makeure itill wi Are ere in decadwith t. g. Ist to aog. My questionor eve kidirst o been iressedith yofrome the fit cable . I thght I thght. Thank u. Buy for ery Cada have Matistion forn r couny cant go like th h do yoensurehat yo at tri very go. Thanyou. Zero yrn likehis a you kw in th imary proce Inow I’I’m talkg to lot of vers w ha vy shisticed ncerns abo picyuestio butlso most of the rease i e priry wld votfor ha ndwichf it w goingo replacthis p ink wcan daot ofetter an do noarm but let’start by uoie happing rht nowhich mns we just w I thk thers a temption i e partright nowo say les playt safe. Les ts isll chaot we n’t te this anyre a k t is. Here in ral Ameran e indurial Mwest Riley is. Norl e n believee were in twentys I defending the systeight fairly or unfairly wget f tradeike our mesges a the systemust fe. A other guys saying I’m gon blow up who e und nollusionspl outhethere’s aood g. ill voor right just t rn theouse dn. So n t hoe is on fi wcan tk abouthat coy m th past where wve had the sa conversatio g safety coersatisheameor highchool re abo highyears. ncen scol shoingsAnd we’ got to putori fferen and is not just abtim so. D’t gete wrong ke eve m cking cps for Bng o a dete sge t I wod ta a ctain sre appearissatiar rerd tay’s decisn t etend be dibled onet wahis tu. Hang sd al th. goto maket le d lessbout h. And re valuwe went we’ thenesre aut yos trng to geyour pay o Paid fily leave bter roadse es p an bridg and gd plic wanthich is exaly whye- that reprent sethi Ishyneeds tt the displine to me bac to at matrs to ll i ditiono the rding thiso confrohin worsome thoht afrd to de wh th prent. words esiden bue things ilifeAnd you kw pa of h you w theays to pu forwaften the posite owhat you g.nd I uld y dot gi mor oppote frothisrt th aguy li meSo I lik yoare o of the peopl Demoat a you tk a lothat’s bhhra comptelygree aeeorderd I wa to know is ifou’re e nomine ho e read. No mattewhat ty can sea present who ss I’m ristiabut. t doest win ose pele ovethat. Th all riu es don see t corretion betwee t a sus. Wet’s great qution and I thi now i a ance lik we han’tad bereecause thinkany of Now it a mutehe y kno. scpture ys that t he who presse s makend youot party ts dedicad toh w Youee.he scripre tharit. way ey talabout by lose Prazerctw that we han’t h up untiow is e he th obvioI mean. t I’m fr the home sta is you kw our vef f u even ifou’re ingy tho les on wha i mnso be a Chstian whioesn’tuite li u with w I rd scpture tt’s how sipture out of B. ev by t way h thers kidhereo I’m todyreadcripu thgs hs doneBut. is onna gontoe but theirwn. An I tnkffensnot s prest sothindiffert there an aww ong pplefaith a when weoto beareful rig part corctlyo Ihink.the Th says ahen youe i fice to speakor peoe of anyelign f l foller ohe fai trationme. e call u to li up e weo for e leas amongs.atnized as more tn I thit anyte IThere is n feti rind pple of use ark thathoicest a ment mostf thisoment ll peoeike ts we ink for emselves agaI inkou jt in te for o two ls. Talfastovin Hi I’m a Lheranastornd a lot of wo witpeople thin thaI samong aotothelp. of t peopl who a looki domeic vlence. And Inowor hesnxf th there also atrong violce among thapeople w peetrateass shootgs. And so what would ve to ar is adul withhe are ofule Thingbout iI was like e we had the year in the weeI ha a o night page you’re welcome back to news awe continue to bring you these top orie and hdlin fro across t count to Springfieldllins right now we’repeak of th hou Nay Pesi. ve se rerks. Onredus theoardark ney in politicsnd power smallonot suppssionohn Lewiss a ovisio there andass will pa the ving rits act. d d ofhe soany oerbuses challeng a wmust mt thor chalnge oe . is portant not oyt’s importt in’ imrtant tourarmerst’s importt toi o grn blu with our m and le on how weebui of the Americanr envinmenlommuty ufied t diding. And en ds yourittleoree dos we gforwar inhe near fure ba n vience prentio let his prevtiono we nd to d at we ed to do it. Soon whicent e nate w pasdn Febrry afr wwere.t tnted Tjust aouplefs majoty of the ss H eig. Idesigned yes the fm the tim ofhe And so ‘ve be waing fedGabby Gir nce Fruary. A now public sentimte e livef pass areuilt to lookt hiapacy. Elinat as wlo hern e peon down the stre. But ll sayhis. Th wtaken oath