Next STAR WARS movie CONFIRMED to be from GAME OF THRONES writers

you guys already knew this was coming you guys already knew this was coming you already knew that the next Star Wars movie was going to be the the Game of Thrones guys Dan and Dave are going to be the people that are going to be handling the next film and obviously the next trilogy but all we know about this right now comes from Twitter where the guy are someone who runs attractions magazines tweeted out earlier today when the rise of Skywalker releases Disney will take a bit of a hiatus while they figure out what's next Agra hasn't seen a finish cut of episode 9 but feels confident about what he has seen going on to say that the next Star Wars film to be released at the end of the Skywalker Saga will be by Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and then DB Weiss and immediately following that up by saying we can expect one more live-action Star Wars series to come to Disney Plus beyond the casting and or series and the Mandalorian and that was everything for the the call that was everything for the conference call so what does that what does that say to you well what that says to me specifically is that agar is not choosing his words willy-nilly agar is a very careful guy agar is going to plant the seeds for what's going to come he's been doing that for a while it's one of the reasons why he is where he is he knows how to kind of direct these calls he knows how to direct the flow of information he doesn't much better than the kathleen kennedy at Lucca so much just one of the reasons why I believe the rumors that Kathy Kennedy is no longer really control over their this is a bob iger show but she's just kind of president in name only sort of thing but here's what I'm thinking Dan and Dave are going to be doing the next trilogy of films which is rumored to be the older public way I've talked about that before and I think that the next series is going to tie into that it only makes sense it only makes sense that whatever live-action show is coming next is going to tie in to what Dan and Dave do and the reason why I say that is because of the three-year hiatus now a buddy of mine Lewis from nerd report and nuke the fridge is very upset he's very upset that went from getting one or two Star Wars movies a year kind of being the promise to only getting one every two years for right now right and that I your takes responsibility for solo having failed even though that was really Cathy Kennedy's choice um right Johnson and all those other things right all those other aspects of it we know but they're taking a hiatus to give us TV shows right everyone's mad that we're not getting movies cuz Star Wars films are events right their events so they're giving us these TV shows to kind of like ease us back in kind of like the Madonna song like a virgin touched for the very first time we're trying to go back to that world again that's what he's gonna try to do that was the problem that Disney had with Star Wars from back in 2015 it was a kind of like dropping us back into this to this to this new trilogy dealing with the legacy characters but there wasn't anything that came before it that we that we kind of expected what would happen you know at least when it came to like the the original trilogy they mentioned the Clone Wars they mentioned Anakin Skywalker like there was a basis for story that Lucas could plot out you know for these for the prequel trilogy and then this time around they just wanted they just wanted to do a trilogy without giving us a lot of lead in so I would assume I would very much assume that they're gonna they're gonna ease us back into it right they're just gonna slowly you know just kind of work the tip a little bit slide it in make sure you're comfortable and then they're gonna give us that that's what I think is gonna happen here so we're gonna get the Mandalorian ten episode or no I think eight episodes of the Mandalorian this fall and then we're gonna get Cassie and and or and then I'm sure the Mandalorians gonna get another season I know that I already confirmed another season because Favreau is back they already gave it they already greenlit season two so we know season two will probably come in the fall or winter of 2020 and that's gonna be leading in on its own story and that's probably gonna have long lasting elements that we're gonna hear about that are gonna tie into force awakens and last Jedi and the rise of Skywalker or maybe even robe one and that might eventually tie in to Cassie and and or in one way or another I mean there's a big time jump in between the two obviously you know there's a big time jump you figure no sorry there's no know I'm wrong on that one I'm sorry I'm a mistake we're talking five years post Return of the Jedi not the prequel not Revenge of the Sith my mistake but there's five years poster – you know Return of the Jedi and then it was what thirty years until the force awaken or till before yeah the force awakens so there could something we see their younger character there that we see a force awakens look the whole point here is they're going to start bringing it together they're gonna start tying it all together and they're going to then give us a show that is going to tie in to the Dan and Dave stuff I asked my prediction and it only makes sense to ease us back into and give us some good solid Star Wars on TV that everyone's like clapping over and applauding over and loving and like social media is positive for Star Wars again and then they go well now we got the new movie and here's the lead into that and then everyone's gonna be like ooh this is good I want more of this and then they're gonna be able to ease you back in to get more of your money and then when that trilogy is done then they're probably go back do maybe one a year they might they might you know leapfrog is what I kind of assume is gonna happen at that point in time but here's the thing and here's what's interesting about this is that no point have they mentioned Rian Johnson Eiger has not said Rian Johnson's name publicly period so one of the reasons why there's a big rumor that Johnson is no longer involved but Johnson is going to be at the summit I think that takes place tomorrow is the summit for Star Wars the thing takes place this week my theory is this my theory is this and this is gonna get a lot people upset but I do think that they are gonna hire Rian Johnson to direct what Dan and Dave Wright I really do I really think Rian Johnson is gonna direct the first film of this franchise this new trilogy and here's the thing i'll be i'll be i'll be fair I felt the last Jedi was a well-directed movie as I felt everything else Rian Johnson has directed was well directed but he's not going to be the shot-caller he's not gonna have free rein and I think that's gonna be for the best and whatever your thoughts are and the final season of Game of Thrones being good or bad or whatever it's still better than the last goddamn Jedi I think we all can agree on that

16 thoughts on “Next STAR WARS movie CONFIRMED to be from GAME OF THRONES writers

  1. I agree that he will probably direct. Rian is a good direct, but bad writer.

  2. If TV is all they have to bring "Star Wars" fans back…ouch…I hardly even watch TV anymore.

  3. I wont touch RJ's Star Wars products with a remote controlled cattle prod. I wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire.

  4. I have no problem with Rian Johnson as a director. I have a problem with Rian Johnson as a writer.

  5. i am fine with it tell me the story get to that then the movie so am ready let go.

  6. My opinion:I think the third TV Show of SW for Disney+ is the Obi-Wan series that's alredy rumored

  7. Considering these two are basically hacks who are only good at adapting other peoples work. This is going to be a glorious train wreck.
    The Fandom Menace is going to have material for the next decade.

  8. So yeah without working with really well written source material and the author of said material… these two are fish out of water

  9. As long as Rian Johnson doesn't write a movie. TLJ looked amazing and had great shots, but the story was heavily flawed. I agree. Have him direct.

  10. After these past few seasons, I have no faith in them at all.

  11. It better not be as bad as the other Disney Star Wars movies have been.

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