We used to swim the same moonlight waters Oceans away from the wakeful day My fall will be for you Scent of the sea before waking afterwards Brings me to thee Into the blue memory My fall will be for you Into the blue memory A siren from the deep came to me Sang my name my longing Still I write my songs about that dream of mine Worth everything I may ever be The Child will be born again That siren carried him to me First of them true lovers Singing on the shoulders of an angel without care for love n’ loss. Bring me home or leave me be My love in the dark heart of the night I have lost the path before me the one behind will lead me Bring me home or leave me be My love in the dark heart of the night I have lost the path before me The one behind will lead me Take me. Cure me. Kill me. Bring me home Take me. Cure me. Kill me. Bring me home Every way, everyday. I keep on watching us sleep Relive the old sin of Adam and Eve Of you and me Forgive the adoring beast Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Redeem me into childhood Show me myself without the shell Like the advent of May I’ll be there when you say Time to never hold our love My fall will be for you My fall will be for you My fall will be for For you

100 thoughts on “NIGHTWISH – Ghost Love Score (OFFICIAL LIVE)

  1. This will go down as one of the greatest live performances ever. Like Queen at live aid big!!!

  2. I literaly start to cry at the end of it. Nightwish was the band with biggest impact of bringing me through the hardest times.

  3. I came across this official live recording about a month ago ,quite by chance.I had never heard of Nightwish previously ,never heard of this genre of music.I am not a metal fan,as such.I love music and have a wide range of appreciation of various singers and bands.Then I watched this, and watched it again four times one after another.I was mesmorised by this singers stage presence.I was hooked. Wanted more .Did my research ,listened to the previous singers , both good; but in my opinion do not compare to Floor.Bought the albums.I am now a Nightwish reaction stalker.Watching others drop their jaws ,get goosebumps and shed  tears as I have and still do.Wonderful band,an absolute superstar on vocals and a musical genius on keyboards.Thankyou all.

  4. these band members must have their own college/institute to pass this knowledge on. it's too precious and they must teach it to others……

  5. Floor is a devine rock valkyrie straight from the halls of Valhalla. One of the best live performances I've ever seen!

  6. She is a freakin beast. Will never ever get tired of this song 🙂 Just phenomenal !! ::)

  7. nightwish reminds me of times when I thought that it is possible for me to find love.

  8. first time hearing a song for this band, nothing to describe this flawless performance and this ability to crash those notes that easily, and the drummer, this guy is incredible ! all i can say is FUCK YOU Evanescence, even i'm a big fan of Evanescence
    but this, this is unbelievable
    all respect and love from Egypt

  9. Oh my… This is the best thing I've ever seen in my entire live, her voice is just so pure!

  10. I can’t believe it took 6 years for this vid and band to come to my attention. Me: crawling out from under rock (pun very much intended).

  11. Such a masterpiece! I hope we Dutchies can get this song in the Top 2000 this year. So that many more will hear and apriciate it! And next year number 1! We should be proud of Floor!

  12. Floor Jensen es magnifica, pero en Nightwish tiene atada su voz, solo da ciertas pinceladas de su potencial, nada como After Forever, donde daba rienda suelta a su maravillosa voz, es magnifica!!

  13. Might be a tad blasphemous…but listening to this at 1.25x speed turns this from a power ballad to just power with little lost in terms of impact…kinda neat.

  14. Wholly Szhit! This would be the Greatest Super Bowl halftime ever. Can you imagine the world hearing that?

  15. Floor you have a voice of a ANGEL, really wow. I have your voice singing in my head all the time 😎♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  16. Question I love the operatic vocals of Floor and Tarja why hasn’t the NY Met invited either to perform in an opera? I would love Floor performing as Violeta in La Traviata. I recall in late 70s as a child watching on PBS Beverly Sills perform this role and Floor has the vocal chops to do this. Floor sang traditional opera that is on YouTube and with her operatic vocals in symphonic metal she has the ability.

  17. After listening to both Tarja s and Floor s version of this song i have to say that i prefer Floor s voice a lot more. So pure and powerful. She has an amazing stage presence. So beautiful. She is BREATHTAKING

  18. I´m new here. Like mentioned before by others, i´m here because of a Dutch program called Beste zangers. I also read about the controversy between Floor and former singers. Just trust your body. Like many of you I starded comparing Tarja, Anette and Floor. With Tarja and Anette nothing happened to my body. Touching all parts, just nothing. Just songs. When listening to Floor my jaw dropped, my eyes got wet and I had shivers down my spine. I had a so called Floorgasm. So again, trust your body. It will tell you.