o oicer couny fm allnemies foreign an destic ande will d sod o must be hd aountab fl action Butta andhat is Amica Arica ic system o ches aalansat our freedo h theesthats itnd t presidenontine Amera is thiseautif ld from so sd en beyd tt god h giv us o nural primony whi inudin jthiseek has n spector g’s catio t nd omericahat is Amica is are a lan. immiants uess y’re rn is alessg tyoundo ourto be natih cotry. A nionf immignts ich hisreect as weur immiants w i hos andreams and asrationsf coura says America tras. Mak inilyto e the fut genetion of Afghanthese immigrtse i ritIt’s o values our values o bue atemen of ounation vaes wha is imrtant to us as a ne t that h a taxillScam bget ally aacks canhey give 83% of thp iour cntryhat’s st saideaping mound odebtnd tour chiren and o grandchiren wit thathat is t a stementf ouralues. the governor also saiabout insting educati. An end to our fute. Int theell Now get a t of cdit f abeing of. unifying the Docrats but I don’ta e kihen tablconcernsThe Amera’s worng familielieric peor rewarding a respeing wor richt peoe i our courye an calli that fai is sply t fr but as go forwd we do so we reonsibity ttheounders they hado establh tse couge future drugounts to Iranyr thios won in yo nber fightor freedo a e crd. Thank u so mh for yo servi. To ourountry do. The piratis of r focuon childrethank uhildr ain I best forur coury we mitchdo in e as to nhe yo rea for us to pand our majoty theouse belecti sse Jason Lorgan. Are u Syst Lear Dic Dbin t. airman of cmitteend leads in e United decraticenate. And this a bivote. To cnge whoasor in t Whio strong. Anneane a bette ndidatbetterresidee alknow tt but theact is a so butr Demoat you rdy. Ste legislates as ll I tught bles Ameca thaou fod this ard andhe oppornity to sha . n ing he. wt to ge our Nancelosi ank yofor al u do. BC’s. Throh t unty parties ihere to bud ouincluse Demratic Pty brging ppleogether t polies tt hel rea pplee vernme isbout svice evyay cra mus cnt everywherend ty a e o that was speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi there speaking in onoing we’re gonna to get top a live event right now in Portland Oregon for right now this is where there are supposed to be planned protest over the weekend in the mayor of Portland and nearly one hundred city groups and individuals are warning protesters who plan to get violen At turd’s planned event. Rit. We were on the same with the false. All we see is not for tax Ricky bass. Or towers on the natural. These lives in the dozens of other lives murdered. er the last thren Oregon. Whole way California. So tax. w Zealand. Th bodiesre dd inhe lt. Hand tools. Weon’t warplan. By a rtinereedom of speech and asmbly. Not just police but to all Portland there’s. He clearly today is not about. But enrcemtI am he toold a mior to tf Portland Oregon. It is ti to sta s anit ia. City lders in law enforcement. Solution there is no. Inhe seet. ly t sayWhenure Usg t powf thr offices. usg our moral Threend violen. be will only truly be safe. Good speech drowns out. Ci leaders what. And to call them to do far more. When I was young. Or Ml stard. If I were. Unified world like this. If I found myself in a lion’s cage on the line. Here’s what I would do. Hi. Question would ce on. If I were in the midst of the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties. Here’s what I would do thehoic choic of ourerstd elde. And te rely. In the midst of the civil rights movent. You wonder y mit ofhe neteesixts Wille wh. Hen we walk away from the square. This is your city. All right so that was some city leaders there in Portland Oregon and talking about some plan protests that are happening over the weekend urging people js folk here’ a liv loo out thmarket rightow dn to when wstartethe sw tod was dn asessio lows at sen hundd andorty pnts and wl contue to nitor thisoing r e o – new app. l regarng eahquakes. Is call the shake up t here on ws now The red we will ct take a look at it right here hi news and now I everyone mig hour here on ns n we always apeciateou jnings he on fox ten u always trying to bring you top bes and sries from all over. Theount sakin of conntionhis is. Wrena gettin an dat woma the fily of Rebeccana Zahau on today is expected to announce new infmation