Nick Offerman Recites a Poem

49 thoughts on “Nick Offerman Recites a Poem

  1. Probably the manliest thing I have ever heard in my life. It had a real strong Johnny Cash vibe to it. Bully to you, sir!

  2. is it just me or does nick look exactly like the type of person that ron hates

  3. Legend has it that The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon will reply to your comment on a Nick Offerman segment 18 hours after the video was originally uploaded?

  4. 1:47 I thought he kind of sounded like Metalbeard from The Lego Movie for a second

  5. I see they managed to snag Ron Swanson to play as Nick Offerman. πŸ™‚

  6. this is the best thing that has ever happened to jimmy fallons tonight show

  7. Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No one will see this :(…. Show some love by subbing if you do!

  8. Nick offerman with beard: giant monster that can kill you with a look
    Nick offerman without beard: baby faced nice guy

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