  19. And any Tarja lovers who doubt Floor her opera capabilities:

  20. Simply perfect..
    The music. The tempo change. The vocal change in perfect balance with the tempo and vibe..
    Best live performance I've ever heard!! Wish I was there!!

  21. I've been listening to Nightwish song when I was 13,. until now. Im 26,..
    Nightwish for life

  22. Never heard of NightWish until today. Holy cow 😱 I’m a new fan. This song has blown my mind. This piece of art is a masterpiece and Floor is mesmerising ❤️

  23. Fuck the spots on youtube in the middle of this masterpiece. Pls delete this cancer of spot!

  24. I can't stop listening/watching this. How many times can a person still get goosebumps after hearing the same song over and over???

  25. The day must come where all vocalists from nightwish, past and present get together and sing their greatest hits.

  26. Drop pod lands. Doors open. Bolters locked and loaded. Beginning assault and Q music: 7:43

  27. Desde a época do After Forever eu já desejava a Floor cantando no Nightwish. Sonho realizado com sucesso!!! Since After Forever I have wanted Floor singing at Nightwish. Dream come true successfully!

  28. This is one of those songs where its ten minutes long and you dont even CARE


  29. The sound mixing guy deserves a raise. This sounds exceptional, if it were not for the sound of the crowd you could fool people into thinking it's studio recorded

  30. I imagine Nightwish in 20 years making a concert with a choir and the orchestra, damn that would be amazing.

  31. nteresting how Floor brings a new twist to this song on vocals. Uses his ability and technique for tone and note changes. This I would like to see more in this NW lineup with her. But what we see is the exact opposite, in the new compositions. A feather!! But this song is made for Tarja to shine and only shows how irreplaceable she is …

  32. Why have not heard this lot before? AMAZING! and yes, that drummer is responsible for most of the atmosphere

  33. Marco during 2012: Well Thomas what about her Floor – you know the dutch singer we knew with After Forever and her I once have sung with:

  34. three times I've seen Nightwish. They put on such a magnificent show, it's a crime that they get so little recognition and are forced into small venues here in the States.

  35. We all know that Floor is an amazing and beautiful singer, but in the shots from below during the first four minutes she also looks incredibly cute. Sorry, but I had the strong urge to emphasize that.

    Deepest respect and admiration to Nightwish, especially Tuomas (also love his album "The Life and Times of Scrooge")!

  36. Came here for metal but ended up disappointed she sounds like dead sea com with a dying goat

  37. This will never get old for me. I literally watch this performance at least once a day and play it in my play list, when i'm working out.

  38. I didn't believe I would ever say this … but Floor is the best! I have chills…

  39. Ну при этом видео у меня срабатывают все чувства отвечающие за качество музыки дрожж ,мурашки и слезы это нечто, тока найты могут такое сотворить

  40. It's so wonderfull. I have no words. Best wishes from AUSTRIA, Nightwish i love here.😊😉😁

  41. Dang! I had planned to go to the movie theater tonight but it got canceled. Came across this live performance by chance – and am I happy or what!!! Screw the movies. This performance is absolutely EPIC! It´s now on my top 3 list together with Queen and Pink Floyd.

  42. what is that YOU TUBE ?????? AN ADD JUST POPPED İNTO THE SONG AT İTS 7'TH MİNUTE LOL! THAT İS VERY RUSE OF YOU please stop the bloody ads from popping at least during the song

  43. Tarja sounds beautiful but Floor give a nice sweetness to the song. I like both of them

  44. 8:33 – THE Metal goddess right there…. What power, what confidence. 82,000 fans in the palm of her hands. And that last high note? Is there anything Floor cannot do ?

  45. Damn this is really good music , because of the dutch TV show "Beste Zangers" I found out about Floor and Nightwish.
    Please check out "Floor Beste Zangers" it's a show where alll singers sing a song for another singer each week (like 8 or 9 shows I guess, it's not over yet). She does a lot of different songs in different styles , extremely good, sometimes tears in my eyes.
    You have a new fan in the Netherlands Floor !

  46. Because of your stunning performance in Beste Zangers have I found this pearl of a band and music…wow Floor and Nightwish it's brilliant!

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