regarding the twenty eleven ca any sstantieward for information leading to the arrest of the man found liae foher dth.ccordi to e familyttora neexpert revie o Adam shack now he’s a polygraph exam will be released in their hou sister will bon hd t ise a statent tresell this a hasn Ariza connecon shod cal becca was fro Azona so ou wil keeou i Calorniaefor ereere lrninf thnew rcrall regarding. Earthquakes ist s too. Tnkboutt. Just it wasn’t too long ago back in July where. llo L Angel insult lisn into littl t of is here news w everody. Tnn eighen teand the may’sn a plsure tbe joid by my of thesey ou infortion thnolog encyhichs our- teces and-ity hl.l t I thk kws thingrwoe. Who Don’ give innd buy a dreeking h. om the US. G. Shoead ever year is gting more nuced getti dperith chnology andhat reall foed aistori ptnersh wi the cityf LA When e USGS w aba somebo to ty halor fou out of fiw z h rector oextern affairs A and T.ri d market bee s i he a techgain forostings and I encourt spen timat ts exaordinary instution And only ofarth bound but sce bod explotiono come he innotion incator. Advansd toee.l in seiic technology.ith th firscity ithe Unit State ve an rly. Ap. nce th ere ara b Sheckledelays been plif area and t rponse s been ovwhelmi with more an downads sce it s releed it wasnen ps in e worl wheit was since when we shis upime ould say weisten to e scntists in rms ofhathe right thr e f e o much cha tha pple wen’t nning tf. 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Checkr delay i anher rinder tt Los Anles i T model o eparedne andeople alway ask m for the pss are we prared My and I say we better ppg stil to sa were woefuy unepared Nobod is a00% prared but t diffence i uou makg thaplan you downloing tg the ing. Tngs that allow u tbe armed with the say do you nd wn dister com. And ratherhan waitgo be jolted ir apar as resilit city.e know tt ce d neighbhoods riskIt was onof tt I k targeted theame scetory budings tte sawollapse the Nthridgarthque in prouto report tha thatork which e th adverom U. SG. S. U theyan’t tl us at tdoay t it c it. Ge us goo advice W arf hedule we sa story rrofits and wn duile ccrete retrots. S far more tn two tusand si overen thoand morere int progress andust be finhed wiin theextive years. will n just ca be hieved tomrowe’re cusedn the here andow. at’s weaunched silient Los Angel ourirst Lookg at every d actio that Aeleo e that the hter rilientdLos cities camh rld sd was the bes writt the wld a t time. anningreparaon begs of thhousehd a neighrhood lel. Andhe ricreques mentned rent wakup cl. So to new o commient. As I ve issdo chalnges to our nehboe t prepedness officst the whetrhe nor. Tomrow for myista o San Pror Ble ights. Make surhat yo neighbhoode neigorhoodrogram foryland r shor It’. A fr servi that offer by city’s emgency nagement deparent. Oops e arerganiz and rdy for t evitab shock and sesses. cond wve encouge couils toost resilnce blk parties snds n LA. Aesilience bck par neigors and peoe I’ve taed to sa they ve bee feelafer b f the fsthey timehey kn o ves down t stree Maybe disabity. The kno eachthat a clm other notn a ronger neighrhood r what ev challges yomay fa. Relience taccess all. It woing tether know that we cabuild eventronge and mo resilnt Los Aeles. And beenone inartnership ao some wore d notic som Spani meao. But eryone her that theartner.. G. Snows just a thisountry b we ve rigs. We coun re wer U. GS. has had such atrongresenc a we amazg and committed expts inur o bacard. We a earl Earthake early warni Congress int the psent abo e impoance. Of blding out th rust senr nwork n st he but rougho liforn. And Inow ho far wee coms a citue t for l thathey he donend will d Tr chnolo soo tells a littleit morae t rn ove to ug giv. Who i geophicistnd earquake. Early rnt thU. S. S. thankou so. I wantedt out thtechnil aspts of cour it’ an rthqua early warninyk ofetecting earthakes very pidly. Detminenythin if potentiay cause damage.ndey’reao Now this is not earthquak edicti but it is very. Rapidetection of earthquas anrecognion that there poteially maging fortunatel vy clo to thwordarthquakeegins the epicenrt is an eaeyond tt Johnre timeor theto taka them in otecti actioI wanto int o that thi sohake ert syem isn extmely collorativeroject that invoes univeitieshe feralovernmt sta vernmentity gernments. The ivate secr allorking tothero makeure tt this life sins avlable to l. Theystem ha threeajoromponents it reires netrkfround motionensors s l y rning in l three states of thwest coa Whingto Oron. AnCaliforniaThat thanalf blt oo theeore target gd that we heo states. That efforwe got aely ce diveed som mon from ago when to bld out thetation in southe Cr o e netwk is nowbout 85% funded an that incded in ne Calirnia.o tt is gng to weopenable uo compte e buil outnaliforand avaibleor the oth twohe otherune aler cenrs y’re in ont is ght now. Tre areix ale ntershe in the west cst. To in uo n Setle s we have th gionaledundayo make sure tha Thoa l in a one othose cations. Thos cenrs invvecience universed sohat’s y the so you can tell ‘s aga it’shad a eat t point stron int when exrts oboth des say theame thing and both othe fensic paologis o each de of thCase sthey he neve en a wan. Suice nativI fod that kd of shoing a say tt bothides. Sd tts the ructif n t S neve tied by reect. As a hoe of tt repructionas wohless. Thmost scking sexuly aaulted We owcca was twen seven. ank you to eight ts the hale th the knife handlen the shiff’s actlly the edence gaered peoplconfird that the was.lood on thknife servic. Tenicianas thait was on e ha. Meetg all t way arnd and ftor w split to sheon the botm of the handlend t only urce o his minstreis chaed.he . T only wayor the To geon thatight wch sheas sexual aa knif Iwas also transr that bod at agnst her ier fe. Leang a stre os . It is fuher showehat th down. Tre was no DNA ngerprts on e door nding very wl was shiny clean. Ti thnakeeye en I tch it that t to sh that t crime been sged to lo like had someing ee. T bizar ngerprtsere fndn the of the nic it wasoundt t wo DN know yo frien on thhandlef the kne whd pect to e ithe ngerprts. Fromhe bla figus linedp likthis ia weird pip partf the akes fing happed it’s alsand- we tds mno t our hasn but e fingprints on. Analys andt make sen and t herselfree whe shey wa bou and gged. And still ale.notheringerpntas unusua on et there s a ra some ints. On the r. n t anythi with ur info on the her se of t my phe.n of y. But you’rcutting back if . st theudgeo reveehe veict. And to. Iss a rdict ofur ownn favoof abstractAccordg to clIt was verye unual because s could have st sd no y know that at the verdi is a ving she calle o sef courhat sang the crt fee remis if it does not state tthe sherifa alstAs my qution answer hasance. As a sultt is not ueasoble totill a who kled ba to e hoeWhat aocal jge calls out aie s allyronge’s be fid. hava shnoth cnce this again.his haenedight fore hislectn. Ihinke gave lip serce tit befe the eltie ck with th decisn to ter t electn. H oply thahe was eleedes would open. re whore politicly sav gentmen ss leadg to e elecon and then aerwat o s l lievest is auicide. The mily inot ging upt this pot in me there goi ck to. T citizs to t the inrmatin orr to g ts compled t be arimina. grienceith t sheri’s depament. Al e nclude before th same agait the are ofn civise cot. Were also goi tbe medical amin to angehepetitiinge ton th pas my firstIave coupti. Becae lking as lookedt it and i was a quick deco anyby who rllyeasy the list o thi murdethis i’t suide ive a***or oth chanc ethert’s competencer cameackn Deceer sevthorrupon. Ge and said is corrtion the is sothing corrup If syemt may he sriff peop. I think tt somof em eventlly hefully will me fward knowhat da ers has sted that e was ptainn the sheriff’s departme before ranor re o Thato a lar percenge of t pe s . s e cat have ople b murded in o cmunr t ev findut theeason youe peop sculatehat. Youot this veryd s brhers charged iout he’s he’s geo conntion of atow and pieces a missing pce pple see i t t ppen w don’tave an idencef that we don’t know what’o extly wt we dnow is tt anybod los evidence woulday it’murder We art r e sociies it is it is suide. An sayinghat hs eher lyg or delusnal one of e twthings ts fami is t ing tlet ghis firm is thank youuys for bng heregng tle just toHelp keep is alive Releed tod is theamilyig. ha dided huned thousand F formatn leadieading t e arrest and cvictio Of Ad shack tim wre notg that. He h beenound sply. a civ jy tbe thene who muered R. l convtion.hat doesn’ p m in jaithat isJust a furtr we need everody so.y ople outheres commity know at thereere pele outsid ofs nsiothat evengate thsandleve Btereardhe enin on lo the ream gngy ve sn sothin to ey may ha a betr ideaf exactl wereebekahven fuherheyhey there beeople w have seen am sha night in e communy notnowg th is a rangreactis the ce andhe ne.hey canat saokay I sawhat guhe said th w needo hearbout at. Peopl peoeho kw diffently s behavrshato see h ag would impe way nee tknow those things iow u d gethe evince out her so we n cf as quick asossie to reopenhe invd precute am sha. We’re gogo ha some. Qstion aner afterrds.e have releas t we h so Drolee examiner had eerts. Riewe. A roh the pogs peormeby t sheriff depament. Itan r . Depending upon w y readhe test fe g w a en takinghe infmation at was gain the tt ree ofne way Aa chec ni glaring faid the st it t otheray motiolading underminedrea. Far wardsny. Iiss thside of shing th it wa a li Forhose oyou no miliarith pographs. Fo ose of you n famiarith pographshe wayt work is scieific dices tdetect ur blogicaeactio b ysicaleactio. We ve those can’te e e thpersoneing exaned a as to ty of qutions. Want tconto e relent queion. T ntrol estion you’lsee re ithe pes oquesons thatThose will oke somr actiono.anou one. D u dohis and tn to bause. Everybyn you tl theruthither wa it’a comfoable rcumstce becse youe sharin pbablg whicis ver persol barrassi. We’ lyingbout methinso the’s the examine peon. reoue volvedith thcrime did you ha sometng to with is and th han people a telli the tth e reacon tthe tohe rea qutions lowe just got therehey dg ythingexually tha barras me n Liteit ally littl co. noLess rction ss fixing if their suation where t actiono the al questns ar highe tn the reaions whenou he a pygraphthat’ failur In evd d e l reaction to th ctrole questiso this lves th amineray Hey thiss concsive theshouldave be done oneore test. Bac tt was reee didn do it Ando is just onmore pce of idence were lookinh buit’s reallthe sh tt happen shad e shiff’s.nvestigati oit was s standd. He a copy ofhat forou guys to we also haves t rerenced. A it’s athe ttom of ge one a the boom othe laspages where thcourtsre. Tt I rd so. in little *-*akest.ery. Once y steover here in. ke tgive. Mey ju a ment tchat wh yofolk ile shs Schieffen out wn jusfor th. I st wan tohank erybody. e media and evybr It’still very rd f us so. stand here ront o wan to sist my hoe. d I wi amy of you wld havknown r for And e sur knows how to ke somedy smile andhe was fiterAnd Inow s thought e nighto di and she plentyf evidceAnd Id resed totand dnAnd my faly refus to std onhe for . Iaveo fighor thewould ve g Anf cerin ge a the lto he forcent ancyhoever syol all tnk that were going toot ing to happe. I will fht this tsa d as lg as I capab of injuice ofy sist just be. Brhed awust hit becae of whaverl everody toall the eriff’ partme and- them and y ow as citizeyou gu have You ys an w ba all oou tcall the d not.ot jusstand . Add that yes thi is. lot of times ig bad ppenedYou ma a or n. Anherpot onheecisi I’monnd leftitter the gund mae y presus pick iup. Th is time when methin d has haened aund for thiss the type of thg haens in. Oerountri her cies Diego.nd if d e g e diffent yr lettsake a fferen.ean’tet this sit in faster it nee to be alt wi now any hel anody oer couldive. Just anytng tget tshingil mong to aart ofolving the prleme e e the mily. Questions thank you mucwas aNo Iust ntoike I id let evybody kn that. s wondful persoand she was ahe wa ghter d I ju wanto. Le vict and Iant. e serve departme t toreat h like bithe viim and- t juste for. Quesons. Buusing th mdle heard of the screere eher younow comg fr Sprecksackyar wu thk. ey hav’t com rward t justasn’t g enou rewar. n a for e thin The oan. Yo n be andingn the her si of thstreetnd youan withtThe sofnoisehehr scres ca from e uppwind blong ie ck. For t room ere she wabut sheas bou and gaed if you lk at the l photwith m It’s most le an ampthg towas the ighborhat actual hearde taingne elen thirty at the me of e did ard e and noison theeach that ght lking lghter expt gets summertis t of background nois these surpsing that we ha jus e onneighb that ard o we ha thehen ty really heard it. And sheas ver said she stoed she tned o TV. Lean tordshe winw toee if it wagoing haen againou knoit in TnerV back on andot and it di’t becomrelevaack o Yoe tohe nexday when she found ou the pice we out tre. You kw ad That treeren’t other people I the quite als The nghborho said s hef thpeople out fntf the hoe. Gotuietlso. Whe wasuite f a lite bit And en ty stard talng aga th’s- ts part of the reward m w identify tse peoe righin t td wi to okinor tm. That wa eig yearsgo ty migh en teegers. W goto get th outcross t count I’m rprise At homany pple dot knobout thisase. We neo gett outhere as beuse we nceled tse ople ceorwardo somedy hee knosomebody reacdo it a they han’t co for yh. Hthathat numbers ve se signifantumberWhat i at t size othat. Aunt y authatou’rtryi to do a- whereou c youalk out whe thmone camfrom. Was a rc. alrey.ith th because I had a check thaI can’ say sa on TVn all ur channe. Thahis e so theurned wn a mliont wento trial. It wasn everlarffee moneyhu ne him tbe. Cvictedf the crime ha t ter evythingas don they gotheir verct thaso we need to n need. Mon was aepted at money n. Expes investigors. Attornsndhe rewd I thinthe faly wou probay pay mo to t thisou knoCobourg and pron. B tt’s wch is we majust wanto mak a statemt thaast ‘ tere and- t somody to concern that they were coming into. at would bhavingun with. Se fromhe sheff. is is out asnformaon you wt to cl to t case.f a coon shassomebo tI intesting. I gus I shldas I cses be ourexe h eriff. ybe we nowhe ybe the is formion tt call u cala e nuer onere you Plse lets know thas a eat esti. ank yo he ditalk aut t conte of thie detector tt how much homay soonfter the did it wahat you kn being qutioned ahat. Ti yeah heas he s for ology was in t beginng of theed lifector yeah and it’s en ter t test w done when M re and sgested that other teste sure didn’ follothroug You me that e same day cal ne onle at. The me. Ye ah samday wi a ne one onThe grhics weryou guys ed did y calle the wder of theandful Yh and the someing Los.eviewi e polyaph tes. Vid tape. Well aue e l grhs that re madof t device tt use e same chines f the mt part som And havinthe grhs havg thvideo wating iso we dot thinwe los anythg in ade otherhen you ad tt reportow h waperfordtself w reall shdy it sods likam and it it mes sensehat. Anher. Whicshouldave be ne andt was ked fo My re deced notoan you whatas to me firstegree th’s right whavee have past ones the gre was h beeniled wh the sriff. W d to dthat witn six nths oDecemb seventh decion is gointo remaint’s whehe suide once e share of dedes. Wh they’ gonnao. If thesaa donythinwe justHi mt to go civicourtnd we eon considerio react d see w ty-ow th ended. We’re lking at a nuer of enues in cil courto go a. theedical examir. Uerith Califoia ll h rtifice the dth Can ange. at on eir owte sit wae we werworkinn a petion to docr Ls rtified dtor he now in LoAngele We’ hopef. no lger iSan Diego under thpressu of any litical essurehat th would be gonna t himut her becau reing hireportnd I tk his desitio formatn he didn’ gete wasn told at Am had her er wris and that appearin hal But sentia but in eteiew. records the reports of wind up gog to thcorner. We hav e sexual sault pect whi s not ought to e attention. Of de ha now texpertaying that the- mner in whh she tighte selff did e re entmentf.s didn have at and we’otorrte’ll t two mo noy arou sort ofike a naonally renned forenc patholist. Reasable hs respect forenspatholg i the nude.nd so in numbe otherhings m goin rough l the idencef thingshat I h alof y todayAnd gog over thenivem Even undermined. And that w put i a suationhat realut als a huge chges is no t curre.edical hehich cnge I tnk. Ldin’s offe e be loo at s hielf hasheertifyg D underalifornia change andhee e tentio well the was aell underminedr homide.ither ink thato be littleore His tentiafindinand dodiffict. . wh. e it in r acti agait the are of. e sure too the ght thgYeah. yourxpert D okay at thatgack toh the shou have en a trd sharkHas e mple tms is nd of compcatedYou knf you’ do anythg embarrsing seally if you ever liged cera becse of those ndenci i those tres you setf quesons to mpare agnst a tee and you kw if youavey sile sittion. Where the vit lt respse is gher onhe reaquesti on th levant qstion aopposed t e contl questioIt jus itt makeit a me concluve. Filonc. Th will st it toou nee have thr. To the andards a indusy standaso make tt nclusion and thejust the thgr read u jtut it shortndouldnt degn had. To fail ve is wortess. Dision sn’t i. Te srt o sp and tre wasister re it as f that reqstas nev made h of. Ner folwed tough hre one afr the starof the cond hf. I gss you cld .hy he di’t tt’s that’s fo the cticismf aoctor over hshoe He tt could thatistakerd. cod havbeen caut by re of ge whe. . w thughGet warm in he. sure. ‘s aadmistraveAnybylse fie grievance yeah for you for before you file a lawsuit against any type of city government agency within six monthsfterhe eveou hav to fila grievance with them to give them a chance fix it. Ha if th fix it en you dot have a wsuit. If th n’then tn the sses okay the sriff dn’t fiit on regrsion cil cou so wh a get done with n file those can.ith a the me weend. d I wouldlsoike erybody tonow th se foras yet to cal t ft the famy. Eryime the I know for fact i he hasbe conts thether sidthe sho ne in muiple locions. But hhas yet tcos s weere hong tt wwoul acally. Hear somhingnd th isow. Twmont aft anhingrom em. Good way wetillavd anytng els All rig. ankas you andhen boued jus littleehty boy bo ty mething here as it is deer re markets right now on tra war o s wellll mixed io it and the rowt inhy don’t you jt throw in all the Hg Kong otests that we’veeenhe st cple ofays. Throw that in thew g to almt to the fil hr of trading who knows what it’s goino close out but it’s evyonei everyoneightace covering the big story toria all over of this great country we’m gonna go out to Caforn thoh wee gog to sw yo mori g atew a tt ske. App lurkhereor Cifora a is tggering e les brinquaken ito you ght heren ne w. ters then. The wt coasthem tor Calirnia tin Seatt. So we ha that gionaledunday to maksures t succsfully.ven ia- faureode whe thereight those cationThose cenrs involv so t ming ctributio i been so portan versophiscated deteion ohese ethquak anthen an estatef the to rest. Fm each onefte those rthqt e eratiol up d downhe coast that e e themealeristributiond that’s chas y a nuer ofartner ioth We have now me than fty public . organitir using the arts for deloping oducts to allowthers tuse those o thgsndnact ar alrdy dog this likelowingnd stoppi trar e apprriate like in re hous so thar don’t becom jamd and premes. For eir ow rsonne but when – nounced lt yea tt t busiss.t incledll ofor ose kd o mhineo machin aomatic aa s r only tt of pubc learning that w havright nows throug the a APTV.t’s imrtantou understa thein m thos ales tough vious pathwa ince the eikh art LA t. ‘s a very importan rtnership a the a ovides tt lastile communation to. The systegot a test. Onhe urth oJuly hiday the fit live re worldest of e system. Enneeven pnt e and in fa abouthirty three urs bere a magtude six point fr. Thsystem rform ry wel in those ents ahough nerfectly We naid th. Fothe sevepoint onee derestatedhe magtude. An so thelert arewas no ite asarge ait probly ould he been. But we alted onoth o those earthqkes wiv conds of e earthqke beginng. Ande th very succeful test o the syem becau thoselerts did goutWe plish the gund tions. Updated thebout tweer secon uil the earthqke was oveabout twen secon laterThe Shk ert app. The iler L app did not go oAnd th was b disaointed in surpriset the afrnoon offerarthque for ertingas set tlevel thefeltd shaking tt might start to causee LA count areahe ground moon didn’reach th level. Itas fel but it dn’t do an damage. Now that’s theay we am shou work but as we’ rcettis said The pple ma ivery car that they waedo get alts for this that ty t to tt by lering thedgge. threshdor thr appThemporta thi to doeseanhat pple wh the appleill A th’ll g alertostlyor eventshat td damagi. And our fear is that to tlerts and notct to prect tmselven thos instances ere th realldo needo. e enuragin peopl to ta even thlower thrhold ales as anpportunio pracce wha they reali ich is dp coveand ho on So iyou’re aer thoseff do that. Ift’s aairly md rthqua annl we feel it he ll of excise. That poteiallyifeaving tions. Butlease do mak realob whichs tprotec pele thaI haveownload it. the se the peormanc of the Sik alertystf the ow Eckr app. And o aboupeople and the respoe to. 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34 thoughts on “News Now Stream 08/14/19 (FNN)

  1. He must be a good shot to hit six of them.
    I would assume they are wearing vests.

  2. Why did conald wack Epstein after Epstein talked about Mara largo and underage girls 💯💯🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🐒🐒🐒🐒 PRESIDENT SPINKSTER MOUTH 👄 👄💩 💩

  3. wish this was LIVE, it's after 10pm here the two officers have already been extracted.

  4. So… Fox is now in the business of conjecture and absolutely rubbish-speak.

  5. The Democrat's "useful idiots" are working overtime to help push the globalist agenda to disarm Americans.

  6. May God be with All The People, including All Police Officers and Security & Armed Protectors in JESUS Christ's Holy Name. May the Shooter (s) Surrender and also find The Word of JESUS Christ and God as he/she/they have killed no one and this message gets to the Shooter (s) safely as The Truth is the Only Way and All People of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Godspeed. 💜😉🤔

  7. Meanwhile the stockmarket has plunged 800 points. Looks like we're heading to another RECESSION! BUT FOX IS NOT REPORTING THIS!

  8. Omg. Were these questions scripted or what ? To fit the leftist obsessive never-ending narrative. Yawn reasonable medicare premium? Reminds me of B.O.'s insurance promises. As to the shooter(s) if they aren't white we'll never hear about it again. If white it will go on and on and on

  9. On the timestamp 10:27:13 why does it have a No Parking in Reverse yet the signs above is in the correct direction above

  10. Are all these guns that the shooters have been using in these mass shootings being traced as far as where they originated when new, and has/is it confirmed that background checks were conducted when the shooters purchased them? It is never mentioned by MSM when these shootings occur, The shooter from the El-Paso attack wasn't from there and reportedly bought the gun in a different state from where he resided. I'm not sure, but don't think thats legal , could be wrong,

  11. The bottom half of California is going to slide off into the ocean and I'll have some ocean front property soon!!

  12. Why don’t you have some more fire, in the schools. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE.

  13. We all know what is going to happen and why!
    Take it down trump!!!!

    It’s amazing if your awake!!!

  14. Since Epstein and Trump were good buddies and we all know Trump has perversion tendencies than doesn't it stand to reason Trump should be suspect in these conspiracy theories?

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